An Open Letter from the Publisher-Editor of The National Herald

Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad, Antonis H. Diamataris. (Photo by TNH)

Dear brothers and sisters in the Greek-American Community,

The new Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has honored me by inviting me to serve Hellenes Abroad in a new capacity: as the deputy Foreign Minister Responsible for Hellenes Abroad.

“Few know these issues, like you,” he told me.

My family and I then gathered to make an especially difficult decision.

After giving it great thought, I accepted the honor proposed by the Prime Minister, the first such proposal ever made to a member of the Hellenic Diaspora.

And I did it because I believe in the Prime Minister – whom I have known for a long time – and in his sincere interest in us, the Diaspora Greeks.

And because the offer constitutes perhaps a unique opportunity to serve you, my fellow Greek-Americans, and the Diaspora Greeks in general, from another post: to be your representative in the Greek Government.

In other words, I will move from the one station from which I have served the Hellenes in America, from the historic post of running The National Herald, to another, as a Deputy Foreign Minister in the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

And when I complete my new mission, I intend to return to The National Herald, to be with you again.

But let no one have any doubt that just as I have given my soul, working day and night, seven days a week for 40 years as Publisher-Editor of The National Herald, I will do the same in my new post.

I will exhaust every effort to extend the limits that our relationship can reach as Hellenes Abroad and Greece.

Fellow Greek Americans,

On September 14, 40 years will have passed since I, still very young, assumed the weighty responsibility of continuing the publication of The National Herald.

It was the great honor of my life.

I had never thought, not even for one minute, of stopping to do what I love, which my health has allowed me, and continues to allow me to do.

I had never thought of ceasing the struggle, despite the often very difficult circumstances, along with my loyal old and new associates, to inform you in the best way that we know and can: with courage, honesty and objectivity. With love. With a deep sense of indebtedness to you.

I am completely at peace with my conscience that I have fought the good fight, together with my colleagues, with all the strength of my body, mind, and soul to keep you well informed.

I fought with the passion that stems from the sense of a mission worthy of a lifetime.

I worked, along with my colleagues, for truth and justice, mainly on behalf of the humblest members of our Community.

I know full well that we were not infallible.

However, the mistakes we made were never intentional. Never.

In 1979, I took over a newspaper that was very different from the one that it is today.

From every point of view.

And we added – over 21 years ago – our English edition.

We have followed technological developments very closely and have achieved a dominant position with our websites.

We love the Community deeply, and sincerely. We marvel and admire it – its efforts and achievements. We believed in the Community and continue to believe in it. We know its greatness, its goodness, its generosity, its capabilities, individually and collectively.

And we know very well its struggle to remain true to itself, and to its Hellenic roots.

We are also well aware that the politicians of Athens so far have not really been interested in the Greek-American Community and Hellenes Abroad in general.

Now I have the opportunity to serve you from inside the Greek government. As Deputy Foreign Minister Responsible for Greeks Abroad.

For 40 years I have been watching from the outside, from the position of Publisher-Editor of this historic newspaper. Politicians visited us in order to flatter us with words but they forgot us by the time they boarded the planes that took them back.

I knew they could not solve all our problems. But their indifference, which reached the limits of mockery, exasperated me.

They did not care about us and they did not value us and what we were doing and could do for Greece because we did not vote – but be assured that I will do everything possible to change that situation.

I will do in my new position what I did as the Publisher-Editor of The National Herald: I will work day and night for you, for Hellenes Abroad, a part of which, of course, I am too.

Dear friends,

I believe, as I have written so many times, that Greece, without the support of the Hellenic Diaspora, will never be able to reach its full potential.

And I also believe that because Greece is our point of reference, the future of the Diaspora is linked with Greece.

Dear readers, my brother and sister Hellenes Abroad,

I will not sever my ties with you, my dear friends, the people I’ve lived with for a lifetime. I will not distance myself from you.

I’m just going to fight for you on another front.

In the meanwhile, I leave you my two children, Vanessa and Eraklis Diamataris, who have played a very important part in our publications for some time.

And I leave you to my sister, Veta, whom you know from the self-sacrifice and the love with which she serves you and the newspaper as Assistant to the Publisher, Advertising.

I leave you also my dear colleagues who will continue my work, until, at the right time, I return.

While I will be absent from the newspaper, I leave in place all my loyal, talented associates, men and women with whom we have shared family-like relationships, often lasting for decades, at our offices in New York, Boston, Athens, Tripoli and Nicosia, and who serve you according to the same principles and the same publishing philosophy I have followed these 40 years.

But I will visit you as often as my new position allows.

