Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Cyprus Coverage

FILE - In this Monday, May 5, 2003 file photo, a Greek Cypriot boy sits on a beach in front of deserted hotels in an area used by the Turkish military, seen in distance, in the Turkish-occupied abandoned coastal city of Varosha, in southeast of island of Cyprus. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, file)

To the Editor:

Thank you for the article Cyprus Protests Turkish Ploy to Re-Open Ghost Town of Varosha which appeared on the front page on August 3. It is a terrible tragedy that 45 years have passed without any resolution to the Cyprus problem and that after 45 years the displacement of thousands of people from their homes continues. It is an outrage that Turkey should be making plans for the abandoned Varosha. The only plan should be to stop the provocations in the Aegean and the drilling for oil and to restart the talks for unity and for the Turkish troops to get out of Cyprus. I would like to see a free Cyprus in my lifetime. I would like to see those people who were driven from their homes by the illegal invasion in 1974 and the subsequent occupation return to their homes and for the whole of Cyprus to thrive for the good of all. Why should any nation be divided and occupied by a foreign power? What ever happened to standing up for justice and freedom?

At least, The National Herald keeps the news of Cyprus on the front page and lets the world know what continuing outrage the people are suffering.


Costas V. Perdikopoulos

San Diego, CA


  1. Letter to the Editor .that will not be printed by TNH..
    Costa, you appreciate THH.coverage of Cyprus who does not expose those responsible for dividing countries and occupying Cyprus. and he world , Nato U.S , British, Turkey and now Israel/1..

    TNH publishers and Corporate media heads should be accountable for their fake news , and reduced to as Mr. Diamataris a Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Maaons just Propaganda outlets for Fascist right wing and left wing Marxist Senators.like the indited Democrat Ahepan Robert Menendez who TNH falsely promotes as ..”the Greatest Hellene in Greek History”..who took and accepting millions of gifts embezzled from our Medicare funds. by his :”BEST FRIEND” from a Jewish doctor and member of the notorious Jewish Pro Israeli lobby, now doing 20 years in a Federal Prison!

    Menendez ..like Jeffrey Epstein was also accused with accepting other gifts ..like the pleasure of underage Teenage Prostitutes in guess where, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!

    Today, while Diamataris and his Billionaire Oligarks, like Rupert Murdock, Jeff Bezos, and Sheldon Adelman who own our governments media to barbarically take control of the economic, political and military sovereignty of the world .like Greece and Cyprus!

    If TNH can falsely tell the Greek Community.that Menendez is the” Greatest Hellene in Greek History” .and legitimize Public Corruption to hold office in America, appreciates his take over of Cyprus,with the East Med Patrnership act!

  2. Cont//

    You appreciate, what has been happening, since, 1776, and inherited from the White Supremacist ancestors of the Anglo Saxon population of America,.the British colonialist who with the U.S to this day collaborate to spread their racist white supremacist culture !

    To this day.,these colonialist occupy both Greece and Cyprus and are allowed to barbarically murder foreign citizens of the world.like Iraq, Syria, libya, Iran, Yemen, lebanon, Afganistan, and let me remind you .. dismembered, divided , and now occupy, Yugoslavia,, Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, Yemen, now Venezuela and Iran. .

    The founder of this alliance of white supremacist Secret society and media heads was.Britain’s war hero and king of colonialism.who justifies the war crimes of the U.S thruout the World!…..

    British Colonialist Winston Churchill and still in Cy and  who stated in 1937, that he so nothing wrong in taking over Cyprus..,

    “I do not admit for instance that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race to put it in that way has come in and taken their place”

    Tell that to Greek Cypriots who about to be further be taken over by the East Med Energy Partnership,.but now new colonialist aspirant .. Israel!.”

    It is not a Tribute to Greeks to so easily be fooled!

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