Turkish Defense Minister Says Army Staying on Cyprus

Turkey's Defense Minister Hulusi Akar addresses a meeting of his country's ambassadors, in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019. Akar says his country would like to establish a safe zone in northeast Syria jointly with the United States but would act alone if necessary.(Turkish Defence Ministry via AP, Pool)

In likely another undercutting of hopes to reunify Cyprus more than 45 years after Turkey invaded and occupied the northern third of the island, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi said his country will keep its 35,000-strong standing army there as a guarantor power.

Greece is also a guarantor of security for Cyprus but doesn’t keep troops there as there’s also a United Nations peacekeeping force along with the other legal protector, the United Kingdom, the former Colonial ruler which still has military bases on the island.

Akar, who visited Turkish troops on the islan,  said that when Turkey talks of peace, the Greeks see it as weakness, while when Turkey says it will not accept faits accomplis, Greece sees it as a threat, said Kathimerini.

“So our neighbors should gather their mind and see matters objectively,” he said, adding that Turkey’s views about Cyprus have been the same since 1974 and after Turkish officials had warned they were ready to invade again if pushed too far.

Despite the belligerent talk he said Turkey wants good relations with Cyprus – which it doesn’t recognize while barring its ship and planes even though it’s a member of the European Union that Turkey has been trying to join since 2005.

Adding to the tension, Turkey has two drillships hunting for energy in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ,) parts of which it also doesn’t recognize and there’s worry there could be a conflict after the United States said the waters belong to Cyprus.

The legitimate government has licensed foreign companies, including American energy giant ExxonMobil to look for oil and gas in the region. A Turkish warship is nearby protecting its countries drillships while the US Sixth Fleet is in the region as well.


  1. And why not …Nato white supremacist colonialist Britain and soon Nato Ally U.S will occupy Cyprus with U.S and British bases to continue to wage war against the world,if Anastasiades continues to be a traitor to Cyprus..and accepts the East Med Partnership act now being formulated by the self appointed President of the United States .. the Supreme President of the Secret Society of Ahepa Masons..who would support Adolph Hitler ,if he happened to be the leader of a ruling party of fascist which in now quite obvious to the informed world..the no nothing caretaker and fantasy camp owner of TNH..GEORGE HORAITIS …whose claim to fame , is having District Governors and non Greek members of one of the cult chapters ..file a false Police report claiming that the President of one of Georgi’s cult chapter..had been excommunicated from the Greek Orthodox church, in order to have police show up to remove the President from his own church, to obstruct the President presentation to his chapter..that exposed unethical conduct and act of Discrimination by Georgi and members of the Supreme Order of the Ahepa fraudulent.Lodge!

    What makes them even more dangerous ..the President of the Church board ..a die hard Ahepa cult member refused to provide police with letter to refute the false police report ..knowing that Mr. Horaitis and his associates would be spending 2 years in Prison for filing a False police report!

    However, the local Metropolitan did refute the obvious!

    1. For now, there are 35,000 Turkish troops illegally occupying and EU country, if you didn’t noticed in your habitual conspiracy websites which obviously forget to talk about Erdogan’s public vows to rebuild an Ottomaniac empire. This same Erdogan who, how funny, publicly declared that the “Nazi regime was an effective form of government”…
      There is no need to look for dubious secret society lodges or other paranoid follies : the invaders are here for 45 years, pfff!

    1. It’s clear that UNSC should consider taking measures and ORDER occupation troops to LEAVE.
      EU shall also consider taking measures.
      Turkey’s behaviour is intolerable under international law.

  2. No deal for so-called Cypriot “reunification” should be accepted by Cyprus or by Greece. The Turks cannot be trusted.

    1. Hey IZZY… not only did you miss my Posts which exposes Edrogans Ottoman empire resurrection, but who their partners are..
      The U.S and Israeli East Med Energy Partnership act turns over the economic, political , and military sovereignty and cultural identity of Cyprus to Trump and Bibi

      You know the one that will demand from Cyprus that they don’t allow Russian ships into Cypriot ports and must spy on them to prohibit any Russian Influence in Cyprus!

      IZZY does no tell us ,if that includes banning the 900,000 Russian tourist who come to Cyprus every year representing almost half of the 2 million tourist Cyprus depends on to support their number 1 economic business!

      An act which which places Exxon Mobil polluting oil and gas rigs in the most pristine waters in the world,but,banned in the coastal waters of America,, which are condemned by all International Environmental inspectors, as catastrophic threats to the cultural waters and beaches of Cyprus!

      Turkey the enemy of Cyprus, is not the enemy of America!..

      No! U.S.and Turkey are partnering to Annex part of Syria which they illegally invaded, like Northern Cyprus

      U.S and Turkish officials reached an agreement on Wednesday to create a joint operations center and set up a safe zone east of the Euphrates in north eastern Syria.

      As I have stated previously establishing an independent Kurdish state in Syria is just part of the decades-long Israeli-American plan..like the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus.

  3. cont!

    A statement issued by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states

    “This agreement has very clearly exposed the US-Turkish partnership in the aggression against Syria which serves the interest of the Israeli occupation entity and the Turkish expansionist ambitions and it unequivocally exposed the misleading and evasiveness which govern the policies of the Turkish regime.”

    “Syria calls on the Arab people to be aware of the dangers of the expansionist ambitions of the Turkish regime which is spreading the killing and chaos in different parts of the Arab world from Syria to Libya and the Sudan and it will not stop till it will satisfy its illusions on reviving the Ottoman Sultanate,”

    “Syria calls on the international community and the UN to condemn the US-Turkish flagrant aggression which constitutes a dangerous escalation and poses a threat to peace and security in the region and the world and hinders all positive efforts for finding a solution to the crisis in Syria.”

    Greek Cypriot community should remove Anastasiades, if he accepts this”Trojan Horse” promoted by a Secret Society of Ahepan Masons which include an indicted..Pay to play politician .Robert Menendez , Andy Zemenides, Georgi Horiates..and the new propaganda minister of Greece, Antonios Diamantaris

    Syria stands with Cyprus, in fighting to remove Turkey and America from Northern Syria, something Cyprus failed to do in Northern Cyprus in 1974.

    Izzy..say hello…to Jeffrey Epstein!

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