I will seek advice from you. And I will wait for you at my new office in Athens that will always be open to you.

I am not saying goodbye – I am just taking a break from The National Herald, where my heart will always be.

My service to you continues in another important post as your representative in the government of a man who knows us well, who really loves us, in the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

I will continue to serve you, as always, with self-denial, honesty, and love – buoyed by your good wishes and your prayers.


  1. ?Congratulations to new Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece: Antonis Diamataris!!

    You’re a class act, so gracious, so wonderful to talk to; gave me first break – published my writing for The National Herald … God bless you.
    AXIOS! ?

  2. To Pavlo, and my brothers in Sparta, Mani, and the Peloponnese,we now know that Mr. Diamantaris and his Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons..will be the first un elected members of any government to have a seat in the Greek Parliament with the expressed purpose of representing the interests of foreign countries and their citizens!

    Importantly, the delusional and fake news publisher Mr. Diamantaris expect you the taxpayers and citizens of Peloponnes, Sparta, and pay for his services!

    And get this, when you elected Mistotakis. I bet you didn’t know that he was going to turn over the Ukraine , corrupt foreign Oligarks to run Greece and have Antonios outrageously condemn Athens for paying attention to Greek Taxpayers,and not the secret societies of America as he states who he will serve as…:

    “ We are also well aware that the politicians of Athens so far have not really been interested in the Greek-American Community and Hellenes Abroad in general.

    Now I have the opportunity to serve you from inside the Greek government. as Deputy Foreign Minister Responsible for Greeks Abroad.”

    I knew they could not solve all our problems. But their indifference, which reached the limits of mockery, exasperated me.

    They did not care about us and they did not value us and what we were doing and could do for Greece!

    AS stated by Antonios the Great from Lemon Island!

    Therefore, Antonios…since you now serve me a Spartan Blood American, not Greeks….

    1. continued… my first piece of advise to keep your day job at the Fake News Greek Secret Society Mason home of Ahepan Robert Menendez and his Greek lobbyist for the Jewish Pro Israeli lobbies..because my friends in the Peloponese, and not take kindly to Greek American frauds to meddle in their lives!

      As a matter of fact, if I recall , the last time an emissary or foreign deputy minister visited Sparta was a Persian who wound up in a well!

      And just last week another foreign emissary named Geoffrey Pyatt bycycling in Mani is recuperating in a hospital!

      So here is how I want you to serve a Spartan American…by staying out of the lives of Greeks in Greece, and start helping Tulsi Gabbard in helping Greek Americans to take back our country from corrupt politicians like Robert Menendez, who you also represent…who is a corrupt politician raping our treasury to bomb the poorest countries in the world and take over their governments like Greece!

      Hey, Antonios… I would keep your day job at the Fake News Greek Secret Society Mason Newspaper…because, I’m not sure ..the Peloponnese, Mani, and Spartans take to kindly to people like you .who are nothing more than Carpetbaggers of the south after the American civil war!

  3. Agree 100% Michael,. The real job of Diaspora Leader, should be a mutual beneficial partnership.
    Like I have said before, the diaspora needs to be a bigger part of Greece, and Greece needs to be a bigger part of the diaspora… Not political lobbying agents in foreign countries, but more than just mere tourists visiting their homeland, and speaking partial greek yet getting insulted by locals.

    The real leader of the displaced, diaspora must turn them into a powerful force, all the greeks must be united, from America, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, etc. With anual fundraising into the $Billions for greece, to recruit the best greek minds from overseas, and even non greeks to help all of greeces messed up sectors. Sure greeks outside if greece don’t vote, don’t pay taxes, don’t live day to day with mess that has been greece for 6 decades. We don’t want to dominate, we want to assist, but we don’t want to be dismissed either. The diaspora could take over, the thousands of well educated, we trained, well experienced could change greece in a short time if totally in charge, the idiots running, I mean ruining greece are the same as before retreads, we demand a seat at the table, if not then we will take the table over!!

  4. Well your fearless leader already messed up, assigning MAKIS VORIDIS as Agricultural Minister,
    He is a leftover from the Junta era, Anti-Semitic, a retread, not a new voice or new ideas, the same old stuff that has kept Greece back, Either he goes, or Mitso goes, Along with Voridis, Fire the entire top of the Fire Service, been a year their still there. Clean slate for Astynomia, Fire Service.

