Kimisis tis Theotokou Community’s Annual Festival in Brooklyn

Michalis Papamichalakis was in charge of the gyros at the Kimisis tis Theotokou Festival in Brooklyn. Photo: TNH/ Michalis Kakias

BROOKLYN – Kimisis tis Theotokou in Brooklyn held its annual Greek Festival June 14-16. Attendees from the community along with local residents enjoyed traditional food, sweets, loukoumades, and shopped for souvenirs from the open market.

On Friday, the guests enjoyed a Cretan night with musicians Christos Fasarakis, Gregory Manouselakis, Giorgos Kokonas, and Mike Mavroudis. On Saturday, an island night was organized with the musicians Pantelis Gatanas and Giorgos Floradis, while on Sunday the raffle drawing took place.

Presiding priest of the community V. Rev. Archimandrite Damaskinos Ganas told The National Herald that the festival gives the parishioners and the general public the opportunity to get together, to talk, to spend time together, and to have fun.

Among the volunteers at the Kimisis tis Theotokou Festival, left to right, Nikolaos Leonardos, Dimitris Magriplis, and Konstantinos Mallas. Photo: TNH/ Michalis Kakias

He said, “It honors us very much that so many residents of Park Slope and Brooklyn in general attend and are familiar with the Greek cuisine and the Greek Orthodox spirit, which is perpetuated through such festive events. I wish the best to all our parishes for a good summer.”

Parish Council President John Haskopoulos said all the proceeds go towards the needs of the church. He told TNH, “Recently, we bought a neighboring building to expand the school and create space for the youth and the elderly to come and enjoy their day. Our larger project is to build underground parking under the school. We love our parish and do what we can to grow and progress further.”

Festival director Dimitris Magriplis warmly thanked everyone for attending as well as all volunteers and sponsors for their service and contributions. “We prepare intensely for several months all together harmoniously and lovingly, and I am particularly pleased to see the young people helping with so much willingness in all aspects of the festival. With such youth, the future of our community is even brighter.”

At the festival, presiding priest of the Kimisis Theotokou community V. Rev. Damaskinos Ganas and Parish Council President John Haskopoulos. Photo: TNH/ Michalis Kakias

Philoptochos Society President Maria Kalogerou thanked the members of the association for preparing all the sweets at the festival and told TNH, “Our society has 70 members with the main purpose of providing all kinds of help to the poor and sick. We donate to hospitals, children’s institutions, orphanages, homeless shelters, and medication for the sick. We generally help as much as we can.”

Agia Markella Chios Society President Stella Kafkis said that the association was founded in 1936 by Chios immigrants who wanted to help the island financially because of the great economic need that existed at that time. She said, “Since then, our association continues its great charity work here and in Greece.”

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