The Illusion of Low Unemployment

In this Tuesday, June 4, 2019 photo, job applicants line up at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood during a job fair in Hollywood, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

President Trump often cites the low unemployment rate during his tenure as proof of the wisdom of his economic policies. Mass media accepts the view that America has a low unemployment rate. The problem with these perceptions is that low unemployment is an illusion.

Before analyzing the statistical basis of the unemployment illusion, I must note the formulas being used have not been manipulated by President Trump. They were in place during the Obama administration and earlier.

Scholars such as Mark Paul, …

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  1. When trump went to Washington it was like abreath of fresh air for busines . I cant believe these writers are trying to give Obama credit for a roubst economy which he does not deserve. There is and has been a severe labour shortage etc

  2. This is the first time in my 35 years in the food business that I cannot find staff. In fact, all of my colleagues are having the same problem, to the extent we’ve had to raise wages considerably to keep the ones we have from leaving and offering much higher wages to bring in new people. Not good for us, but good for the workers. Any person, even with limited common sense can figure out why this is going on. Under Obama, people begged us for work and we had applications sitting waiting for the phone calls. Dan G. you are a great writer, stick to what you actually are good at and don’t lecture business people on something you have very little understanding of.

  3. Mr Georgakas, I support your article, since , based on facts and evidence,.Mr.Obama should take credit for the unemployment decline , but in doing it, he like Trump and the corrupt congress.have threatened the security of America by turning us into a war economy supported by endless and criminal wars around the world!

    Both Obama , Hillary. Trump and the most corrupt pay to play congress in history have continued to deficit spend to stimulate the economy and serve their Corporate oligarks and media interests, at the expense of the America people leading us to a debt of 22 trillion dollars.which has increased our debt ration from 40 % to just about 80 percent of GNP. and approaching Greece crash level, which only the fact that Greece could not print its only money, and cap interest rates like America … we would go down!

    While Obama represents the largest deficit in history because he added the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus package, the Obama tax cuts, and $800 billion a year in military spending. These initiatives halted the 2008 financial crisis which Bush created with his wars in Iraq, Afganistan, and fraudulent ” war on terrorism!”

    The numbers don’t lie.using absolute numbers of unemployed based on over 27 weeks or 2009, when Obama took office,There were 1,152,000 Americans unemployed, the impact of George Bush”s crash.peaked in 2010 when the numbers rose to 3,049,000!

    In 2017, when Trump to over.they were .1,172, 000

  4. continued a former Trump supporter..who has watched him crumble under the control of the degenerates like your boy Menendez and the war hawks of the Marxist democratic party and his Neo con fascist wing of the Republican party …to continue what he promised not to do ..destroy relaiions with Russia , withdraw troops from Afgansistan, Syria and Iraq, end the regime change wars that have created an economic nightmare scenario for all Americans..

    Today Menendez and his lunatic friends have approves a new budget for this year and add 85 billions dollars to the military budget which brings it closer to the 800 billion dollar military budget of Obama..and now goes from 50 % of the entire federal budget to 60% of the American peoples budget!

    All this to continue to maintain 850 bases in 80 countries of the world and to provide jobs for all the government funded private companies associated in the war economy!

    All this money to use to provoke economic , political and military warfare to occupy and take control of every independent country of the Greece!

    In the face, of overwhelming debt for our country, which makes us broke and the debt of our children for their education,and health care is it not outrageous that Trump and you Dan..only point to an illusion unemployment rate

    So Dan now that you are a financial guru,.why don’t you write about how cutting about 20 % of that budget could buy a free education and pay for our kids health care!

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