    1. Pavlo., who are you going to call ?…Ghost Busters!

      Let see who is responsible for the current government in Greece and Cyprus…and I am sure..they can make changes any time we want.lets look at the starting lineup of murderers row of regime change as follows:

      Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey..a veteran of regime changes in libya, Syria, Ukraine, and now taking the lead on Venezuela and Iran, Menendez is our man, and pay him enough money…and he will bomb the parliament of Greece, arm terrorist jihadist to storm the Parliament , and of course, hit the government of Greece.with economic sanctions on the sales of Kalamata olives.and Feta cheese from Greece.and embargo all oil deliveries to Greece to remove Makis .

      Of course, there is Geoffrey Pyatt..U.S ambassador to Greece, who in my opinion, has a proven track record of coordinating government change like libya and Syria,but his best work was in the Ukraine, where he changed the government with Victoria Nuland, but unfortunately, his favorite replacements are Neo Nazi oligarks, like Victor Porshenko, in the Ukraine, however, give him bonus points for also changing the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church,.Bartholomew., now an anti-Orthodox Christian convert to the Masons!

      If you want to see Pyatt’s good help,.you can view him and Victoria Nuland with the EU.on You Tube which is X rated in removing a government official of the Ukraine, and replacing him!

  5. Αξιος! We should do everything possible to support Antonis who may have just taken in the thoughest job of his life.

    1. He’s probably breaking American law by serving in the government of a foreign nation and holding US citizenship.
      Plus, we are not the Diaspora of Greece,,we are Americans of Greek descent.
      Last, what a pathetic statement about the Greeks— that they can’t succeed without American help.
      America was founded by people who guaranteed us the right not to have a national religion, but we belong to a religion that demands that we come to God through Greece. It’s simply anti-American.

  6. Spiro:
    A. U.S. citizens, like citizens of every free country, are permitted to work where they wish.
    B. “A diaspora is a large group of people with a similar heritage or homeland who have since moved out to places all over the world.” ( ) So, to say that “we are Americans of Greek descent” is to confirm that we’re members the Greek diaspora.
    C. Recruiting the best talent for a job wherever it may be found isn’t pathetic—it’s smart. It’s what has made America great.
    D. Religious freedom is a constitutionally entrenched right in Greece as it is in the U.S.

    Mr. Diamataris has served faithfully the Greek community abroad for decades as publisher-editor of The National Herald. He has now taken the opportunity to serve the community through another channel. He deserves congratulations and thanks.

    1. That’s an uninformed, ignorant answer.

      Advice About Possible Loss of U.S. Nationality and Seeking Public Office in a Foreign State

      A U.S. national’s employment, after attaining the age of 18, with the government of a foreign country or a political subdivision thereof is a potentially expatriating act pursuant to Section 349(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act if the individual is a citizen of that foreign country or takes an oath of allegiance to that country in connection with such employment. Such employment, however, will result in one’s expatriation only if done voluntarily with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship. Running for foreign office, even foreign head of state, is not a potentially expatriating act; only accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of a foreign office are potentially expatriating as described above.

      The Department has adopted an administrative presumption that U.S. nationals intend to retain their U.S. citizenship when they naturalize as nationals of a foreign state, declare their allegiance to a foreign state, or accept non-policy level employment with a foreign government. See 22 CFR 50.40(a); see also 7 FAM 1200 (additionally applying the presumption to serving as an officer in the military forces of a foreign state not engaged in hostilities against the United States). Questions concerning whether a foreign government position is a policy level position should be referred to the Office of Legal Affairs for

    2. US citizens have to abide by the laws of the nation they are in AND US law as it applies to what they are trying to accomplish. He needs a solid legal opinion and he needs to understand his duties, conflicts, whether those duties will expatriate him—and whether he needs to register as a Foreign Agent. Why do the Greeks think they can do whatever they want?

      Don’t answer that. Refer to Elpi and Bart as case in point.

    3. Thank you for your kind response, Spiro.
      Allow me to draw your attention to the following sentence in your post above:
      “Such employment, however, will result in one’s expatriation only if done voluntarily with the intention of relinquishing U.S. citizenship.”
      Read that sentence again. It derives from Section 349(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which says: “A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts WITH THE INTENTION OF RELINQUISHING UNITED STATES NATIONALITY.” (emphasis added)

      Accepting employment with a foreign government is one of the acts listed under Sec. 349. And what the section makes clear is that one may lose his U.S. citizenship by accepting employment abroad–if one accepts such employment in order to relinquish his U.S. citizenship. I don’t see how that refutes my original statement that U.S. citizens are free to work where they wish.

  7. Since Mr. Diamataris has been at the forefront of the community for several decades, he is in the best position
    to prioritize and address the problems and issues at hand as documented in his editorials.

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