Tsipras Signs Deal with Exxon Mobil, Total and Hellenic Petroleum to Carry Out Exploratory Drilling οff Crete (Video)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his greeting at the signing ceremony of the Greek State's lease with the joint venture Exxon Mobil - Total - Hellenic Petroleum, June 27, 20019. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

ATHENS – Financially-struggling Greece has signed contracts for offshore gas exploration in large tracts of the Mediterranean, despite warnings from leading environmental groups that the project threatens key marine life habitats.

The deal will allow global energy giants Total and ExxonMobil, together with Greece’s Hellenic Petroleum, to explore two areas covering 40,000 square kilometers (15,000 sq. miles) south and southwest of the island of Crete.

Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature have appealed to Greece’s supreme court to block the project. They say prospecting in deep waters off Crete will threaten endangered whales, dolphins and other marine life, and argue that Greece would do better to invest in renewable energy sources.

Left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hailed Thursday’s signing as a boon to Greece’s economy and promised strict environmental safeguards.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his greeting at the signing ceremony of the Greek State’s lease with the joint venture Exxon Mobil – Total – Hellenic Petroleum, June 27, 20019. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

Today is a historic day because Greece is making a big and decisive step to capitalise on its energy wealth, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his greeting at the signing ceremony.

“Today, Greece is not only a country that is a critical energy hub in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans but is also starting to implement a plan that ultimately aims to turn it into an energy-producing country,” he said and added: “This is the culmination of many years of efforts and planning.”

“This development offers another perspective to Greece’s geopolitical role, but at the same time another development and economic outlook in Greece,” the prime minister underlined.

“Just four years ago the country was on the brink of bankruptcy and now it is a self-sufficient country,” he added.

Χαιρετισμός στην τελετή υπογραφής για εκμετάλλευση υδρογονανθράκων

Σήμερα η Ελλάδα εκτός από χώρα που αποτελεί κρίσιμο ενεργειακό κόμβο στη περιοχή της Ανατολικής Μεσογείου και των Βαλκανίων, ξεκινά την υλοποίηση ενός σχεδίου που έχει στόχο να τη μετατρέψει και σε χώρα παραγωγό ενέργειας.H υπογραφή της σύμβασης με δυο κορυφαίες εταιρείες στο χώρο της Ενέργειας και με τα ΕΛΠΕ, είναι το αποκορύφωμα μιας προσπάθειας και ενός σχεδιασμού πολλών χρόνων. Δίνουν άλλον ορίζοντα και βάρος στο γεωπολιτικό ρόλο της πατρίδας μας και άλλη αναπτυξιακή και οικονομική προοπτική.Ελλάδα και Κύπρος προχωράμε με καλά σχεδιασμένα και συντονισμένα βήματα στην αξιοποίηση των ενεργειακών μας πόρων. Προχωράμε συντονισμένα για να δώσουμε στους λαούς μας, στις γενιές του μέλλοντος, προοπτική, οικονομική ευημερία και ασφάλεια.Το θεσμικό πλαίσιο που διαμορφώσαμε, διασφαλίζει ότι τα οφέλη θα αποδοθούν στις τοπικές κοινωνίες και στο Δημόσιο. Οι ανάδοχοι υποχρεούνται στην καταβολή τιμήματος -ήδη από την υπογραφή της σύμβασης- ενώ κατά τις φάσεις της έρευνας θα καταβάλλεται στρεμματική αποζημίωση. Ανοίγουν οι δυνατότητες ενίσχυσης των τοπικών θέσεων απασχόλησης, λόγω των άμεσων ή έμμεσων θέσεων εργασίας που θα προκύψουν. Στη συνέχεια, στο στάδιο της παραγωγής, τα κέρδη του αναδόχου θα επιβαρύνονται με φόρο 20% υπέρ του Δημοσίου και 5% υπέρ των Περιφερειών.Χαιρετισμός στην τελετή υπογραφής της σύμβασης μίσθωσης του Ελληνικού Δημοσίου με την κοινοπραξία «Exxon Mobil – Total – ΕΛΠΕ» για την παραχώρηση του δικαιώματος έρευνας και εκμετάλλευσης υδρογονανθράκων στη θαλάσσια περιοχή «Δυτικά Κρήτης».

Posted by Alexis Tsipras on Thursday, June 27, 2019

“The economy has positive growth rates for the ninth consecutive quarter while it has secured the lowest borrowing rate from the money markets in its modern history,” Tsipras said and added: “Today’s signature signals that the big investments in our country are continuing. And that this year, we are heading towards a new investment record.”

“The investment signed today for the exploration and exploitation of potential hydrocarbon deposits is a vote of confidence in the potential of Greece and the Greek economy,” the prime minister said, and pointed out that the great interest today has to do with the geopolitical significance of the contract being signed, which he described as “a nationally important investment that begins a great cycle for hydrocarbon exploration and extraction.

