ND Leader Mitsotakis Calls on Citizens to Vote in the Elections

(Photo by ND Press Office/Dimitris Papamitsos via Eurokinissi)

ATHENS – Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis called on citizens on Tuesday to participate in the elections during an interview with 104.6 Thema radio station.

He explained that the strong mandate that New Democracy is seeking to get may be determined by a few votes, as well as the number of parties that finally enter the parliament.

He also urged his party officials not to consider the election outcome a foregone conclusion.

Regarding the cancellation of the party leaders’ televised debate, he said that Tsipras did not want to be in a position where he was held to account by all political leaders.

He reiterated that ND’ programme is realizable and based on data issued by the General Accounting Office. “I will go to Brussels with strong negotiating tools,” he underlined and called on all citizens not to allow far-right parties, such as Golden Dawn and Greek Solution, to get into parliament.

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  1. He still will not be able to form a government.
    All his swing voters died in abortion chambers long ago

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