The Battle of Thermopylae Commemorated in Brooklyn (Vid)

The Federation of Associated Laconian Societies hosted an event commemorating the Battle of Thermopylae. Photo: TNH/ Kostas Bej

BROOKLYN – A commemoration of the Battle of Thermopylae and a tribute to King Leonidas of Sparta was organized by the Federation of Associated Laconian Societies at its headquarters in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn on July 28.

In spite of the hot weather, the room was packed and the attendees were riveted throughout the program.

Federation Vice President Elias Panagiotakakos welcomed the attendees of all ages for a program that included lectures and videos, with the contributions of the late Greek academics Dimitris Liantinis (Nikolakakou) and Sarantos Kargakos.


    1. You need to make a personal trip on the hill where they fell.
      Then, you’ll be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.

  1. Thanks to my Spartan American brothers …we are all being reminded what was once good in Greece.. honor, courage, independence, and leadership that defends the sovereignty of their people!

    I hope the remind.. all Greeks ..of a time when a King of a Persian Empire.lost his entire kingdom doing what Alexander the Great , and the entire Roman empire …never did…and that was attack a Spartan King and Spartan…

    How history would have changed for Greece., if this idiot just left them do what they only wanted to do ..defend their lands ..which they considered Paradise!
    There would not be any Golden age of Greece.only an ever expanding Persian Empire~

    I only hope ….there is another leonidas in get the hell out of the Persian Empire that has taken over the rest of Greece.called the EU. U.S and Nato!\

    I hope my Spartan Brothers mark this the beginning for all Spartans to take back Sparta and the Peloponnese from the degenerates that run Greece! Lets Help Sparta and Peloponnese

    I now know why my Spartan ancestors wanted to do with the rest of Greece, who were stabbing each other in their backs Aristocrats like we are faced called oligarks, Bankster, and thieves.who since imposed foreign Economic Austerity making the suicide rate in Greece the highest in the EU ..up 40% since austerity!

    We need a Spartan to lead us out of the EU and U.S Nato..or be poor for ever!

    And Lon, hide in Persia!

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