Want to Beat Trump? Stop Acting Like Him

FILE - In this Thursday, June 13, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

I really had high expectations for Amy Klobuchar. When the senator from Minnesota threw her hat into the ring of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, when that ring was a more manageable size of about six or seven candidates, I really thought she was going to stand out from the pack as a legitimate challenger to President Trump. Once you get past trying to pronounce her name (though it’s still easier than Buttigieg), Klobuchar has a unique quality that renders her …

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  1. So, you too are finally tired of Trump’s dramatic, vacuous distractions?
    I like some of his policies, but am exhausted by the bufoonery.

  2. If you are looking for a real human being…

    Tulsi Gabbard..Congesswoman from Hawaii ..Iraq War Veteran, and Arms Services committee that you should

    So Scaros let me provide you with some of the things she will stand against what Ahepa Mason Menendez,Trump ,Diamataris, TNH and the Greek Secret Societies of America collaborate to do!…

    Stand up against bought and paid-for politicians, kowtowing to special interests and selling their votes to the highest bidder.

    Stand up against overreaching intelligence agencies and big tech companies who erode our civil liberties and our freedoms.

    Stand up against those who pollute our land, the air we breathe, the precious fresh water resources we need to live, and our oceans

    Stand up against a President who bows to the wishes of the neocons around him, clamoring for regime change wars in Venezuela and Iran.

    Stand up against those who dishonor our troops, treating them as political pawns, and mercenaries-for-hire in wars around the world.

    Stand against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage and new places for people to die. Wasting trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class. These self-serving politicians are dragging us from one regime change war to the next, exacerbating the New Cold War, and pushing us to the brink of a nuclear war!

    This is not who we are, America…

  3. After taking a look at each of the disaster so called “Socialist Democrats” running for the Presidency, Trump is far and beyond 110% better than any of them. Take a look at States that are completely owned and operated by Socialist Dems…high taxes..high crime, high illegal immigration, high levels of homelessness. excrement and hypodermic needles on the streets…3rd trimester abortion, open borders, over crowding. NO THANKS! Even those who belong to Satanist groups identify more with the Democrats than the Socialists. He may not be the best…but he loves America and is NOT a Socialist…Trump 2020!! Trump 2024, Trump 2028

  4. Lon, I never liked his antics, but I LOVE that he speaks about issues that are important to me, about which the major party establishment duopoly is silent.

    Michael, I won’t comment on Tulsi Gabbard for no other reason than, unfortunately, I am 99.9999% certain that she will not be elected president in 2020. I say unfortunately because I’d take her over most if not all of the other Democratic candidates.

    I’m looking at Trump v. any Democrat with a realistic chance of getting the party’s nomination, and Trump is better than all of them in my book.

  5. Today Constantinos……a letter by the leadership of the Democratic and Republican leadership and signed by 400 democratic and republican representatives including two of them running for President…was sent to Donald Trump

    Once a war about ISIS, the letter urges Trump to “increase pressure on Iran and Russia with respect to their activities in Syria.” The US already treated Syria as something of a proxy war, and the letter suggests they do away with all pretext and just make it into a war against Iran and Russia over Syria.

    . This once again underscores that on matters of war, Democrats and Republicans within leadership positions are almost completely in-line on keeping the wars going.

    Donald Trump has lied twice to the American People that American troops were being withdrawn from Syria, because the Terrorist threat was eliminated.! Yet , he has with the Corrupt Congress committed an act of treason ..in notifying us that the war in Syria ..was never about Terrorism ..but overthrowing the government of Syria…and now telling him to engage Russian and Iranian advisors fighting terrorist fanatics that have killed thousands of Orthodox Christians in Syria!

    In other words, it is more important to them to evoke a Nuclear war with Russia, than defeat ISIS…1

    They also cheer him on in the war crimes economic warfare against Iran, Venezeula, and now the entire world..in order to starve their people to death ..to get them to surrender their leaders!

  6. continued…Hey, Fed UP! You have it right…those damn democratic socialist who created the Totalitarian Government we now have, but just like the media..you cannot bring yourself to say ..the obvious… that these Neo liberal degenerates..also are attempting to do this to the entire world!

    Who do you think has been doing since the end of World War 2.in which their objective, is the same as the Neo con of the Republic Party .to take over the economic , political and military sovereignty of the world !

    Donald Trump only represent the New Billionaires to run the world , not the deep state old degenerates..and that is the only war going on.Washington today! You have the mobsters and fascist on the republican side, having an alliance with the Communist on the Democratic side.each with one goal to wage perpetual wars to take control of the countries of the world …and when they do it …then the real war begins ..to determine if Donald Trump alone will rule the world …or an International Cabal of Communist countries ..like the EU!

    So ..Mr Scaros, as a Trump supporter he has betrayed me and the world!

    Do you really support a maniac that threaten to punish our allies if they do not stop buying oil and gas from Russia, Iran and Venezuela!

    Do you really support Trump.in waging war with Iran ..for complying with an international agreement to stop production of Nuclear warheads…and now attempting to provoke war!
    I will vote..only for Tulsi

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