A Good Decision

Fr. Alexander Karloutsos. (Photo by TNH, file)


A few days ago His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America appointed the Rev. Protopresbyter Alexander Karloutsos to be the Vicar General of the Holy Archdiocese of America. The office of Vicar General is an extraordinary office, one which is used only at the discretion of the Archbishop. It is the highest administrative position that can be given to a married priest. The last substantial Vicar General of the Archdiocese served under Archbishop Iakovos of blessed memory, Fr. George Bacopoulos, who …

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  1. With all due respect to his Eminence the Archbishop, a left leaning friend of Elitists is hardly what the Church needs. Maybe if we need a fund raiser Fr. Karloutsos can ask his rich friends to dig a little deeper into their pockets…………….

    1. The notion that the Vicar is a dynamic fundraiser is a myth, perpetuated by him, his relatives and hangers-on.

      TNH List of Richest Greek Americans has an approximate total worth of about $60 billion. AK brags up and down that he raised $ 40+ million for The Shrine.

      That’s about 1/1500 percent of their wealth.

      And when you net out the decades of undefined fundraising expense spending, it’s probably a lot less.

      The Vicar is, in my opinion, prideful, unrepentant, discredited, conflicted, not accountable, and caters only to an elite, ethnic-centered, self-serving segment of our ever-diminishing community of which he is a charter member.

      And now, he has it just the way he always wanted it…he’s the One-Eyed Man in the Land of the Blind.

  2. Definition of Vicar:
    An ecclesiastical agent: such as:
    a : A Church of England incumbent receiving a stipend but not the tithes of a parish.
    b : A member of the Episcopal clergy or laity who has charge of a mission or chapel.
    c : A member of the clergy who exercises a broad pastoral responsibility as the representative of a prelate.

  3. I served our Church for 40 continuous years as a priest in Illinois and another 8 years (after retirement) as a replacement (on weekends) in small Parishes in Illinois and Iowa. During those 48 years I had occasion many times to interact with (clergy & laity) of our New York based Archdiocese. I did not always find the people in New York as cooperative as I expected, EXCEPT for Fr. Alex Karloutsos! He was always responsive in a timely and appropriate manner, indicative of his genuine and empathic concern for the issues I needed help.
    I therefore wholeheartedly agree that this was a very good decision!

    1. That’s all very nice and I am sure true as to your experience. You are a senior priest in a major “Greek Money” market. Why would it pay for Alex to take you on? To anger your Metro?

      Alex is a smooth smooth operator and can be gracious and generous ( with the resources he commands) . “Father you’re right, “ gets him more than pour gasoline on you over anything.

      You need to understand the other experiences inside the “Deep State Church” to get the full measure of the man , and why having a master manipulator and a lone operator priest with ties to multiple power centers that each have different agenda, is a bad idea.

      Just ask late Iakovos Sr., Spyridon, and deposed disgraced Demetrios. If Alex was such a great inside leader, those guys wouldn’t have ended up on the ash heap of ecclesiastical history. And yes, Iakovos Sr. In his last 6-7 years was a mess. Sorry, that’s the truth.

  4. Lower Manhattan Cynic ~ Right On! – Bravo!

    Father Basil ~ Get a reality check, please!
    (I guess it takes one priest to know another – how many priests are in the GOA Clubhouse?).

    Theodore Kalmoukos ~ How much was invested in your writing this particular article of such P.R. worth !?
    Seriously- do more investigative reporting, and get back to us in the near future.
    We’re all waiting with bated breath!

    Edmund Burke has said it best -” In order for Evil to triumph, is for all good men to do nothing!”

    If the Greek Orthodox Laity of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, says nothing, does nothing, then all stays the same except for face & name changes.
    NO Words – NO Action – NO Changes!

    Truly the Greek Orthodox Laity is best identified as dumb sheep, being led by shepherds of little worth.

  5. How is it that all you people know so much of the inner workings of the archdiocese in such great detail? And all you talk about are the negatives. Everything bad that does or doesn’t happen, you guys are all on it. Have any of you beside Fr.Basil been employed by them? Is there anything positive that our archdiocese does? Few even use there real names, just hide behind a computer and post , sometimes legit, sometimes nonsense. Do you sit in church and wonder how corrupt everything and every one is when they’re asking for your money ? Or do you just give a little and hope it’s used properly. Does anyone hear what the priest is saying, or are you all too busy judging the messenger? Did you learn anything from your teachers in school? Or were you too pre occupied judging the character of your teacher? I agree theres a lot of corruption and greed but there’s a lot of good people as well. They just get forgotten.

    1. Niko, you need to wise up. When you walk by 8-10 East 79th and there are 19 building code violations posted and on-line, what do you think the inner workings are? When Karloutsos brags about the millions he raised, then throws up his hands and says he had nothing to do with spending it and knows nothing, when he sends out a letter 2 years ago promising that all monies will be returned, what do think the inner workings are? When every institution within the archdiocese is broke, a mess, and in a death spiral, what do you think the inner workings are? When the priest pension fund is $50 million underfunded, what do you think the inner workings are? When UPS and FedEx will not deliver to the archdiocese unless cash is pre-paid, what do you think the inner workings are? When they paid Spyridon a lifetime $88k a year pension for 3 years of total disaster, what do you think the inner workings are? When the legal payouts for child abuse and homosexual assaults are between $6 and $20 million, what do you think the inner workings are? When you see all the things revealed that had been revealed, what do think the inner workings are?
      Are you living in Mongolia? Myanmar? Mombasa? Please, take you head out of the sand.

  6. Great choice, NOT!!!
    So much for a new beginning and hope.
    Let’s keep the chief fundraiser for St. Nicholas at ground zero which is an eyesore and who knows if and when it will ever be completed.
    And people wonder why attendance is down and why our youth is turning away from the church.
    Heaven help us!

  7. The Greek Orthodox Church and specifically the GOA of America is imploding in slow-motion; look at each photo frame very carefully.
    No matter how it’s edited and spliced by the EP and/or the GOAA, once the reel is put into motion, the disaster is visibly viewed.
    No lion roars, no illuminating torch, no search lights scanning the heavens, just a stuttering Looney Toons – “That’s All Folks!”

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