Anastasiades Tells Guterres Turkish Drilling Blocking Reunity

FILE - U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, center, shakes hands with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, left, and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, right, at the United Nations headquarters Sunday, June 4, 2017. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

In a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said a Turkish ship drilling for energy in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is ruining any chance to reunify the divided island.

Cyprus has sent a number of similar letters to the UN before, all essentially ignored, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – also defying the European Union and United States which back Cyprus’ legitimate government – said he will continue pushing the hunt to find oil and gas.

Turkey doesn’t recognize parts of Cyprus’ EEZ and the drilling has ramped up worry there could be a conflict in the seas, either accidental or deliberate, while Erdogan keeps thumbing his nose at the international community.

Turkey has occupied the northern third of Cyprus since an unlawful 1974 invasion and decades of diplomacy have failed to bring reunification, including the last round that fell apart in July, 2017 at the Swiss resort of Crans-Montana.

That happened when Erdogan and Turkish-Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci said they would never remove a 35,000-strong army in the occupied territory and wanted the right to militarily intervene again when they wanted.

In the June 14 letter seen by Kathimerini Cyprus, Anastasiades called on Guterres to help stop Turkish provocations in the region but more than two weeks later there was no indication the President had even been acknowledged.

Anastasiades repeated his idea for a more decentralized federal government and his proposal for the relaunch of exploratory talks with Akinci which began five years earlier and have essentialy gone nowhere fast.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said if Cyprus tries to stop the drilling there would be a response similar to the past, seen as a veiled threat of military action, and as the Greek newspaper To Vima said Turkey secretly moved 42 German Leopard-2A4 tanks to Kythrea in the occupied area, 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) from the capital of Nicosia.

Cavusoglu said the drilling in Cyprus’ sovereign waters was a response to the legitimate government there not giving Turkish-Cypriots more of a hand in the licensing of the foreign companies also drilling although Anastasiades was willing to share revenues.

“To us, these kinds of threats from the Greek Cypriot administration are meaningless,” the Turkish foreign minister told state TRT Haber television. “They know they cannot take a step against us, and if they dare to do so they will get their response like in the past.”

He said the Republic protested to the EU in a bid to secure decisions against Turkey but it failed “because we made the necessary briefings.”


  1. And Anastasiades…. should add the pirating of the oil by the EU. of an Iranian oil tanker by the colonialist sitting in Cyprus the white supremacist Anglo racist government of the United KIngdom who is leaving the EU…but claims that they are enforcing economic sanctions or war…. by the EU..which prohibits oil from going to the people of the country of Syria.who is attempting to remove the last remnants of the Terrorist armies which now include the U.S and England , with Al Queda and Isis!

    They have seized on behalf of the U.S fascist empire ..who also is attempting to genocide the people of Venezuela, Iran , Cuba, Yemen, North Korea , like they did to the people of libya, Syria, , Iraq, and now even Russian oil !

    Hey Anastasiades…who are you kidding, you are no different than the UK Nato pirates representing the interest of Exxon Mobil and the rest of the fraudulent oil barons of the U.S and Nato countries!

    Was it not you ..who agreed to share oil revenue at the behest of Menendez with the declared Northern Republic of Cyprus.which basically recognized the existence of the occupied territories of Northern Cyprus .just to bully thru the U.S and Nato water grab of Cyprus waters to pollute them!

    Hilariously, after legitimizing Northern Cyprus , you come to the UN and tell this world body , who does not recognize the existence of the declared Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus, that your pirates of Nato are concerned about Cyprus!

    Nato crimes!

  2. Okay, so the chances of working out a reunification agreement for Cyprus are now more remote. But who on here will state that they would trust the Turks in any future deal?

  3. Their is only one legitimate right left in Cyprus… which both Greek and Turkish Cypriot should unify under ..and represent their homes and interest ..and that is joining in filing lawsuits against the Turkish, French, U.S , Israel and any other oil companies to stop them from placing polluting oil rigs in their pristene waters which are the cultural and historic landmarks of the Cypriot people!

