Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to Mr. Diamataris

Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad, Antonis H. Diamataris. (Photo by TNH)

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Mr. Antonis H. Diamataris on his new appointment! my family and I wish him all the best. As a long-time reader, I appreciate his many years of dedication to the Greek community, wherever they may live. I have heard some squabbling over the term “expatriate” or “Greeks living abroad” but whatever you call it, Hellenism everywhere needs unity above all. Whether you are first, second, third or fourth generation, if the language, culture, and heritage mean something to you, you are Greek. The wealth of knowledge and experience Mr. Diamataris brings to his new job will undoubtedly be a great advantage. I again congratulate him and his family. Axios!

Haroula Chrisomallis

Minneapolis, MN


  1. Yes the terms should be combined, Expats, Greeks Living Abroad, sounds like just greek citizens living working in other countries, and not the 2nd, 3rd, 4th gen of greek heritage, whether 100%, 50% 25% etc.
    That being said real tangible efforts need to be made on both sides. Words, Meetings, Awards to this or that greek are a waste of time, money and effort. Greece needs to help “Greeks Outside of Greece” Travel, Educational, Work, and return to greece to live and work…Greeks with expertise in all sectors need to be welcomed to help fix a broken nation, and many more things the greek government should do….this cannot be a one way street. “GOoG” need to do way more, than we are now, are greek organizations in America anyway more interested in Awards, Parties, pretending they have political sway with Washington….We need to unite with other large and financially viable areas with greeks America, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe if you believe the numbers together millions of greeks, that can and should yearly raise billions for greece, for Education, Healthcare, Safety-Security, etc….Who cares in charge if nothing comes of it, no more awards, accolades BS, but 100% action on both sides, Greece should do a grand gesture pay off St. Nicholas Shrine, a gift from Greece to America, And American Greeks should donate $1.billion annually to greece, not a blank check, but spent by us on our projects. Wish the minister well, but if only meetings by same time next year,…

  2. Let get real, Antonis is part of what all Americans and the world consider the number one problem in the world .the MSM and TNH.fake news industry based on polls!

    He is part, of the most corrupt industry in America which includes fake news CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, and TNH to sell war crimes wars of regime changes, and breaking of international laws to monopolize the economic, political , and military sovereignty of all countries!.

    Antonis, Patrick Theros, and his brothers of the Greek secret Societies have collaborated in an Imperial foreign policy of illegal regime change wars that has restored the Cold war and put us on the brink of Nuclear war;with any number of countries like Russia, China, North Korea and now even Iran,.none of who have threatened the world like U.S/Nato , Saudi Arabia and England.who have terrorized the Middle East based on lies that have killed 500,000 Iraqis, destroyed entire countries of libyans, Syrians, Hondurans, Somalians, Yemens, Afgans and now Venezuela, Iran , Cuba…etc.

    He turned Greece and Cyprus into a cesspool of an international syndicate of Marxist, fascist and Aristocratic freaks doing the bidding of degenerate white supremacist in Washington and Brussels!

    Antonis legacy.can be summed up, as an accessory to war crimes and crimes against humanity, rigged elections and in legitimizing Public corruption to hold office in America by endorsing the election of Ahepa Pay to play Menendez!

  3. continued… How appropriate for you to save your final Fake News article to distort to the public the truth about who is really responsible for the chaos in the world and the real threats to our democracy!

    How pathetic… Antonios…while you continue to glorify yourself…the world watches the greatest attrocity to freedom of Speech ..being played out against a real Journalist who did not print out fake news..which exposed everything you did not ..which is the war crimes and crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the U.S /EU/Nato which includes Turkey in the world…and dropping one bomb every 12 minutes on a country of the world!

    However, TNH .does not glorify,JUlIAN ASSANGE. who revealed what you never did and is being persecuted and prosecuted by your Mason SS officers called Pompeo, and Bolton for providing irrefutable evidence to his allegations of all the criminal actions by the people in our government and press who collaborated to commit these crimes, but free to continue

    All you have done Antonios.is continue to support lies against Assange, and remain silent to the destruction of journalism and in the end .democracy of America!

    Antonios, is a perfect fit for the corrupt lying government of Greece.who just announced they will comply with Antonios best friend Robert Menendez to commit economic genocide of the people of Venezuela!

    Antonios..your fake news legacy, unfortunately does not fool the master of us all ! .

    And that is the Truth !.,

  4. Michael you need your on PodCast. Tell it like it is. We have had odd doings in Free Sparti, ND tying up banks, trying to steal community lands, etc…too many Facists in ND holdovers from the Junta Days, Golden Dawn Rats jumping ship to stay in power anywhere, mostly for free money, the extreme left and extreme right cadre have never worked a day in their life, so politics of free money is their only way. Good news we started harvesting from our community farm, all pitch in, all reap a small amount the rest is FREE for all locals that need extra, can’t afford it, or oxi farm…We can feed our own, maybe not with everything, but fruits vegetable olive oil, wine, etc, I will not allow tabacco to be grown here, thats more of a Makedonia product.
    And all don’t be fooled ND is rasing our taxes, while lowering taxes for corporate and investors, so middle class will pay for the coming invest invasion.
    Always a plate set for you Michael…Eat, Enjoy, then we will get down too the hard work, fix our little corner, the Pelopo, then the rest of Ellas….

  5. What do you expect Pavlo..when the most corrupt Pay to play politicians in America ..and member of the Greek Secret Society of Mason Aristocrats ..Robert Menendez…can come to Greece and order ND ..to join him in removing the elected leader of Venezuela with a politician nobody knows in the world because Menendez,, Bolton and Pompeo.demand it! Just think what ND just did..they broke Article 12 of the UN charter in meddling in the affairs of other governments, break international laws with their other masters of The EU..in supporting the embargo of Venezuela oil to starve the people of Venezuela, and get this confiscate 14 billion dollars in oil revenues owed by Exxon Mobil to their government which deprives their children of food!

    Does anybody in Greece agree with this ..which UN inspectors report are crimes against Humanity in possibly resulting in the deaths of thousands of civilians

    Even today.democratic congess women are calling America a white supremacist racist country..and demand the impeachment of Donald Trump!

    The problem is they are right! if you look at our war crimes record against foreign countries of different races and colors! However, here is the rub…have they spoken up and demand that these criminal wars stop and bombing of other countries stop, NO! Because they are the Marxist extremist of the Democratic party who join with the fascist extremist of the Republican party to kill every body in sight who opposes their power

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