Vonissakou’s New Cookbook, The Greek Slow Cooker

The Greek Slow Cooker by Eleni Vonissakou. Photo: Amazon

Some traditional Greek recipes can take several hours cooking over a hot stove to prepare, but a new cookbook offers a more convenient way to cook many of the classic Greek favorites. The Greek Slow Cooker: Easy, Delicious Recipes from the Heart of the Mediterranean by Eleni Vonissakou is an excellent addition to any foodie’s cookbook library. The traditional recipes you would expect to find in a typical Greek cookbook are all included with easy to follow instructions using the slow cooker method.

This “hands-off” method for cooking authentic Greek recipes is especially convenient for busy families who want to enjoy healthy, flavorful weeknight meals. As Vonissakou writes in her blog, “Slow cookers are my favorite cooking gadgets. I am in love with my two little 3.5 liter appliances. When I started this blog, I really wanted to introduce this great invention to Greek readers. They are practically unknown here, and I couldn’t believe how people were missing out on a fantastic way to have healthy meals on the table in an easy and fuss-free way. In the end, I decided I had to make it easy for readers to get their hands on a slow cooker, so now they are available to order via the Goodie Corner. This section was specially created for all my favorite goodies, which I hope people will find just as great as I do.”

Among the recipes in the book are great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including Country-Style Sausage and Potato Omelet, Hearty Egg-Lemon Chicken Soup (avgolemono), an easier, healthier spanakopita- the No-Crust Spinach and Feta “Lazy” Pie, and Calamari with Spinach and Fresh Herbs. Among the dessert recipes are the Deeply Chocolatey Chocolate Cake, Fragrant Orange Phyllo Pie, Walnut Cake (karydopita), Quince Spoon Sweet with Almonds (glyko kydoni), and Coconut and Semolina Syrup Cake.

The fact that all can be made in the slow cooker is impressive since many home cooks don’t often take full advantage of the appliance. Vonissakou’s engaging writing style is also a pleasure to read and her notes, explanations, and tips are extremely helpful for home cooks at any experience level.

She also wrote in her blog about the book, “To my knowledge, it’s the first of its kind. There are a few Mediterranean slow cooker cookbooks out there, but none specifically Greek. This one is filled with real recipes, for real food, eaten by Greeks all over Greece every day.”

Vonissakou notes in the book’s introduction that her dad is Greek and her mum is English and though she was born in England, she was raised in Athens. She began cooking in her student days in the UK and eventually became a food blogger. Her brother, who lives in England, first introduced her to the slow cooker, and her mother gifted her one on a visit to Greece. She writes that her mother, “went out and bought one, carried it in her hand luggage all the way from England to Greece and delivered it to my house, saying ‘You have to have one!’”

Vonissakou then discovered how well-suited Greek cuisine was for the slow cooker, as she adapted traditional recipes and “got delicious results.” Living in Greece where the summers can be extremely hot, Vonissakou noted an added benefit is that slow cookers “don’t heat up the kitchen!”

The book also includes beautiful photographs by Vonissakou who created The Foodie Corner, her food blog with recipes in Greek and English, in 2013. She lives in Athens, Greece.

The Greek Slow Cooker by Eleni Vonissakou will be released on September 3 and is available now for pre-order online.