His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros Meets with President Trump (Photos)

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office at the White House. Photo: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

WASHINGTON, DC – His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America met with U.S. President Donald Trump today. The Archbishop was warmly greeted by President Trump in the Oval Office at the White House. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Fr. Alexander Karloutsos were also present for the visit.

More details to follow.

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead


Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead


Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead



  1. For a smart guy, POTUS was hoodwinked. Elpi and Alex will now have to order new hat sizes. Size 10 men’s.

    So, a Turkish citizen who represents about a 175,000 paid members of GO. Church and who wants all his members to be Hellenic first and American second, is welcomed as a world leader? What am I missing ?

    Did Elpi get pictures with “The Squats” too ? And 80 year old Nancy Botox ?

    What a joke !

    1. Losing you isn’t hard because you haven’t taken your Trump Derangement Syndrome meds that were prescribed in 2016. Maybe your dosage was sent to Hillary. Check with her.

  2. Our usual grumblers will make negative remarks, but this was a good visit for the Archbishop to make. We need to communicate about the need for the security of Greece, Cyprus and the Patriarchate.

    1. I do not make accusations easily, but the “loan” comments sound like they could be coming from a Turkish agent. Or he could be a member of the Diaspora with a grudge against all things Greek.

      And are not Greece, Cyprus, and the beleaguered Patriarchate worth a continued existence?

    2. Greece and Cyprus I will give you. I am fiercely proud of my Greek heritage. I have long supported and will continue to support our diaspora’s efforts to promote the interests of our homeland in as much as they do not conflict with the US national interest.

      As for “our” beleaguered patriarch (I no longer consider him my patriarch), he has upended nearly 1500 years of Orthodox unity and belief as to him being the first among equals to adopt this papal pretense of being first without equal. He is clearly a schismatic and borders on heresy. All this to support the insane pretension of a “court” that long since disappeared and a near non-existent flock.

      God forever bless Greece and Cyprus. And we would be better off if the ground opened up and swallowed the Phanar whole.

    3. Then why isn’t he called the Archbishop of Greece Turkey Cyprus? Why is he called the archbishop of America ? He isn’t representing the Church in America— Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, he’s a Turkish citizen representing foreign interests, not the US parishes. Trump needs to hear about our American concerns and lives and struggles. Let Greek Cypriot Ambassadors handle their countries. Oh, and WE PAY FOR THEIR FOREIGN LOBBYING. WE GET NO ATTENTION TO OUR PROBLEMS.

      Trump needed to ask him what happened to the 47 Million missing at St Nicholas. Alex was right there and could answer.

    4. Hey John,

      You can cross Cyprus off your list of concerns.

      Your new Archbishop said today:

      “The Cypriots can achieve peace on their own.”

  3. Michael, excellent analysis. Bart has done irreparable damage to Orthodox unity. We here in the U.K. await the enthronement of Nikitas (July 27). Is he one of Bart’s boys as he does now have Turkish citizenship? Yes. God bless Greece and Cyprus. God save us from the Phanariotes!

    1. To Michael and Nicholas: Yes, the Patriarchate needs reform; we may even need a new Patriarch. I make no argument with you two on that.

      But those changes should be worked out among the Greek Orthodox faithful without the interference of the Turks, an interference that could quickly get violent.

    2. John what this mess has shown is that the Patriarch and Patriarchate needs to go immediately! He has no flock left in Turkey (less than 2,000 who are quickly dying off). He does nothing to proclaim the Gospel in Turkey in deference to his Turkish masters. So he desperately clings yo ruling over his colonies to maintain his influence and prestige much to the detriment of those colonies.

      Let Athens govern the Greek Orthodox Church and let us have an American hierarchy to govern our American Orthodox Church, which we can do while still preserving our customs and traditions. We don’t need an overlord in Turkey.

      Spiritual violence is being done every day to hundreds of thousands or more American Orthodox Christians being deprived of an Orthodox Church in the model of the early Church and faithful to canonical principles of Church organization and governance. That is far more horrendous than any theoretical threat of violence to two dozen lazy pretentious old men hanging on in the Phanar who do nothing to preach the Gospel or follow the Great Commission and who should have retired to Greece years ago.

