US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Adopts “East Med Act”

US Senator Robert Menendez. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

WASHINGTON – The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations voted in favour of the “East Med Act” with an overwhelming majority, opening the way for its submission to the plenary.

The bill was discussed on Tuesday in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, where it was adopted by a large majority, as only Democratic senators Jeff Merkley and Ed Markey did not vote for it.

The bill attempts to reform US geopolitical strategy in the southeastern Mediterranean region by placing Greece-Israel-Cyprus trilateral cooperation of at the centre of Washington’s strategic interest. Among the provisions included is the lifting of the arms embargo on the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the recording of Turkish violations.

Welcoming the strong cross-party support for the bill with enthusiasm, Senator Bob Menendez argued that Israel, Greece and Cyprus are key US partners and that the vote confirms that Washington needs a new strategy that reflects its mutual interests with these countries.


  1. Could there be problems from this, perhaps even a betrayal of Greece as occurred almost a century ago? Maybe.

    Nevertheless, we Greek Americans should wish the best for this effort.

    1. Venizelos called for elections 100 years ago and the Greeks voted in the pro German King which caused the allies to turn their backs on us along with many other factors but nonetheless this is a positive development. Let’s just hope Trump doesn’t fall for Erdogans sweet talking at the upcoming summit or even worse, asking the Americans for an island in exchange for turkey backing off the the S400 purchase and the energy exploration.

    2. Do not forget that Britain also had its marriage connections with Germany.

      Alas, it was, of course, so uppity of Greeks to believe that their government could be cut the same slack, or that in 1916 the right to choose neutrality might be deserved by people other than Belgians, or that in 1920 that the Great Powers had really meant that talk about “safe for democracy.”

    3. Unlike traitors like Anastasiades and Tsipras, real leaders say to degenerates like Geoffrey Pyatt and Robert Menendez who demand, the Macedonian Culture , stop buying oil from Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, do not buy superior Russian anti ballistic missile system..and place oil polluting oil rigs of Exxon Mobil that are banned on the shores of America in Cyprus and now Crete. as follows… …

      “India would not cut off Venezuelan oil imports, or turn away Huawei from participation in its 5G network infrastructure, despite Washington’s request to do so. Neither would it scrap Russia’s S-400 missile defense system, which subjects it to US sanctions. “We will do what is in our national interest,” Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar stated during a media conference with Pompeo.

      That right John…what is in India National Interests..not Robert Menendez interests!

      Please tell me,.how Cyprus and Greece benefit from this East Med scam, which apparently gives the U.S and Israel stockholder rights to control the economic oil operations of Cyprus , because they are inferior managers!

      Then in small print,.they are to report on the activities of o Russia, Turkey and mostly likely China!.
      Does that include the 800,000 Russian tourist!

      And you trust,Menendez who is starving the people of Venezuela, because they threw out Exxon Mobil, and representing Israels interest to obliterate oil producing Iran!

      John, Tell us what Greeks get, not Greek American Masons!

  2. TNH now collaborates with Ahepa Mason Robert Menendez’ to promote another John Bolton, Robert Menendez and Benjamin Netanyahue initiative to take control of another oil producing country of the world BY BOMBING AND INVADING libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and now working on Iran Cyprus and Venezuela!

    The only whether Anastasiades will again, sell out to the New Organized crime families of
    Lucky Luciano and Al Capone alias John Bolton and Robert Menendez , Bugsy Segal,.Alias Benjamin.Netanyahue of the Notorious Jewish Mafia of the 20’s, and Mob bosses of the Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia., all part of Murderer Inc founded in 1930’s by Bugsy Segal and Meyer Lansky! .

    The sponsor of this scam is Pay to Play Senator Menendez,.who exclusively represents the Interests of Bugsy Segal Netanyahue who gunned down 61 unarmed Palestinians, in reenacting the St. Valentine’s Massacre of 1930’s Chicago mobsters.

    “The indicted Menendez admitted taking hundreds of thousands of dollars.he calls gifts and millions of dollars from Jewish lobbies to represent Israeli interests , not Greeks or America!

    The “Pay to Play” Menendez, took hundreds of thousands of dollars of embezzled money from his “Best Friend” a nice Jewish doctor now in prison for stealing 8 million dollars from Medicare!”


  3. Continued Capo Menendez merely resurrects the policies of the “Black Hand” crime families that terrorized legitimate businesses in Chicago and New York in the early 1920’s.

    The policy of the Mobsters in 1920’s to advise legitimate business owners in New York thru a letter with a picture of a “Black Hand” that there were” dangerous people” in their Neighborhood who could harm their businesses and family, but the Black Hand (Bolton } could protect them, if they share profits with them, and pledge allegiance to the Black hand.crime family.

    When a business owner refused their offer.their businesses would be bombed to demonstrate why they needed the “Black Hand” to operate their businesses and be safe!

    It the business owners still refused to pledge allegiance to the Black Hand, he would be bombed until his business was destroyed and he was killed.!

    Now you know how Menendez is serving Israel and U.S take over their oil business.and pledge allegiance to these degenerates to wage war on their enemies…Russia , Turkey, Iran, Syria, libya, Yemen..or who ever gets in their way to control of the economic, political, and military policies of the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world!

    Now you know why Tsipras and Anastasiades have pledged allegiance to these mobsters..and have sold out the Macedonian Culture, allow British bases to launch wars from Cyprus.and now allowing Nato oil Barons to pollute the pristene waters of Cyprus!

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