Greek-American Billionaire John Catsimatidis Purchases 77 WABC-AM Radio for $12.5 Million

John Catsimatidis. talks to the media during a news conference on the steps of City Hall in New York, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013. Catsimatidis announced his intention to run for New York City mayor. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, file)

NEW YORK – Greek-American billionaire John Catsimatidis continues his foray into media with is latest acquisition, 77 WABC-AM Radio. According to, Catsimatidis closed the all-cash deal for a fee of $12.5 million from Cumulus Media.

This isn’t the first radio endeavor for the Gristedes and United Metro Energy owner as Catsimatidis hosts the radio program, “The Cats Roundatable” on AM-970 which has been running for five years now and is available for listeners in 14 states.


  1. John Catsimatidis belongs to the Greek Orthodox church but he’s far more American than Greek.. His wife is non-Greek, and his mixed children are essentially assimilated into American identity.

    Alas many alleged “Greeks” don’t really care about Hellenism in more than just lip service. They may call themselves “Greeks” but then marry non-Greeks which is a cultural, biological and identity dead end for Hellenism. And It’s not just some diaspora Greeks that are the problem.. In recent years all sorts of alleged “Greeks” have talked themselves out of their ethnic Greek identity.

    “Greek” media like Neos Kosmos, Ekathemerini, and Skai who think Greek isn’t an ethnic group but purely a civic nationality (e.g. they can no longer distinguish between an ethnic Nigerian basketball player with Greek citizenship and an ethnic Greek).
    “Greek” thinktank Eliamep founded by Thanos Veremis who ridiculously claims Greeks are unrelated to ancient Greeks.

    “Greek” politicians within Syriza that not only supported Skopians in the name dispute but wanted to change the school curriculum in Greece to say we are not “real” Greeks.

    With so many alleged “Greeks’ whose definition of Hellenism is non-existent –it is no wonder Greece is flooded with illegal migrants and falling apart.. Only a few Greeks still care about Hellenism. The rest are like Skopians. Greeks in name alone.

  2. Mr Poatato Head. @GREEK 100% Correct..Many use the “Greek” to their advantage at times, then dismiss it at other moments when its needed..
    Yes here in Greece there is the open borders greeks don’t exist anymore, lets change language religion etc. Its scary in really only 20 yrs 4,000+ years is bring wiped out, Fuvk the Parthenon Marbles, SAVE GREECE..Its more than a few carved rocks at stake.

  3. Welcome another Billionaire owner of the Media outlets of the world Sheldon Adelman…the Jewish Casino billionaire who owns most of the Israeli papers..and has been connected to the mob..and collusion with Bugsy Segal Benjamin Netanyahue of the Jewish Mafia, And then we have Rubert Murdoch ..the billionaire owner of Fox News..who also has been indicted for using his paper for personal defamation against his political enemies…and of course Jeff Bezos of Amazon who owns the Washington Post and others

    This is why we have a fake news media ..and considered the number 1 problem for America!

    Now you understand why Jews in Israel and American, and Christians of America …have no ideal what in their name …these guys are doing to represent their interest which include using their ownership of the U.S congress to perpetuate wars thruout the world to take over more the economic political , and military sovereignty ov the world to make more money for themselves and allies like war criminal Saudi Arabia and the Gulf state

    While peasant in the communist governments called the proletariate were the state sponsors of News which may have lied to support the foriegn policies of the State… Mr. joins the New Proletariate of Billionaires and millionairs who now control the State sponsored news…but in a private way…since, they also own the state…therefore…why we have perpetual wars and rigged elections!

    TNh and MSM..lie, lie, lie

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