Greek-Owned O’Connor & Tate Honored at the Horizon Interactive Awards

O’Connor & Tate CEO/Owner Sonia Mylonas and Joe Pirreca, President of Signature Demolition. Photo: Maria Scimone

NEW YORK – O’Connor & Tate, Astoria’s leading branding & design agency, enjoyed their 5th consecutive year of victory at the Horizon Interactive Awards.

The agency competed against 800 entries from more than 20 countries, and the victory comes as no surprise to the team, who strive to consistently deliver stellar branding campaigns for every type of unique business.

O’Connor & Tate CEO/Owner Sonia Mylonas said, “We are honored for our clients and team who together achieve an experience standard that earns recognition year after year. Congratulations to The Penta Group and Signature Demolition, with the right collaboration, teamwork and vision, great achievements are made possible.”

The silver distinction was awarded to O’Connor & Tate’s team for their innovative branding campaign for The Penta Group, a premier company for construction and restoration in New York City.

From left to right: Sonia Mylonas, CEO O’Connor and Tate; George X Raptis, Principal/Director of Operations; Nick Fillas, Founder, and Christopher Fillas, CEO of The Penta Group. Photo: Kamrun Naha

“As The Penta Group continues to grow, branding is a necessary and instrumental part of our evolution in the industry. Our brand is at the forefront of our business. Constructing not only buildings but our client relationships as well is something we as a business pride ourselves on; therefore, our Horizon International Award win alongside industry innovators O’Connor and Tate reinforces the level of achievement we strive for on a daily basis,” said Penta Group President and CEO Chris Fillas.

Of course, one win was not enough for the O&T team, as they also dominated in the email marketing category, receiving a third-place win in recognition for their superb work on industry leaders’ Signature Demolition’s email marketing campaign.

“Signature Demolition is proud to accept this award in partnership with O’Connor and Tate for our accomplishments in email marketing, in the construction industry. I believe that email marketing serves as a two-way communication channel with our customers. Our values are reflected with innovation, marketing and branding, this keeps us aligned with our customers and true to our overall vision,” said Joe Pirreca, President of Signature Demolition.

From left to right: The team at O’Connor & Tate, Alex Jordaan, developer; Sonia Mylonas, CEO/Owner; Eleni Louca, designer; Loulou Chryssides, content writer. Not pictured: Ilias Benetos, developer. Photo: Alex Jordaan

The Horizon Interactive Awards highlight the best in interactive media on an international scale. In 2018, the competition honored outstanding work in categories such as advertising, website, print, videos, mobile applications, and more.

O’Connor and Tate has been a staple of the community for close to a decade in Queens. They pride themselves on customer relationships and community, while building not only their own brand but the brand of each of their clients as well.