The Shame of Greece: Bullied Student Suicide, Silence

FILE - Vangelis Giakoumakis' relatives attend the court at Ioannina, northwest Greece, April 8, 2019. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

Greece is full of decent and courageous and kind people who stand up to injustice and intolerance but none, it seems, at the University of Ioannina, a school in a beautiful town on a lake, a community turned ugly by the suicide of Vangelis Giakoumakis, who couldn’t take being bullied by a gang of cowards.

The suspects are charged with repeatedly assaulting Giakoumakis, punching him, spitting on him, and with school authorities looking the other …

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  1. Dear Andy:
    How do bullied students react in the U.S?
    What does the U.S. do for bullied students?

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