What Tsipras’ Heroes Have Wrought for Greece

(Julien Warnand, Pool Photo via AP)

Knowing he’s headed for the dustbin of history and a thumping in the July 7 snap elections he called, Prime Minister and Looney Left SYRIZA leader Alexis “The Great Reneger” Tsipras decided to give the Greeks he decimated with brutal measures he swore to reject but then imposed a little parting gift: opening the prison doors to release hundreds of robbers and violent criminals.

Just to show his heart would be in the right place if he had one, the penal …

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  1. How rich this article is coming from Andy Dablis.. a leftist who opposed ND and helped Syriza gain power while writing for Greek Reporter. .

    Andy is of mixed heritage and couldn’t care less about Hellenism. He supported mass illegal immigration into Greece and slandered Greeks that opposed it as “racist” and “nationalists” and “xenophobes” .

    It is exactly “Greeks’ like Andy that are the problem with Greece. Andy is clearly suffering an identity crisis. He wants to transpose American civic nationalist identity and culture on Greece. He wants Africans, Chinese, Hungarians, Eskimos, and everyone else under the sun to replace the Greek people in Greece with some fantasy leftist multicultural utopia. Everyone and everything is Greek — thus rendering the term Greek meaningless.

    Unfortunately many Greeks are completely oblivious to what some Greek leftists are aiming for is effectively ethnic cleansing Greeks under the guise of “human rights”. In a few generation, only the Greeks that refused to marry anything but Greeks will be left. The rest will be so mixed they will no longer consider themselves Greeks.

  2. Thank you for misreading the column as thought it unlikely you could read at all but, alas, I never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent

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