Halloumi Burger Available at Burger Kings in UK and Sweden

Grilled halloumi. Photo by Hmioannou, via Wikimedia Commons

NEW YORK – Though halloumi has long been a staple of Cypriot cuisine, its popularity continues to grow worldwide as Burger King in the UK recently introduced the Halloumi Burger.

According to the Burger King UK website, “Served in a buttery brioche bun with freshly cut crisp lettuce, onions, tomatoes and creamy mayo, this new burger will ensure your love affair with halloumi* gets even stronger. *Product is cooked in the same oil as chicken and fish.”

The starred note is especially relevant to vegetarians who might assume that the Halloumi Burger is a vegetarian option, but alas, it is not.

Fans of the beloved Cypriot product will undoubtedly remain unfazed by the non-vegetarian status of the burger, but should be reminded that the high demand for halloumi caused a shortage last year in the UK.

The Halloumi King debuted in Sweden in 2018 for the fast food chain and as the sensation has now spread to the UK, hopefully, U.S. Burger Kings will soon offer the Cypriot taste sensation.

As American Network Solutions, LLC President & CEO Philip Christopher noted, “We have been eating Halloumi and tomato sandwiches for one thousand years. It’s amazing that they made the discovery! I wish Dennis Droushiotis was here!”

The late Droushiotis, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 64, was a former Trade Commissioner in the United States for the Republic of Cyprus, and fought with passion for the Cyprus issue and for the promotion of Cypriot products in the American market. With perseverance and patience, he managed to make halloumi known to American consumers who can find it on the shelves of major supermarkets.

His colleagues and friends recognized his efforts to promote halloumi and Commandaria wine and called him Mr. Halloumi.


  1. RE: “…hopefully, U.S. Burger Kings will soon offer the Cypriot taste sensation.”

    Why just hope when one can get America’s new apostle of cheesy Hellenism on the case?

    We need a tomos to free the fried cheese in the U.S.!

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