Greece Condemns Blowing-up of Thymios Liolis Monument in Albania

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Vasilis Rebapis)

ATHENS – The Greek foreign ministry, in an announcement, expressed “horror and concern” over the destruction of a monument dedicated to early 20th-century Greek fighter Thymios Liolis at the village of Krania in southern Albania, which was blown up at around dawn on Tuesday.

Strongly condemning the action, the foreign ministry also repeated its standing position that “provocations counter to the Greek ethnic minority and, ultimately, to Greek-Albanian relations, must be immediately investigated and resolved, with those responsible brought to justice.”

Athens expects the Albanian side to take the necessary steps to restore a sense of security for the ethnic Greek minority as soon as possible, the ministry added.

“The foreign ministry and Greek Embassy, as well as our consular authorities in Albania, are closely following this case,” the announcement said.

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  1. These are the same clowns that everyone felt sorry for in Kosovo…they will just keep these provocative acts up like they did in Macedonia and Presevo. If there are Greek minorities in southern Albania, all I can say is statues today, people and houses tomorrow. They will justify their behaviors with screams of ”Charmeria”! By their logic, two wrongs make a right. Brian Ghilliotti

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