Antonis H. Diamataris Appointed Deputy Minister for Expatriate Greeks

Mr. Antonis H. Diamataris. (Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

ATHENS – Newly elected Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has appointed Antonis H. Diamataris as the Deputy Minister for Expatriate Greeks.

Mr. Diamataris, Publisher-Editor of the National Herald since 1979, is from the village of Thanos on Lemnos and lives with his family in New York.

According to the list of appointees for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Minister: Nikos Dendias

Alternate Minister for European affairs: Miltiadis Varvitsiotis

Deputy Minister for economic diplomacy and extroversion: Kostas Fragogiannis

Deputy Minister for expatriate Greeks: Antonis Diamataris

About Mr. Diamataris:

Born in Lemnos.

He immigrates to New York City.

MBA from Columbia University.

He buys 100% of the shares of the publishing company Ethnikos Kyrix, becoming the publisher for the historic newspaper.

Ethnikos Kyrix moves for the first time to privately-owned facilities in Long Island City.

Issues the weekly English edition of the newspaper, The National Herald.

The newspaper launches its websites.

He is honored with the Hellenic Republic’s Phoenix Award.

He is honored by President Barack Obama at the White House, for 100th Anniversary since the founding of Ethnikos Kyrix.

New York City renames the street in front of the headquarters of Ethnikos Kyrix to “Ethnikos Kyrix Way.”


  1. Great start, Mistotakios. appointing one of the leaders of the Greek Secret Societies of Masons and publisher of one of America’s fake news outlets, considered the number one problem of America, who thinks JOHN MCAIN, George Bush Jr. and Robert Menendez of New Jersey.the most corrupt pay to play Senators in American History.are the greatest living Americans of our times!

    What’s next Ahepan and Greek Secret Society operative.Robert Menendez as Foreign Relations chairman to add more U.S bases and terrorize the enemies of Menendez and his buddy Nentanyahue in Israel he does now in Syria,, Iran, Iraq, Yemen , and did I forget Venezuela!

    I am sure, when Mistotakis has his meeting with Menendez he will have Greece join in.on waging war on Iran, Venezuela and starve the people of those countries!

    Endy Zeminedis, another Greek Secret Society Mason.who loves Menendez, the number one compensated Senator in America by the Pro Israeli Jewish lobbies to represent the interests of Israel, not America.would be perfect as the next ambassador of Greece in Israel!

    Geoffrey Pyatt..I am would leave his current job of over throwing the governments of the world .to making sure he is the new HOME LAND SECURITY.OFFICER OF GREECE!

    What I don’t understand, if Greek are going to elect and settle for corrupt leaders who appoint the B team of America, then apply for statehood in the corrupt” Glory to America and Israel” Mason America.and apply for welfare rights

  2. The Truth always comes out, the fake Anti-Tsipras, gets Ministry Job, Diaspora Affairs? He doesn’t represent me. The Athina Right Elite Mitso will take care of his friends just like SYRIZA. As Turkey PM calls first to well wish, his fighters fly over greek territory, having naval exercises by greek islands what does Mity Mitso Do? NOTHING!!! Another wimpy Simitis….I think this PM will make us even more angry than Tsipras, He will keep the Skopje Agreement with maybe a few tweaks, he will sell the old Athina airport for a hand full of magic beans, he will sell off what SYRIZA didn’t hes just as bad watch and see. Lowering taxes a few percentage points, then sell all greek assets, will not help. Sorry Athina the Peloponeese is not for sale. And to the Diaspora Minister….No one voted for you.

  3. Whose your Daddy , Misto? Edrogan..because Turkey is gone from Nato! And the clowns know it!
    Thanks to corrupt US foreign policy of economic, political, and military terrorism against the world

    Until recently both Turkey (NATO heavyweight) and Pakistan were among America’s faithful allies, hosting US military bases.

    From a broader military standpoint, Turkey is actively cooperating with both Iran and Russia. Moreover, Ankara will be acquiring in 2020 Russia’s state of the art S-400 air defense system while de facto opting out from the integrated US-NATO-Israel air defense system.

