Mitsotakis Visits Heraklion, Urges Voters to “Paint Crete Blue”

New Democracy President Kyriakos Mitsotakis speaks in a rally in Heraklion, Crete. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

HERAKLION, Crete – Speaking in the city of Heraklion on Saturday, main opposition New Democracy President Kyriakos Mitsotakis called on the party’s supporters to rally and “paint Crete blue” in the July 7 general elections, electing 10 ND MPs from Crete to the Greek parliament.

“The ballot boxes of May 26 and the great political victory opened the path to July 7. The ballot box is not full, however, it must again be filled with blue election ballots…we cannot be complacent,” he said.

He said ND’s election tickets reflected its desire to broaden and renew the party: “People from other [political] areas have come and are coming to us. Citizens that are with us for the first time because they recognise that we are the only major force with the capability of ensuring a better life for citizens. Our doors are open to all that want to join our political family.”

Mitsotakis said that his aim now was to spread the message contained in ND’s programme for growth, which was unveiled on Friday, to every corner of Greece.

“We have faith in the maturity of Greek society and the message of a major political change is coming in from everywhere…We will be a government for all Greeks the following day. We will work hard and with determination but in order to implement our plan we need a strong mandate,” he said.

While in Heraklion, Mitsotakis also visited a women’s association involved in supporting women victims of domestic abuse, as well as abandoned children and orphans.

At 20:00 on Saturday night he will be at Heraklion’s Venetian harbour for a discussion targeting mainly local young people.