The Most Important Thing that Mr. Mitsotakis has Done Since Assuming Office

FILE - Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Photo by Eurokinissi/Tatiana Bollari)

The implementation of deadlines.

During a televised session of his first meeting with the 50 people in his Cabinet, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis signaled what he wanted the new government to look like. Each minister was given a six-month plan stating specific objectives that will have to be met by December and explaining how progress is to be evaluated.

After only a couple weeks on the job, Mr. Mitsotakis is already demonstrating his American work-ethic and letting his Westernized mentality shine through. …

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  1. The new Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his victory speech on t7 July, vowed that Greece will “proudly” enter a post-bailout era of “jobs, security and growth”. He added that “a painful cycle has closed” and that Greece would “proudly raise its head again” on his watch.

    What does this means for the average Greek citizen living a life of despair. What the “left” was unable to do stopping the foreign imposed (but Greek accepted) bleeding of Greece; the strangulation of their country will the right be able to reverse that trend? Does the right want to reverse that trend? Does the ND want to reverse privatization, buy back airports from Germany, water supply from the EU managed “Superfund”, and repurchase the roads from foreign concessionaires, or nationalize hospitals that were sold for a pittance and especially – get out from austerity to allow importing crucial medication to salvage the sick and dying Greek, those who currently cannot afford treatment of their cancers and other potentially deadly diseases?

    Mistotakis does not offer the only solution that could have rescued Greece (and still could) – exiting the euro zone; return to their local currency and start rebuilding Greece with a local economy, built on local currency with local public banking and with a sovereign Greek central bank deciding the monetary policy that best suits Greece, and especially Greece’s recovery program. – Why not?

    Why not ..take back Greek interests, not EU!.

  2. continued.

    .Why do they not talk about this obvious solution? Would they be censured in Greece, because the Greek oligarchy controls the media – as oligarchs do around the (western part of the) globe?

    It is Peter.Koenig.. one of the leading Geopolitical Analysts and Economist in the world …and for 30 years part of the International World bank and Health department recommends!

    Why not Mr. Mistotakis.. and actually do something in the interests of Greece… not U.S interest to add more U.S bases in Greece, to hand over Macedonia culture to the EU and to put their polluting Oil rigs in the pristene waters fo Crete and Cyprus! a hard core.. Aristocrat who will serve his oligarks in Greece , Brussels, and Washington ..who consider the peoples interests or as they call them enemies of the state ..Populist, a threat to threat to their rule!

    Mistotakis ..who reinforced his status in the EU, suggesting that he proudly defeated the Populist interests, to be elected! Which should get him a ticket for another Snap election for lying the fact that everybody in Greece knows…that he won because Tsipras lied to the Populace and did not do anything to meet his promises to the people, and betrayed the will of the people, who elected him !

    So lets hope ..he starts thinking about the obvious!

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