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is in crisis.Turkey’s exit from NATO is almost de facto. America can no longer rely on its staunchest allies. Moreover, US and Turkish supported militia are fighting one another in Syria…because of their fight for the oil wells of Syria., and Turkey is not cooperating with

    Therefore, the golden boy Misto has only one job make Greece for America the new military base for the launching of all the wars in the middle east,.since, by the way, the largest base in the Middle East is Qatar ..the state sponsor with the U.S to support terrorist in Syria..has now become best friends with Iran, and Turkey!

    Patrick Theros..current Qatar lobbyist from TNH.must be going nuts! ..By the way, Patrick are you going to get a position in Misto UN envoy for Greece or maybe a whole committee of Greek Secret society envoy at the U.N.

  4. Just what does the Minister for the Diaspora do anyway?

    And since most of the Diaspora that went to the United States arrived well over fifty years ago, followed by numerous mixed marriages, a general loss of Greek language use and, sadly, for far too many, even a loss of Orthodox Christianity, how will we define our Diaspora in the future?

    Nevertheless, best wishes in your endeavor Mr Diamataris, I hope that your paper can be used to unify our Diaspora, however it is defined.

    1. Sorry , John, for disturbing your peace of mind ..but the “see no evil , hear no evil” again does not work!”

      First of all is evil to think that the Publisher of a Newspaper allegedly independent and directed at Greeks in Greece and Cyprus., and made in America or what ever other country of the world ..with Greek may will be transparent and unite the citizens of foreign countries to support policies that represent the interests of Greeks, who actually have to live with those policies, and not the interests of Aristocratic elitist ..whose only connection to real Greeks, is a family member who just came to America to get a job!

      It should be an insult to all Greeks that this article has 450 shares compared to 1 for the article highlighting the composition of the entire cabinet of Greece..who must run Greece!

      If Antonios had any honor ..he would divest himself of any connection with The National Herald Newspaper or any other business he is connected with to avoid the obvious conflict of Interests in writing daily in support to the Glory to America and Israel Greek Secret Societies of dispora cults and now Mistotakis!

      While Antonios may part of an Aristocracy with Mistotakis.who beleives with the EU, we are all inferior and stupid populist easily fooled, no one will believe anything TNH put out..and far from Uniting the so called Golden children of the lost civilization called Greece, they will simply confirm why nobody in America trusts the media

  5. “Deputy Minister for Expatriate Greeks”
    Does this refer to U.S.A. Greeks, America Greeks, Africa Greeks, Asia Greeks, Australia Greeks, or all of the above?

    1. Good point Baffled. Although the Greek Diaspora in the US appears to be the largest, Greeks have emigrated to many other countries as well. Are all of those Diaspora Greeks also in his department?

      And, again, what is he going to do in this job?

  6. As the new Minister of nothing, but mouthpiece for Mistotakis, Robert Menendez, , Endy Zeminides, John Bolton, Patrick Theros.and, of course, the Ahepa Greek Secret Society of Masons supreme commander..”Murderers row of Humanity”, it is clear, you only serve one purpose for your readers and me..sheer entertainment and satisfaction in exposing you and the corrupt white supremacist elitist mainstream media..who only represent the interest of their upper !% financial benefactors and political prostitutes.

    Antonios, and Mistotakis, is god sent, for what I and real journalist have tried to explain .how America and Greece have disintegrated as democracies, and the most important enemy of the people of the the world, is you ,who in the end.lie to the people to sell criminal wars and corrupt politicians!

    Like Hillary Clinton colluding with CNN to win a nomination, or George Bush Jr colluding with the New York Times and Washington kill 500,000 Iraqis, and Donald Trump and Fox News to attempt to obliterate 81 million Iranians by again using the George bush Jr starve the people of Iran, Syria, Venezuela.and Yemen!

    You explain, how a Secrets Society of Aristocrats from the Royal families of history, Plantation owners, oil barons, corporate oligarks have managed to control America for their interest,.since, 1776!

    For the readers, view the Starz featured movie this month ”SHOCK AND AWE”..the true story of how Anto and Bush idol killed 500,000 Iraqis!

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