Letter to the Editor: On New Democracy’s Election “Victory”

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Tatiana Bollari)

To the Editor:

Election Victory? I am certain that most Greeks in Greece and of the Omogenia (and I am one of them) regardless of their political leanings, want to see the new government of Mr. Mitsotakis succeed, however, I take objection to those who portray New Democracy as victors by a landslide and whose victory they see as a major move to the Right; the data do not support this. Much like President Trump claiming a landslide victory, when he indeed actually lost by about 3 million votes, any claim of a resounding victory by ND is untrue.

Of course, ND has the majority of seats in parliament, but the Left and Left-Center parties in the election (SYRIZA, KINAL, KKE, MERA) received over 49% of the popular vote. Add the votes for two other left parties, PE and DIMAR, the result yields 51.07% of the popular vote. Additionally, if one adds the votes given to a few other minor leftist parties, the vote raised to about 52%. Clearly, the ND “victory” was not as overwhelming as much of the right-leaning press has expounded.

James Saklas, PhD

Davidsonville, MD

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  1. Yes not a landslide, but in power, without a coalition. Unlike SYRIZA’S Extreme Far Right Partner in government the last 4 years, SYRIZA berated the right yet had a majority because of them. ND won because of lies told again and again by SYRIZA.
    SYRIZA was Pro EU, Pro Bailout, Pro Privatization, Pro America, Pro Austerity, Went against the Referendum, Pro Skopje for monetary reasons ( Plus a hoped for Nobel Prize), Signed away on Oil Drilling in Aegean and around Crete, etc etc. SYRIZA was most Extreme Right Wing Government Greece has ever had!!! Metaxas would have been proud. SYRIZA NO TIE, BROWN SHIRTS. you want to go back 4 years ago, with no hope no food, no jobs, no future go ahead…was not a landslide but now theres a bit of hope. Misto has already made mistakes, having Ministers that were in hate groups, not having enough women in his cabinet, etc….haven’t seen a riot yet, unlike SYRIZA’S Daily Anarchist led violence, yet these will come when Exarchia finally gets cleaned up, ND has a lot to do, most of all the mistakes in greece last 40yrs before SYRIZA are the Fault of PASOK, and ND, no question no others, these two parties killed greece. Now to fo everything different to really change for the better, is ND and Mitso the ones to fix it all OXI, but its a start….The people have to change and now take charge, Pay Taxes, Have Honor, Civility, Enough fighting, protesting, lets wotk togrther. ..No Move to the Right, No Landslide, Normality, Peace Prosperity…

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