The Mother of Elpidophoros – and the Importance of Character

(Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

There were many touching moments at the enthronement of Archbishop Elpidophoros at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Manhattan.

The cheerful faces of the Greek-Americans who were invited were notable, as were the emotions painted on the faces of the many friends and acquaintances of the Archbishop who came from Athens.

However, the most touching moment – no other even came close – was when Archbishop Elpidophoros embraced his mother.

It says a lot about his family, about his upbringing, and finally, …

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  1. C’mon don’t tell me I was the only one cringed at the mother-son PDA during the ceremony!

    I didn’t on the videos see whether his Eminence reached up and caught that kiss that his Ma blew (? mwah!) at him as he thanked her during his speech. That would’ve been real cute!

  2. Nadia from Aleppo looks Russo-Armenian to me.

    Palesty siting next to her smiling is ironic given he told the parish Armenians didn’t believe
    in Panagia when he got into a fight with Barsamian.

    1. The hierarchy has failed us, in fact, they have betrayed us, and sinned in ways that condemns their leadership of the Church and the sacredness in which they have cloaked themselves.

      Their leadership in the last 3 decades has been exposed as devoid of the Holy Spirit, of the shepherd’s love and courage, and even of just plain decency.

      They have shamelessly plundered and scandalized the church and the system that supports them needs to be dismantled.

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