Letter to the Editor: Opinions and Objective Articles

To the Editor:

People should really learn to recognize the difference between opinions, editorials, and articles. In an opinion piece you can say whatever you want. It is a free country, you can share any opinion you want. An editorial is an opinion written by an editor for a newspaper. An article on whatever topic should not express the writer’s opinion if they are following the lofty ideals of objective journalism.

Objectivity has never been easy to maintain, however much it is held up as the goal of journalists with integrity. The lines have been continually blurred since the earliest days of journalism. It is very difficult for any person who has strong beliefs to set them completely aside and remain neutral about a topic. It is much easier to express our own personal beliefs and rant and rave at each other because each individual obviously knows what’s best for the country and indeed for the entire world, regardless of their level of experience or education.

It is important for everyone to be exposed to as many different viewpoints as possible, all the time, otherwise we become complacent about everything around us, shut off from any other ways of thinking or seeing the world, it is easy to develop that us against them mentality that is so dangerous, historically, for all nations.

The more isolated and closed off, the more unhealthy a society becomes, like the individual who shuts off from all human contact and interaction. Crazy ideas seem to make sense like not cutting your toenails ever or storing your urine in jars in your house because there is no one there to express an opposing argument or just to check in and say, “Hey, what are you doing?”

I would rather hear what everyone has to say and make up my own mind and not have anyone, not a politician, not a businessman, and not even any specific newspaper, tell me how to think.

Haroula Chrisomallis
Minneapolis, MN


  1. Haroula Chrisomatis….your letter should be sent to every corrupt legislator in America who have turned the Media of the world into their personal propaganda outlet to sell the interests of their financial sponsors and benefactors to get them elected each year..based on lies to sell perpetual wars and rigged elect

    Your letter should be enshrined in every home of America , Greece and Cyprus..to meet their obligations , not as citizens of America or Greece ,but citizens of the world and humanity

    Today, TNH ..has begun the practice of censoring invited opinions which opposes TNH fake news narrative which legitimatizes and promotes the fraudulent East Med Energy Partnership Act which if accepted by Anastciades ..will literally, take over control of the Economic, Political , and Military soveriegnty of the people of Cyrpus .and make the enemies of a bunch of white supremacist members and fascist of the U.S government .which include John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump, Ahepan Robert Menendez and Bibi Netanyahue ..the enemies of Cyprus.. and includes spying and preventing shipping access to the ports of Cyprus…like Russia!!

    Importantly, you are right!! I ask “What are you really doing” since Russia is not an enemy of Cyprus, and maintains a normal relationship with a Country .who sends almost 900,000 Russian tourist representing almost half of the entire Tourist industry of Cyprus, while U.S is less than 500

    I have also posted .. “What are you…

  2. Cont…

    What are they doing .. in placing polluting oil and gas platforms in the most pristene waters in the world .. and are the signature reason ..almost 2 million tourist come to Cyprus each year.. and while Exxon Mobil is banned from the dirty waters of the East and West coast of America,by the coastal communities and states of American…Anastasiadis , Ahepan Robert Menendez and the Aristoxratic elite of the Greek Secret Societies assist Exxon Mobil to occupy Cypriot and Crete waters!

    I ask have the coastal communities of Cyprus been advised as to the catastrophic threat to their entire economy and livehood .. of having entire field of oil and gas factories to satisfy the same Oil Barons who sponsered the invasion of all the oil field of the Middle East ..and now Iran and Venezuela!

    Have they ever seen wha BP Deep water horizon oil platform did to the States o louisiana, Alabama , and Florida in 2019 , and in Alaska , and the Caspia Sea …

    I have asked What are you doing ..Mistotakis in supporting , what even the traitor Tsipras would no do..endorsing and supporting the economic embargo of Venezuela and Iranian oil, and the confiscating of 14 billion dollars of Venezuela by Exxon Mobil ..to starve the people of Venezueal to surrender their elected leader .. and replace him with one chosen by MIstotakis!

    It gets worse.The latest is an open declaration of economic warfare by Washington, a total embargo on Venezuela; the embargo is now being..

  3. cont

    Is now being turned into a naval blockade. Similar steps are to be taken for Iran. That literally means that no merch. andise – no matter how vital for survival, like food and medication, is allowed into Venezuela. Three days ago, the US seized, totally illegally, a cargo ship attempting to deliver food and medication to Venezuela – in the Panama Canal, territory which the US does not own or control anymore.

    I ask Mistotakis, what is hegoing to do ,. the leader of an imposed Austerity program which starve Greek to surrender their sovereignty, if Turkey and US imposed a blockade of Greece, already starving!

    Needles to say no more .. the US is practicing what the have been doing for the last 25 years.. Fascism and exposing that they are a Totalitarian Regime which uses TNH and Western media ..as a tool of war to cnfuse the public to not recognizes and ask . What are we doing!

    However….this American is not fooled because I am a made in Amrican of 100 % Spartan Blood .. who is immune to the temptations of another Persian Empire.. and will not join them!

    More importantly Spartans no how to deal with them .. and it is not to surrender to the slave memBers of the Greek Secert Societies of traitors to not only Spartans but all Americans!

    Today they uses Political correctness, censoring by Facebook , Twitter and TNH .. and prosecuting Julian Assage for revealing the truths of the war crimes against humanity and the corruption of the new Persians.

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