France Voices Support for Cyprus in Gas Standoff with Turkey

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed forces of the French Senate Christian Cambon adjusts his tie as he arrives at the presidential palace for a meeting with Cyprus' president Nicos Anastasiades in divided capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Friday, June 28, 2019. Carbon is in Cyprus for talks with Cyprus' government. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA, Cyprus — A senior French senator says his country is sensitive to Cyprus’ “difficulties” with neighboring Turkey and backs the east Mediterranean island nation’s bid to get Ankara to stop unlawful gas drilling off its shores.

Senate Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Christian Cambon said Friday that both France and the European Union reject Turkey’s actions.

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed forces of the French Senate Christian Cambon arrives at the presidential palace for a meeting with Cyprus’ president Nicos Anastasiades in divided capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Friday, June 28, 2019. Carbon is in Cyprus for talks with Cyprus’ government. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Cambon said France will protect energy company Total’s licensed gas search off Cyprus.

A Turkish vessel is drilling in waters west of Cyprus where the island has exclusive economic rights. A second Turkish ship intends to drill off Cyprus’ east coast.

Cyprus accuses Turkey of violating international law and its sovereign rights. Turkey says it’s defending its rights and those of breakaway Turkish Cypriots to the area’s energy reserves.


  1. Poor French Poodle..who has found a new home for his TOTAL OIL COMPANY Barons…who were forced to leave their Oil contract and Holdings in Iran, because the United States tore up an Agreement that they signed with the International Community of major powers which prohibited Iran from developing Nuclear material for Nuclear warheads…and which Iran has complied with , but the cowards and mobsters from the organized crime family of Nato… the French government now comply with economic warfare to strangle Iran and to Obliterate 80 million Iranians , because they are not liked by the financial benefactors of Natol..the ISRAELI JEWISH LOBBY!

    So. these theives..who are allowed to pollute the Pristene Waters and coastline of Cyprus by Nato Dictator of Cyprus ..Anastasiades…now tell Cyprus that Turkey and Northern Cyprus ..who have been recognized as legitimate Republics .when the U.S envoy and Anastaciades agreed to share oil revenues with Northern Cyprus.which TNH…the Glory to America Mason propaganda machine.has not reported to the Greeks of America, Greece or Cyprus.that Turkey should not have the rights that Total has in occupying the waters of Cyprus!

    The Brain dead.citizens of Cyprus,.stand Exxon Mobil .who was thrown out of Venezuela for skimming the profits of the people of Venezuela, and now face economic warfare, and Total of France , who tore up a contract in Iran to wage war on her oil fields.are now occupying tenants in their country!

  2. Michael the environmentalist, yes one warlord replaces another…Cyprus, and Now Greece with KPHTH being pawned off….Greece has Sun and Wind it doesn’t need oil. gas, etc….
    Oh Michael Mitso is showing his true colors, wants to change education based on where your from? His wealthy elitist friends and their kids get to study Medicine, Law, etc, but poor rural kids should only be tought farming, labor and trade craft. That will not fly here in the Pelopo, this place trys your patience daily, have to fight everything everyday..
    Like I said before one Malaka Out July 7th, another Malaka in July 8th.

    1. The reality is Pavlos..based on the East Med scam, the Macedonian Culture Theft, the unreported Treason and criminal recognition of Northern Cyprus by Anastasiades and Menendez as a legitimate Republic in despicably agreeing to share oil revenues of Cyprus with NORTHERN CYPRUS which does not even exist in the eyes of the UN World Body, but now provides Nato Turkey with the rights to participate in the oil pollution of Cyprus on behalf of Northern Cyprus, the blatant act of treason by Tsipras, in joining Anastasiades to collect his remaining 30 pieces of Silver to destroy the ocean waters and coastline of Crete with more oil factories banned in America, the subservience of Tsipras to the breaking of international laws to restrict trade with Iran to purchase cheaper oil and gas based on threats by Menendez and Pyatt and not allow them to buy S-400 needed missile system that will make the F-35 fighter ultimately given to Turkey obsolete…all of which the world is rejecting in understanding that America does not spread democracy only hate and wars for control of their countries

      Donald Trump said he will “obliterate” 80 million Iranian citizens because they are guilty of complying with an International agreement which prohibits Iran from building Nuclear warheads.and which the International Atomic Energy commission has verified as of June 26 their continued compliance

      Sane people see the obvious,.Greece, Cyprus and America .now dictatorships!..

  3. Continued…it is now up to the people of Greece and Cyprus to take matters into their own hands.and demonstrate what Greeks really want and stand for, and not allow these traitors and criminal mobsters to prostitute the lands and waters of their countries!

    To this end…their was another empire ..called the Persian Empire ..who demanded the land and water of Sparta..and wound up in a Well! Today that empire is called the US and Nato empire ..who is calling for all the land and water of Greece! Unfortunately, there is no Leonidas…only cowards and traitors like Tsipras, Mistotakis, and Anastasiades!

    If Leonidas was here ..he would begin throwing these creeps into the biggest well ..the Mediteranean Ocean!

    And I beleive he would tell the Spartan and Peloponesse and all Greeks to ..

    First, boycott the elections on July 7th..and send a message, that they have no plans to participate in the election of the Nato governors of Greece Geoffrey Pyatt and Robert Menendez… and continue to legitimize Public corruption by the entire government of Greece!

    Two, no oil and gas licences are to be issued to the Nato oil Barons of France, U.S. Italy, and Turkeyk without the approval of the people, representative and chamber of commerce of the coastal communities of both Crete and Cyprus which is binding under domestic laws and international laws!

    Failure to provide these rights, and information on the threats and risks to the Treason!


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