“Greece, like Cyprus, is proceeding with well-planned and coordinated steps to the utilisation of our energy resources,” he said, noting that these were not actions carried out ‘for show’ for for communication purposes but actions aiming “to create good prospects, economic prosperity and security for our peoples and future generations.”

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his greeting at the signing ceremony of the Greek State’s lease with the joint venture Exxon Mobil – Total – Hellenic Petroleum, June 27, 20019. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

He also observed that “we always proceed by ensuring that international law is respected, and that our efforts are supported by the companies that have the best technology, as well as excellent knowledge and the know-how and logistical infrastructure to achieve the best possible result.”

“The agreement signed today marks Greece’s exploitation of its own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), in the footsteps of other states in the region,” Tsipras said.

“In cooperation with energy giants, we will look for deposits in the south of Crete, which, if identified, will add Greece to the region’s producer countries. It opens up a new big chapter, with significant potential economic and social benefits. The institutional framework we have set up ensures that these benefits will be accrue to both local communities and the public, both in the exploration phase and in a possible future exploitation phase,” he stated.

(Material from the Associated Press and the Athens Macedonian Agancy was used in this report)

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in his greeting at the signing ceremony of the Greek State’s lease with the joint venture Exxon Mobil – Total – Hellenic Petroleum, June 27, 20019. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)


  1. Go on jstor and study “resource curse” as in: Oil, Corruption and the Resource Curse, Shaxson Intl Aff, Vol. 83, No. 6, pp. 1123-1140

  2. Greece and Cyprus are LITERALLY dead in the water.they are run by U.S and Nato dictators called Tsipras, Anastasiades, Geoffrey Pyatt and Robert Menendez and their ruling parties.to not only turn Greece and Cyprus into Two more Nuclear armed Aircraftt carriers, but the largest oil polluting oil factories of the Mediterranean.OCCUPIED by not only the U.S, British and Turks in Cyprus, but now in Crete to destroy their Pristene waters and coastlines!

    It is not enough to occupy the lands of Cyprus and Greece by the British and Turks , but now the waters of both Greece and Cyprus by the sponsors of all the U. S. military bases of the world the Oil Barons of Exxon Mobil!

    How sick is this.Exxon Mobil is legally banned from building oil factories in the waters of both the East and West coasts and Alaska of the United States.by all the coastal communities and states of America!

    More than 360 municipalities and over 2,200 elected local, state and federal officials opposed offshore oil and gas drilling and seismic air gun blasting, including more than 260 along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. All the Governors along the East and West coasts –

    Anastasides and Tsipras, if you have not gotten approval of the communities of Cyprus , Greece and Crete who depend on the beaches, fishing , tourism, food restaurant and recreational industries for their living, you should be arrested for treason and conspiracy to collude with foreign nations to harm Greeks.

  3. Why should they be arrested..because apparently Tsipras and Anastasiades have concealed the total destruction of the economies and environment of three states in America who suffered from the effect of just one of these ticking bomb oil factories in there waters in the Gulf coast of America..and can be looked up on the internet as the Deep Horizon oil spill disaster! And this was just many ,,,not reported by the Oil Barons!

    Net Net..the entire coast lines of Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.saw there economies lose 29 billion dollars to the effect of a massive oil spill by one rig 49 miles from shore!

    Tsipras and Anastasiades..are the tip of the iceberg..of those running Greece and Cyprus who merely comply with an organized crime family of mobsters..in order to try to keep power to be caretakers of Nato!

    Personally, I as a Greek American ..whose Great Grandfather came from Sparta in 1899…am disgraced and appalled by the people of Greece.and Cyprus….and whose legacy in Greek History joins that of Tsipras and Anastasiades as cowards and traitors to my Great Grandparents, who made me proud of shouting out my Greek name …not changing it…after 120 years!

    How about boycotting the election of July 7th..and sending a message to Geoffrey Pyatt and Robert Menendez…that they will not be elected on July 7…when Greeks vote for the candidates for Governors of Nato Greece!

    Who knows better …who you are voting for…than a made in America of Spartan Blood!

  4. This is what real leaders do in countries who do not answer to Washington like Tsipras and Anastasiades..do with Geoffrey Pyatt and Robert Menendez who asked them to give up the Macedonian Name, stop buying oil from Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, do not buy superior Russian anti ballistic missile system..and place oil poluting oil rigs of Exxon Mobil that are banned on the shores of America in Cypurs and now Crete. as follows… …

    India would not cut off Venezuelan oil imports, or turn away Huawei from participation in its 5G network infrastructure, despite Washington’s request to do so. Neither would it scrap Russia’s S-400 missile defense system, which potentially subjects it to US sanctions. “We will do what is in our national interest,” Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar stated during a media conference with Pompeo.

    And to top it off ..they increased tariffs on American products for raising tariffs on all countries exporting steel to America and the now proven to be clone of Hillary Clinton is upset!

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