Diamataris Promises to Further Strengthen Relations Between Greece and Greeks Abroad

Newly appointed Deputy Foreign Minister for Overseas Greeks Antonis Diamataris. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

ATHENS – Newly appointed Deputy Foreign Minister for Overseas Greeks Antonis Diamataris said he would do whatever possible to further strengthen relations between Greece and Greeks living abroad, whom he served as an owner and publisher of the National Herald newspaper in the United States.

In the handover from former Minister Terens Quick, Diamataris said, “I served the Greeks of America for 40 full years from the position of publisher and manager of the National Herald, a daily paper founded in 1915,” and noted he had focused on conveying information to Greeks abroad so they could retain their national identity.

He also recognized Quick’s efforts to connect Greeks abroad with Greece, to which the former minister responded that as a journalist Diamataris “has the pulse of the people and knows Greeks abroad and in the US in particular better than anyone else.”

Reviewing his tenure, Quick said that in 2 years and 8 months he tried to visit the Greek diaspora in the world. “There were Greek communities that saw a minister from their Greek homeland visit them for the first time, or a government representative for the first time in 48 years,” the former minister said, “especially in Sub-Saharan countries, where Greeks are very dynamic in business acumen if not in numbers, and where we are beginning to build again bilateral diplomatic and political relations.”

He also noted he never involved party politics in his visits and he presented Diamataris with the draft bill for a new Council of Greeks Abroad, which includes “two significant parameters, its self-organization and its self-funding.”

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  1. The real connection has to be made ASAP, it must not be party politics, it must flow evenly no matter who is in power in Greece, the diaspora feels rejected and isolated from greece..instead of being an asset we are seen as a liability, either relying on us too much or dismissing our very presence. Greece has many problems from decades of “THE HOMELANDS” Incompetence, not the diaspora’s..
    We need a whole new organization that is Greece Centric, no secret handshakes, no grand taco supremes, an open, transparent run entity, with intent of helping Greece, plus helping the local and national greek community in whatever nation they live, plus the non-greek community as well, the diaspora lives in other countries, work, pay taxes etc we must help our adopted nation as well..Every Greek Orthodox Church, should be where we start were we meet, where the needs of all 3 categories are spelled out, listed (Greece) (Greek Community) (Our Fellow Non Greek Neighbors And Nation We Are Living In) The Nea Greek Philanthropy Trinity,
    Help Thy Nation, Thy People Thy Neighbors…But millions need to be raised continually, with Greeks in America, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, All Over Europe, and elsewhere you can’t tell me that all those combined numbers can’t raise Billions together, We will donate to Healthcare, Education, Safety&Security, Military….And it will run and be owned by us, no monies transferred to any greek party politician organization etc, we raised it, we spend it…

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