AHEPA Capital Region Inaugural Golf Outing Sells Out

At the inaugural Eleftheria Capital Region AHEPA Golf Outing, left to right: George Socaris, Jim Googas, Charlie Sarris, and Bill Georges. Photo: Chris Pappis

DELMAR, NY – Troy, NY AHEPA Chapter 306, Schenectady, NY – AHEPA Chapter 125, and Albany, NY AHEPA Chapter 140 jointly held their inaugural Eleftheria Capital Region AHEPA Golf Outing on June 12 at Normanside Country Club in Delmar. More than eight months of planning by the Golf Committee resulted in a rousing success as 130 players on 33 teams competed for the championship trophy on a gorgeous, sun-kissed afternoon. The players enjoyed a fun-filled day of fellowship, great food, wonderful prizes, and challenging golf. The dinner banquet, which featured the raffle drawings of 80 donated gifts, was attended by over 160 people.

The sold-out golf outing raised thousands of dollars for the Capital Region AHEPA Chapter scholarship funds and Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region. The outing received the overwhelming support of the business community of the Capital Region with dozens of sponsorships and donations. Planning is already underway for the 2nd Annual Capital Region AHEPA Golf Outing in 2020.

At the inaugural Eleftheria Capital Region AHEPA Golf Outing, left to right: Arthur Gianakos, Miles Ehrlich, Diana Ostroff, and Larry Treen. Photo: Chris Pappis
Capital Region AHEPA President Bill Seamon congratulates the first place team at the inaugural Eleftheria Capital Region AHEPA Golf Outing. Left to right: Christopher Huban, Thomas Tyrrell, Jr., Bill Seamon, Nick Lyons, and Thomas Suraci. Photo: Tom Suraci


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