    This common cause …should remind them why they threw out the colonialist white supremacist oppressors from England …who merely exploited the Cypriots …and now doing again!

    Trust Turkey …of course not….but John would you trust a country who has killed 3 1’2 million citizens of the middle east to occupy these oil producing countries to serve them!

    Trust Turkey , of course not, but john would you trust a country ..that is waging economic , political, and military warfare on oil rich Venezuela and Iran, because they are not under U.S control ..since Venezueal to back control of their oil resources from Exxon Mobil!

    Trust Turkey, of course not, but john would you trust a country who uses oil embargoes of foreign countries as a tool of war..and considered a war crime for starving the economy of the people to force them to plance themselves under the control of the U.S and Nato!

    It is clear,.John,.your slant is what Mason Greek Secret Societies,spin to support the “Glory to America” myth.

    So you trust the U.S and Nato…who are threatening to o

    1. I have already stated on the site that I am not a Mason. Further, my comment here was not saying anything about trusting the United States. Numerous prior comments that I have made have actually been very critical of the US policy concerning Greece and Cyprus–but that obviously was not enough for you.

      Above all, my comment here was directed to the subject of the subject of the article. It did not challenge anything you had stated in your earlier comment.

      So…I propose that from now on, you should make your comments, I will make my comments, but we can steer clear of one another, avoiding name-calling and other negative attacks against one another.

  4. You asked the Question of me and the readers …. But who on here will state that they would trust the Turks in any future deal?

    My answer, merely responds to a typical Mason leader of our fraudulent Geek Secret Society ..who make a living in covering up..the most notorious and untrustworthy country of the world …who has reneged on treaties and International agreements to incite wars …and as recently done .in which this government has torn up an agreement with Iran ..which has been complied with by Iran, and punishes any country in the world for continuing to abide by the treaty they signed on to!

    Then this country, imposed oil embargoes and economic sanctions …to starve and genocide the people of Iran and Venezuela turn over their country to them, and now threatens to obliterate 81 million Iranians and possibly put the world on the Brink of Nuclear war because the Iranians continue to honor an agreement !

    The Hypocracy of your statement …in not including the U.S and Nato with Nato Turkey as the real threats to Greece and Cyprus .and proven liars to any international agreement is an act of deception, in recognizing that Cyprus and Greece should divest themselves with any relationship with both the U.S and Nato , and Turkey!

    They are degenerate mobsters who wheel and deal the future of the people of Cyprus and Greece…using a protection racket occupy Greece and wardens in a Prison!

    John, forgive me , if I abuse you!

    1. Name-calling continues.

      Also, I notice that when this name-calling takes place, other people stop commenting on here. That is not good for the cause of Greek Americans seeking to have a constructive dialogue.

  5. Really John , maybe you haven’t noticed , I have continued to write the truth , despite the documented disparaging branding and smear of many of the posters from the Mason Glory to America cult followers, because, the only thing they do is make disparaging remarks , and not provide any information to support their arguments.

    John, the only people not commenting are those who agree with me and the case I represent! If you noticed , those who do comment are those.who call people names..and do not provide any logical or coherent statements that refute.the truth!

    It gives me no pleasure to waste my timing responding to the TNH fake news reports, but morally I can allow TNH and Mass stream media …the ultimate criminals in promoting lies and distortions that have sold genocidal regime change wars which continues perpetual wars by fooling the public!

    Shame on you and anybody who calls themselves Greek Orthodox Christians, and cannot find it in themselves to speak up against these blatant atrocities being committed by the Self Appointed Policemen of the world..who calls Saudi Arabia and Israel their number one allies ..whose leaders have dismembered the body of a Washington post int. journalist in their own embassy in Turkey, and are rewarded by making them the number one arms buyer from America in the world, While another dictator massacres 61 unarmed Palestinian citizens and they reward them by waging war with their arch enemy Iran, Syria and Iraq!

