Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to Mr. Diamataris and the New Editors

Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad, Antonis H. Diamataris. (Photo by TNH)

To the Editor:

First, my husband Tassos and I send congratulations to Mr. Diamataris on his new post in the Greek government. We wish him every success.

Secondly, we send kudos to your Chicago journalist, Anthe Mitrakos. Last May, she covered The Greek Women’s University Club Scholarship Luncheon and after meeting her, we were so impressed, that we decided to renew our subscriptions (both electronic and mailed copies) to The National Herald.

Best wishes to your new editors as well.


Harriette Condes-Zervakis and

Tassos Zervakis

Darien, IL


  1. Maybe the New Editors will start to highlight the corrupt collusion between TNH, the Orthodox Church and the Greek Secret societies of Ahepa Masons

    For 30 pieces of silver, The V. Rev. Christoforos Oikonomidis, presiding priest of the St. Thomas community, blessed and endorsed a Greek Secret society cult Parish Council President Anastasios Efstratiadis and the new, Supreme Pres. of AHEPA and Chicago 30″s mob boss look alike…George Horiatis!

    Endorsing Secret Societies whose leadership represent radical Mason “Glory to America and Israel” interests not Hellenism, culture and promote themselves with TNH as “self appointed” representatives of the Greek community and violates church authorization for only affiliation with the PTO and PHILOPTOHOS!

    The Reverend and this cult should be removed from our churches and boards, for fraudulently supporting and legitimizing a Secret Society not affiliated with the church to assist them in recruiting uninformed Greek Orthodox parishioners to support their personal secret agendas, and networking careers!

    President John F. Kennedy speech condemned…what the Reverend supports in the name of Christ!

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers to justify it!

  2. continued…by JFK…

    Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions..

    Today, these Greek Secret Societies.no capacity or interest in supporting Greeks in America ,Greece or Cyprus, the are merely interested in Networking with anybody who believes their lies that they are actually important representatives of the Greek community to get corrupt politicians and traitors like Ahepan Menendez elected to office, or support legislation that benefits Menendez client ..the Jewish Pro Israel lobby!

    They are frauds who depend on Photo Ops, and theater with the Good reverend .to portray themselves as crusaders for Greeks, when they make themselves Supreme everything in their fantasy camps in our church halls!

    Their current members should run from them, since, many of the members are sincerely proud of their heritage , and believe they are working to preserve it , but have no clue as to what their work is really supporting,since, they are victims of a secret society.which conceals information to them with the help of fake news TNH and the Greek Orthodox Clergy !

    All church board members should have no membership in these Greek secret Societies which conflict with there sworn oaths to the master of us all..Christ and his church!

    They cannot serve two masters …and that goes for the Good Reverend!

    The only medallions allowed at our church altar are crosses, not Supreme Ahepa Masons medalions!

  3. Well the new editors of TNH, and the Greek Secret Society mouthpieces , are now practicing YELLOW JOURNALISM to increase business for not only themselves but the Atlantic Bank! I am sending copy to them o open letter to the President of the Mohegan Sun Hotel and resort for your blatant hit job to feature in a Headline Nancy Papaioannou , oligark from the Atlanta Bank to falsely defame and discredit the entire Native American Indian organization

    Open Letter

    To: Mohegan Sun President and General Manager Ray Pineault

    CC: Managing Director- Mario Kontomerkos.
    Greek National Herald News ..Publisher Antonios Diamataris

    Recently, the Greek National Herald Newspaper published an article representing the lowest form of” Yellow Journalism,” which uses lurid features and sensationalized news to attract readers and increase circulation for the National Herald News, Bank Accounts of the Atlantic Bank, and use Mohegan Sun to promote crusades for social injustice of Greek Macedonian organizations!

    Nancy Papaioannou, President of Atlantic Bank, the Pan Macedonian President Filippidis and The National Herald News collaborated to opportunistically promote themselves as defenders of Greek Macedonians and Greeks by public ally denouncing International exchange employees and the Native American owners of Mohegan Sun as “ frauds”, who displayed their country of origin on their name tag as encouraged by the Mohegan Sun Management!

  4. Continued…
    Not satisfied with the response by the hotel mgmt to their employee’s complaint against Ms. Papaioannou,, .she and TNH collaborated to punish the Mohegan Sun employees and Native American Indian mgmt by falsely demeaning and defaming.their reputation to the Greek community promoted by Atlantic Bank president “deeply offended” for “the inhumane behavior” and “discrimination against her home country,” and a lawsuit against the hotel may follow.!

    As an American of 100% Spartan Greek Blood, please accept my apology to the employees and management of the Mohegan Sun. for this outrageous, malicious and unethical conduct of the Atlantic Bank and the Greek National Herald Newspaper to take a service complaint to incite hate mongering against the employees of Mohegan Sun and its Native American Tribal mgmt. family!

    This is not worthy of Greeks, and the ancestry of Greek Macedonians and their son.. Alexander the Great!

    It is an affront to me as a Spartan, to attack a Native American Indian Institution whose ancestors embodied all the historic qualities of my Spartan ancestor courage, honor, independence, and love of their lands and waters and having the greatest warriors in the world to defend it!

    I have had the privilege of staying at the Mohegan Sun with my wife and children for both concerts , business conferences and meetings! Additionally, I would stay at the Mohegan Sun when my son a D1 pitcher, would pitch against Big East opponent ..U Conn!

  5. At all times, I and my family stays at the Mohegan Sun were extremely enjoyable, and whose employees and staff treated and served us with respect!
    As an American of Spartan ancestry, I highly recommend the honorable Mohegan Sun to the Greek Community .. ….

    On the other hand, ,I would recommend to the Greek Community …that you terminate or close all your connection to the Atlantic Bank and TNH, who have made a Mockery out of Hellenic values, and have tainted the legitimacy and credibility of the Greek Macedonian cause, and of all Greeks!

    Respectfully, ,
    Michael Gianakos Spartan American.. New Jersey

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