Archbishop Elpidophoros Appoints Fr. Alexander Karloutsos Vicar General of the Archdiocese

(from left to right) Fr. Alexander Karloutsos, Presvytera Xanthi Karloutsos, H.E. Archbishop Elpidophoros, Fr. Vasileios Drossos Photo John Mindala

NEW YORK – His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America has appointed the Rev. Protopresbyter Alexander Karloutsos to be the Vicar General of the Holy Archdiocese of America. The office of Vicar General is an extraordinary office, one which is used only at the discretion of the Archbishop. The last Vicar General of the Archdiocese served under Archbishop Iakovos of blessed memory.

Speaking of the appointment, His Eminence said:

“Father Alex, as he is known to all, has served our Holy Archdiocese and Ecumenical Patriarchate with distinction for over forty years. His service as Vicar General recognizes his unique abilities and role to advance the mission of the Church. I look forward to his continuing fruitful ministry to our Church.”


  1. WHAT !? !? !?
    Big, Big, VERY Big Mistake!!!

    To pull this title out of a hat after almost over 30 years is ridiculous, insensible, and totally unwarranted!
    A very poor decision, to say the least on behalf of the newly enthroned archbishop, who will regret it going forward in the future.

    To enable him and empower him further is catastrophic!

    Instead of proceeding to “clean house” the archbishop is putting all the dirt under an oriental rug.

    To make such a sudden rash appointment on only the second day on the job, tells me that this was a premeditated situation, with the possibility of the archbishop being manipulated and compromised – if not downright blackmailed into doing so (for whatever unknown /undisclosed) reasons.

    On the contrary, and in all reality, Elpidophoros should have thanked Karloutsos for all his years of service and then asked for his immediate resignation or long over due retirement.

    I have completely lost all belief, trust, and faith in the office of the archbishop, in the persona of Elpidophoros. I question the culture of the GOA, as being nothing more than a den of vipers.

    I am most certain a very large number of the church-going Greek Orthodox Community ( which knows more than the new archbishop) is likewise shocked and disappointed by this most spontaneous and irrational decision and appointment.


  2. In 2016 Protopresbyter Alexander Karloutsos gave a negative assessment of the appeal of the Ukrainian deputies to Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew to grant autocephaly to the “Orthodox Church in Ukraine”:

    “In my opinion, it was bold – too bold – to make this appeal. Their politics should have nothing to do with the recognition of the Church…As you know, the Ecumenical Patriarch recognizes only Patriarch Kirill as a spiritual head of all Russia, which also means Ukraine.”

    Roll Tape! Watch here:

  3. Let’s unbundle this news.

    1. Effectively makes Alex the #2 guy with title of “General”
    2. Consistent with Elpi as exclusive Rep of EP, EP signals Metros—Elpi and Alex speak for me, get in line.
    3. Alex has always been special Rep of EP, never a priest with an altar.
    4. 1 and 2 are now direct reports to EP, EP signals 1 and 2 give you Metros the orders
    5. Metros pushed to secondary role, post Iakovos doctrine of organization now dead
    6. Demonstrates that EP thinks bishops and Metros are worthless (true)
    7. Demonstrates that we will return to Iakovos era model , except Archbishop will be 100% ordered around by EP, not like independent Iakovos.
    8 Signals that Alex has no accountability for St Nicholas mess, not even a duty to report malfeasance, not cover it up.
    9. Metros know they are next to go, one by one
    10. Metros will now revolt, and act like autocephaly was their idea.

    There may be a seam to exploit here.

    1. Sorry, you andI both know these can be explained this way—Chicago was a quick stop of a young priest on the way back to NYC and 25 plus years of being without an altar. Southampton was a summer parish for billionaires and a cover story to keep him close to NYC after many senior priests pointed out that Alex was without the duties of a minister.

  4. I am extremely troubled to see Bill Drossos pictured with AB Elpi. I also noticed that Bill was next to Elpi during his enthronement. My hope and prayer is that Bill is not being considered for a position or as a bishop. Unless Bill has had a conversion, a Pauline experience, he is not fit to serve the church. We must stand up and say NO, just as we should have with Evangelos. I am also concerned with Elpi’s judgement if he is considering Bill for a position.

    The above needs to be quickly inscribed into the stone lintel above the entryway of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese building.
    “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”
    One does not have to cross Acheron; just cross New York’s Fifth Avenue and enter the gates of the Inferno at No.8 East 79th Street.

    That is the door thru so much evil has entered the Church.

    There within is the realm of those who have rejected spiritual values; self-centered opportunists, who have perverted their intellect to fraud and malice in order to appease their self-interests and base appetites.

    Archbishops, Metropolitans, Bishops, Chancellors, Vicars, Priests, Deacons, Archons, and their minions each one within his own personal circle, swarming in a nest of hornets.

    And now to complete the Divine Comedy, they officially have their own Pape Satan, whom they address as their Vicar General.

    1. And I thought that there are only three orders in priesthood:
      Deacon, Priest and Bishop!!!

    2. If there’s a Vicar General, there has to be an Archbishop of Canterbury, you know, the top advisor to the monarch. This isn’t America, it’s Elizabethan England and Alex is Thomas Becket.

    3. One should be very careful about throwing around such a term as “Pape Satan”. By the way, what does Pape mean? Satan’s priest is what moslem Turks call Orthodox priests in Turkey. If you want to align yourself with that sort of blasphemous thinking, well, …….

