Greece to Extend Deadline in a Tender for Casino in Hellenikon Project

(Photo by Eurokinissi, FILE)

ATHENS – Greek authorities will extend a deadline in a tender for a casino in the Hellinikon project, currently ending in July 31, Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Monday.

Speaking to reporters, Georgiadis said he was optimistic over developments in the project and noted that a meeting was currently underway at the ministry with the aim of moving the Hellinikon project forward, especially the casino issue. “Our goal is to issue joint ministerial decisions in August to be followed by a tender for the casino,” he said and underlined that one can see everything that ails the state, with respect to overlapping responsibilities and authorities, in this project.

“We are cooperating with the Prime Minister’s office, Mr Gerapetritis and Mr Skertsos and despite the fact that the issue is complex, we are optimistic,” he said.

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  1. A casino produces nothing. It just transfer money from one pocket into other. What would be far more rational would be a factory that produces high tech goods for export.

    The Greeks that think our economy should be tourist based are essentially morons.. Without technology we can’t compete on the global marketplace. We can’t be productive because while we resort to manual labor other countries are boasting their productivity by producing software, computers, and robotics.And without a technologically based economy Greece will be looked at as a has-been sh-thole by the rest of the world. Considering the accomplishments of ancient Greeks, it’s a national disgrace we have no technology of our own today. Size is no excuse. Lazy minds are to blame. Israel with half our population is technological global power.

    Greeks need to some being consumers of technology and become developers of technology.


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