  6. If there are others who agree with you and the case you represent, maybe they should comment now.

    However, I think you have chased the other readers away, and that we are now the only two persons on this comment thread.

    So, good night.

    1. Good Night John… whether there are no people reading our comments or a thousand…I will continue to write the truth , as I see , it ..since, all my posts are ultimately directed at Mr. Diamantaris and his Mason Newspaper!

      I attempt to fill in the missing information which Diamantaris and Theros leave out to persuade the Greek community to support degenerate and corrupt members of our government , like Robert Menendez., who not only do not represent Greek interests, but blatantly represent the interest of countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia who pay him handsomely for his services!

      How pathetic I just posted with factual information examples of a fascist and genecidol behavior by this government.and you do not express rage at this informationy ou simply call out readers to comment on what I said ..rather than telling me why I was wrong!

      The only comments I would like to hear from is.Mr. Diamantaris and refute the comments I have made! Good Night!

      I attempt to fill in the information which exposes how fake news is practiced by a corrupt new media who conspires with billionaire aristocrats to sell criminal wars, rigged elections, and glorify sociopathic murderers like the Bush and Clinton families!

      And i understand your sensitivity John, it must be painful to realize that your country has not just been mistaken innocently by the atrocities they have committed. but premeditated genocide of entire 500,000 Iraqi citizens!

  7. Michael, what you are expressing is your opinion – as we’re all doing – but unfortunately our opinion does not always equate to the “truth”. I have no doubt that your intentions are good and well meaning but you seriously need to lighten up about calling people names and allow people to debate the points that you put forward then we may all get to the “truth” that you allude to.

    1. Elbmw…You sound like one of the Democratic party debaters where they shout down their opponent or interrupt him from expressing his opinion or refuting allegations against them!

      Let me help you Elbmw… please state for the readers what name i have called you …that offends you!

      Please tell me and the readers, how the written word obstructs you from expressing your points rationally, and with facts to either agree with me or refute what i perceive the truth is !

      No! what obstructs the truth.and passion it is delivered..which prevents you from doing what your favorite fake news publisher does everyday..distort the truth to sell whatever they have been ordered to do!

      There,s a journalist named Julian Assange..who is currently being prosecuted and tortured by the U.S government ,because he told the truth about their atrocities and war crimes, and more importantly, the people highlighted as committing the crimes with evidence…are continuing to operate freely!

      Now that:s obstruction…and what you practice in attempting to discredit my arguments and truths. and lacking facts to refute what I resort to discrediting me by suggesting that I interfere with valid responses!

      ElBMW…what is your name! So I can personally assure you.that I will not jump into these printed pages to obstruct your points to get to the truth!…..

      And please, you can call me anything you want, just tell the readers why!,

      Don’t tell us your name…

    2. To elbmw: I tried, you tried, but it seems he will not lighten up.

      In the future we will have to just make our own comments about topics and try as much as possible to ignore his comments.

  8. John…trust me,.nobody is interested in your comments or EBMW… and even my most critical posters who make dispraging comments to my character in anger to the truth…see thru you both!

    When John Sakelaris and ELBW .blatantly, embarrass themselves by publically practicing oppression of speech and truth…by suggesting I “Lighten up” , what he is really saying he is tired of having his concious and moral obligations battered with the truth that does not allow him to keep his head in ths sand ..and continue his “See no Evil , hear not evil” to support the actions of degenerates in America and Greece..that harm human beings!

    Imagine telling the readers, that somehow he will fight thru me..and write his comments, and then ignore what anybody else writes which may discredit his lies and intentions!

    You have just been given an educaton on how fake news is able to sell the wars and election of white supremacist Aristocrats! Where publishers like Antonios Diamantaris.misrepresent information to get corrupt and degenerate war criminals like corrupt Robert Mnenendez elected to office., because he will not allow his columnist to tell the whole truth about Menendez

    John and ELbw…you are what ails America .and Martin Luther King Jr.expresses what your are tired of…

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it”.

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