English Travel Blogger Charged With Flashing at Acropolis

FILE - Tourists take pictures in front of the fifth century BC Parthenon temple at the Acropolis hill in Athens, Wednesday, July 12, 2017. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

A British travel blogger who is black slammed an Acropolis guard as “racist,” after she was arrested for “breaching sexual decency,” for allegedly lifting the front of the toga-like dress she was wearing to reveal herself, which she vehemently denied.

Adebola Sowemimo, later acquitted, said the claim was a “false accusation,” but she was taken into custody at the popular tourist attraction, saying she was detained because of her race and that she wasn’t flashing other visitors, said British media and honey travel.

“I’ve just been arrested by Greek Police based on a false accusation,” Adebola wrote on Twitter, adding that Greek police took her into custody over the incident that happened on Aug. 1 at the height of the tourist season when the site is normally packed.

“I went to the acropolis in Athens today and I was pushed out of the museum because I was apparently wearing inappropriate clothing,” she said, including a shot of  her outfit, a thin white dress similar to a Greek toga, which appeared slightly sheer in the photo she posted.

According to Adebola, she was minding her own business when suddenly a guard approached her and began “screaming” at her in Greek. “Police were called and a false testament was made against me that I was lifting my skirt and flashing my body to the public. This is a LIE,” she tweeted.

“The guard lied and said they had video evidence that I was showing my genitals. This is a lie. I would never do such a thing. Hence why I said it was racism. There were other women dressed similar if not less than me,” she added.

Adebola said when she was arrested there was no translator to help her understand what was happening although English is commonly spoken by Greeks, including police and archaeological site guards because of the number of visitors, and that she relied on her boyfriend, who she said speaks Greek, to help.

She was then kept in custody, her boyfriend staying with her at a local police station where Adebola said “conditions are disgusting,” and that, “I asked to go toilet where there was no light or tissue paper,” she tweeted. She appeared in a court the next day and said she was “falsely accused” and “provoked” by Greek police and was acquitted.

“Even when I was at court and the judges was reading the false accusation they clearly could see it didn’t make sense,” she wrote.

Adebola has since spoken out against racism and false accusations across her social media platforms despite “trolling” from people who claim she was arrested for her choice of dress.

“Please understand that this had nothing to do with what I was wearing,” she wrote on Instagram. “I was arrested because I was falsely accused of something I didn’t do.”

She was told someone claimed she was “showing her bits to children,” said the British newspaper The Sun, telling the paper that, “I was absolutely terrified. I was just posing with my boyfriend at the site, and all of a sudden this female guard started being really aggressive, grabbing, pushing and shoving me.

“The guards didn’t tell me what I had done wrong. It’s not fair. I’d planned this trip for months to meet my boyfriend’s family. “I saw other women dressed in much more revealing clothing than I was and they were not targeted. I could only assume it was because of the color of my skin,” she also added.