Letter from Athens: The Coming Battle of Exarhia: Cops vs. Anarchists

(AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis, file)

The central Athens neighborhood of Exarhia – abutting the wealthy playground of Kolonaki which actually had a clothing store called Rich Bitch – has been a mostly No-Go zone even for riot police in a major precinct there because it’s essentially been ruled by anarchists for years, with the notorious group Rouvikonas, said to have some 1000 members, in charge now.

Maybe not for long.

While the former ruling Looney Left SYRIZA of Prime Minister Alexis “Faux Che” Tsipras adored the Molotov …

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  1. They better clear them all out, and tear the entire place down its all junk, graffiti and dirt, There can not be any place in Greece that is so lawless that it’s a Oxi Go for Astynomia….unacceptable!!! Athina, Thessaloniki, and Kphth all a few areas that criminal gangs have and still run..this is unacceptable as well No respected society can or has this in it’s towns, cities, territories…We don’t want a police state or a free for all either…drugs, robberies, pickpockets etc abound in these enclaves….they can’t just be moved but arrested and pay the price for criminality, not much from Roubicon last month few things here and there, but not as before when they were protected 100% from SYRIZA…Greece has Oxi morality, honor, or decency left, its All For None, and One For Oneself….lies, politics, crime, dishonor and disgrace are the new greek traits, 4,000+ yrs wiped away in the last 60yrs.

  2. When Greek police finally get the ability to go into this area, it will also be important to round up prosecute and imprison those anarchists who offer violent resistance.

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