      Constantinople is gone for good. Agia Sophia and Agia Ireine and all the other ancient sites of Byzantine glory are gone for good. Better old dead relics of stone and wood burn to the ground that be the excuse for denying us our right to a living breathing vital American Orthodox Church for both America’s of Greek descent and all Americans who have ears and will hear

  4. Sorry, John.

    I am: Not born in Turkey. Not a Turkish citizen. Never served in the Turkish army. Don’t speak Turkish. Not a Turkish citizen. Not one who can brag about being able to advance Turkish interests before the US government. Not a Turkish citizen who is in charge of the Greek Orthodox Church in America. Not a Turkish agent.

  5. Why wasn’t Alex wearing Rassa and a Stovepipe hat? Why does he get a pass when all his other brothers have to wear the Pasha’s uniform ?

    1. Fr. Alex dresses like about 95% of the priests in the GOA. And of that other 5% just about none wear the kallimafki in public, only in church. Even some of the hierarchs have been seen wearing a suit and collar.

    2. Then why was he dressed differently than his boss in the Oval Office? Or do Vicars of Business get a different deal?

  6. Good Job loan!..John’s heart is in the right place,but he has a common problem among America society..which is see no evil. hear no evil, and apologize for America’s mistakes, which end up killing millions of foreign citizens of different races, colors and ethnic backgrounds.in order to manage.their world police state!

    John, cites the urgency of protecting Greece and Cyprus from the threats of the world.by turning over that job to the crime syndicate of Robert Menendez. Geoffrey Pyatt. and Bart, who are having very bad war crimes and regime change days lately.in failing to protect terrorist in Syria, Venezeula, Libya, Iraq, Yemen.for starters!

    These guys spent 6 trillion dollars of our money for over 20 years of destruction and murder of the citizens of Afganistan are negotiating surrender to another bunch of goat herders of Afgans, and withdrawing from Syria with there Proxy armies of Al Queda, and Kurdish terrorist, who the U.S cannot even protect against the Turks, and face the realization thatTurkey is just one of many insubordinate allies no longer tolerate blackmail and economic warfare.to buy what is in the security interest of their country,.not America!

    Even the most horrific skeleton in the closet.of America and the number one ally and body parts distributor inthe world.where” Freedom of religion does not exist”..Saudi Arabia.and Donnie’s best friend is going to buy S-400″s..


  7. Spiro,
    I’m not sure you understood my comment. Donald or Hillary was the combined worst choice ever in a presidential election in the history of this country.

    1. 1908, And I’m not sure you understood mine. Trump has been the clearest, focused choice of laying the cards on the table on every issue, from the Iran appeasement, to boosting the economy so that you’ve never had as much wealth as you do now. The choice was clear and decisive. And he’s done it while the Obama holdover deep state carried on a 24/7 campaign to use the FBI and the FISA Courts to nail him with fake, Hillary created phony evidence. You need to get over it.

    2. Hey Spiro and Repanidi! Who paid for the illegal FISA dossier?
      As I wrote to you before Spiro, the Vicar General is a cover up job! Instead of being interrogated by the DOJ for the millions missing from his own accounting on December 14, 2017 and his own promises: ” I will not let you down. In the coming weeks and months, there will be investigations into how funds were transferred from the St. Nicholas account and let there be no doubt that they will be returned.”
      Have you seen any reports or accountability of the SN funds?
      Now he is parading in the White House and elsewhere with his son, both dying for attention and vain glory. WHERE IS THEIR ACCOUNTABILITY AND THE PROMISES OF THE NEW ARCHBISHOP?
      He could have said to the POTUS what was said by a certain bishop in Boston last July, “that we are ALL responsible for the money”. He certainly got a loud answer that still echoes to his ears and ours: Booooooooooo!

  8. This was just another photo-op for Elpidophoros’ scrapbook orchestrated by Karloutsos, to show that he has to do something to warrant his stay, his job, and title at the NYC GOA Headquarters as the recently entitled Vicar General

    It’s all worthless B.S. really, and does not make Elpidophoros any more powerful or important except to establish this “persona” in order to impress the Greek Orthodox American community in believing so.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a much better photo-op at the White House Oval Offices and received better publicity than Elpidophoros Who?

    1. Greek Orthodox= at best, 150,000 members. Ask Orthodox Observer for their mailing list total distribution number. Greek Orthodoxy is a failed mission in America. Best to pack up and sail back the other direction.

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