    4. So 1908, do you understand the sheer anger at these failed, deceitful, megalomaniacal so-called leaders who have ruined the church? Stop playing the teacher and hand spanker and focus on the corruption and wrong doers. We know you’re smart, you lectured us enough. Now just focus and stop running your mouth.

  6. The Archbishop has other priorities, more important things to attend to during his expectedly short sojourn in the US, so why not just hand off his duties to an “old hand” at America.

    Perhaps the Archbishop has never really “left” Turkey if his words are a guide:

    “It is the first time in history that a Turkish citizen is chosen as the archbishop of the United States. This has a significant importance for Turkey because the archbishop of the U.S. is the religious leader of all the Greek foundations in the United States. It means he also has a political impact. Therefore this is great opportunity for Turkey because someone who knows Turkey, who understands Turkey and who speaks Turkish is going to lead the Greek congregation in the U.S., the importance of this, is so obvious,” Lambriniadis told daily Hürriyet (Turkish newspaper) in an interview published on June 14, 2019.

    When asked where he felt he belonged to the most, Lambriniadis said, “Istanbul, of course!”

    “I am moving to the U.S., but I will be visiting Istanbul often, because my heart remains in Istanbul.”

  7. He is the very model of a modern Feral Snickeral
    He’s information vegetable, animal, and mineral
    He know the kings of Besant, and quotes the fights historical
    From Marathon to Miserlu, in order categorical

  8. AXIOS! ⭐️ Excellent choice ⭐️

    It’s only fitting ~ Fr. Alex: a Warrior Extraordinaire…
    He’s Orthodoxy’s General Patton & bravo for him!

  9. Sage -Girl~
    PUH – LEEEZE !!!
    You have no idea whatsoever- unless you’re being facetious.
    If not, a much needed reality check is recommended.

    1. Kanenas – … did you read my Reply to previous article in TNH re: Archbishop Enthronement ?
      Oh Please – do reread while your on that slow boat to Shambala ~
      maybe you’ll have a mystical experience + renounce this delusion !

  10. Bill Drossos is a swishy little k**s – a*s queen.
    Don’t know how he managed to get these all-of-a-sudden photo ops,
    but on the other hand, maybe I do!

  11. Αρχιερατικός Επίτροπος is more accurately translated as Hierarchical Vicar….. it is an administrative position usually in a diocese that lacks a bishop (!?), where this Vicar holds the administrative position equal to the bishop, (over all clergy of such diocese), without being a bishop and having the ability to ordain clergy or consecrate temples etc. The holder is usually a presbyter (priest) in whom the eparchial bishop has TOTAL TRUST. In this case, whenever Elp/os is absent from N.Y., Fr. A.K. acts in his place with exactly the same authority as if Arch. Elp/os was actually there and making such decisions etc. If Fr. A.K. is as corrupt and evil as is alleged by many on this forum, then you U.S.A/ns need to do something (canonically) ASAP…. God help you… If that bearded ‘businessman’ standing next to A/bishop is a priest, then he must be from Turkey or somewhere where clerical clothing is forbidden outside of church environment… or… incognito…

    1. It is clear that those who have previously posted have never experienced actual evil – it can also be assumed that they are unaware of how the devil himself is using them as agents of wickedness…

      The hateful things which are perpetually expressed on forums like this is the only accurate indication of how lost we are as an Archdiocese. Proof positive that when (REAL) persecution isn’t coming from the outside, it will surely manifest within.

      In times like these we must turn inwards, examine the rot inside ourselves, and pray for healing, guidance, and direction…

      Pray for His Eminence Elpidophoros.
      Pray for Father Alex and all those who are tasked with supporting His Eminence.
      Pray for our Church.
      Pray for one another.

      And if you’re sitting there saying to yourself that ‘prayer is useless’, than you have just proven my point…

    2. Great Leper and mystic, what of the missing retirement funds, the children and women harmed by the perverts in the church, the missing and unaccounted for millions at St Nicks, the failure to evangelize, the putting of Hellenism above all ?
      You need to man-up to the truth and insist on cleaning up the corruption instead of blaming the victims. You’re part of the problem and I find your message hypocritical. Be straightforward and man-up.

  12. Dear repanidi ~
    Don’t get all twisted and bent out of shape – no need to.
    Perhaps you should read, Dante Alghieri’s, “Divine Comedy” especially the “Inferno”.
    The context of my writing was so inspired by classic literature and not based on blasphemy.
    BTW – considering the present circumstances of ecclesiastical events, etc. (GOA), the Turks may not be so far off after all.
    Give credit where credit is due.

  13. Dear Ioan~
    Thank you so much – bravo!
    I too have read the Hurriyet Daily News out of Istanbul (not Constantinople), and the Turks are as pleased as punch to have a Turkish Archbishop at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.
    I can’t imagine why!?
    I only wish others would take the time out to read other available sources besides, The National Herald.

  14. ?Thank You ~ to Leper Priest…
    finally a sane voice in the wilderness !

    Rejoice my friend, Prayer indeed… congrats to our dear Fr. Alex — now Vicar General !
    Don’t ya love it –
    the critics sent from the Devil’s cauldron – it’s really getting on their nerves.

    1. The only Devil’s Cauldron is located at 8-10 East 79th St with a satellite summer office in the Hamptons. Which one are you from Vicar Sage-Girl?

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