The Church in America Has a New Leader

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America was enthroned as the seventh Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America on Saturday June 22, at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Manhattan. (Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

Some came to the enthronement of the new Archbishop from afar, from almost all parts of America, and others from nearby. They came mentally tired and anxious from the seemingly endless stagnation in our ecclesial life, and thus reserved about what they would find.

Everyone, however, came with hope.

And to live through a historic moment – to be able to tell their children and their grandchildren: “I was there too.”

They came to witness the passing …

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  1. Really!.and who is that? The emissary of Bart.whose leader is clearly..Geoffrey Pyatt and the state department of the United States!

    Fortunately, the legitimate leader of the Greek Orthodox Church of America remains Jesus Christ!

    Do you think.that 99 % of the Greek Orthodox faithful have a clue as to what the Archdiocese and their New leader do when they go to church to worship and pray to God every Sunday!

    Do you think.that 99% of the faithful even know the name of this Archbishop or his boss in Constantinople in Turkey.. the new leader of the state controlled Ukrainian Orthodox Church ..Bart!..

    The only names known is their…Priest , the Altar boys, the choir leader, and the President of the Church board who greets them and opens the doors every Sunday!

    This Leader, or more accurately described is the caretaker of the Greek Orthodox church responsible in making sure that the boards and clergy of the original churches of Christ .are practicing and consistently teaching the doctrines and principles of how to pray and worship the only leader of us all Christ proscribed in the Greek Orthodox Church! Nothing More , Nothing less!

    Therefore…the theater of glorifying him by self serving Aristocrats, Politicians, and Media elitist…as the messiah to save the Greek Orthodox Church, and reform it to their image and counter to the only responsibility of the leader of the original church of Christ, simply, to maintain the practices of his church!

  2. Elpidophoros spoke openly about where his heart is to Hurriyet Daily News (Turkish newspaper) who published his words on June 14, 2019:

    It is the first time in history that a Turkish citizen is chosen as the archbishop of the United States. This has a significant importance for Turkey because the archbishop of the U.S. is the religious leader of all the Greek foundations in the United States. It means he also has a political impact. Therefore this is great opportunity for Turkey because someone who knows Turkey, who understands Turkey and who speaks Turkish is going to lead the Greekcongregation in the U.S., the importance of this, is so obvious,” Lambriniadis told daily Hürriyet in a recent interview.

    When asked where he felt he belonged to the most, Lambriniadis said, “Istanbul, of course!”

    “I am moving to the U.S., but I will be visiting Istanbul often, because my heart remains in Istanbul.”

    1. The Turk is rather prosperous
      But, also a very clever fool
      He stole the Bride of Bosporus
      And renamed her Istanbul!

    2. Not steal, nor fools. Meyendorf’s hero, Usurper Cantacuzene gave them Galipoli from which even Churchill could not dislodge them: Sons of Conquerors, Hugh Pope, 2005 p210 ‘Cantucazene had hired them as mercenaries in a civil war. He had offered only a season’s right to plunder his Balkan territories in return for their services, but the Ottoman Turks stayed on, telling him it was “not Muslim custom to give up territory conquered from the infidel.” ‘

    3. Actually, Archbishop Iakovos was born a Turkish citizen. I don’t know if became an American citizen and renounced his Turkish citizenship, had dual citizenship, etc.

    4. Loan, I have supported Demetrios against TNH and their following of Glory to America Masons..who wanted to tear down principles of the original church of Christ..not fix the management inadequacies of the Archdiocese..

      Bartholomew and his emissary has joined TNH.. ..

      The Orthodox world is facing a total rearrangement. The balance of powers and the distribution of influence between 14 mutually recognized Local Orthodox Churches is shifting as the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, historically first among equal autocephalous Churches, has completely lost its weight.

      This is happening against the background of an unfolding crisis, which Orthodoxy hasn’t witnessed since the Great Schism of 1054. The threat of a new schism emerged because of Patriarch Bartholomew’s ambitions who claims he is the leader of the Orthodox world. The division affects nearly all of the autocephalous Churches, repartitioning the margins of some Churches and breaking up the unity of the other.

      Becoming a puppet out of greed, interfering in the other Church’s affairs, the “Green” Patriarch Bartholomew put the future of all Orthodox Christianity at stake. Bartholomew and his followers ignore all warnings of caring Orthodox hierarchs, clergy and laity including respected theologians. Having let himself involved in US geopolitical intrigues and pretending to be “caring” for the Ukrainian faithful, the Ecumenical Patriarchate keeps steering the Orthodox world towards a catastrophe.

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