Cyprus Opposition Parties Want British Bases Off Island

(AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

With the United Kingdom due to leave the European Union in October, opposition parties on Cyprus said the government should seize the opportunity to force out British military bases operated by the country’s former Colonial ruler.

The issue was debated on the request of the center Democratic Party (DIKO), supported by the socialists and two other smaller opposition parties, including far-right ELAM party, said the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

While pposition parties have a majority of seats in Parliament and agreed that the base should go, they disagreed on the timing with no explanation why they couldn’t force the government to take steps to force it.

When Cyprus was given independence in 1960, the United Kingdom kept two sovereign areas totaling 253 square kilometers (157.203 square miles) or 3 percent of the territory of Cyprus to use as military bases.

One of the bases at Akrotiri, on the south shores of Cyprus, is an important air base providing support to NATO operations in the Mediterranean and as far as Afghanistan. According to military specialists, it is also one of the most important electronic surveillance hubs in the NATO network.

DIKO leader Nicolas Papadopoulos said the so-called Brexit of the UK leaving the EU provided an historic opportunity for the Cypriot government to raise the issue of terminating the presence of British bases in Cyprus, the news report said.

He also said a decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in an application by Mauritius, and a resolution of the UN General Assembly declaring illegal the presence of the Diego Garcia base in the Chagos Islands was an opportunity Cyprus should not miss.

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia is a British Ministry of Defence facility leased to the United States Navy, located on the atoll Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

Andros Kyprianou, leader of the Communist AKEL, the biggest opposition party in the Cypriot Parliament, said the bases violate the country’s sovereign rights but that the Brexit process wasn’t the right time to raise the issue as the United Kingdom said the bases aren’t in the EU.

President Nicos Anastasiades’ ruling DISY party also said the time isn’t right to make the bases get off the island without explaining why as they have been there for 59 years. DISY said if Brexit happens that that Cyprus and the UK need to to agree on arrangements to avoid hardship for Cypriots living within the bases territory and for British expatriates, mostly pensioners, living in Cyprus.


  1. .Nato commander :President Nicos Anastasiades and his ruling DISY party of the Nato aircraft carrier called Cyprus, and now planning to add a massive Gas station of Nato says….” the time isn’t right to make the bases get off the island without explaining why as they have been there for 59 years. DISY said if Brexit happens that that Cyprus and the UK need to to agree on arrangements AVOID HARDHIIPS FOR CYPRIOT GREEKS!



    British Bases in Cyprus…… okay to use bases to commit war crimes bombing of Syria Iraq,
    Libya, Yemen, etc to allegedly protect Civilians….but unwilling to bomb Turks in Northern Cyprus
    to protect Cypriot civilians from ethnic and religious cleansing in violation of Cypriot
    Independence agreement!

    It is the British who declared, not Anastasiades and his corrupt rulling party.., …… that the'” Greek Cypriot citizens are secure” from legitimate reprisals to the British continued bombing and military support of Terrorist rebels in Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen etc by the countries attacked by the British from Cyprus!

    1. Continued.. Colonial Britain and Turkey, never did get the message back in 1960 to get out of Cyprus, and in complying with 3 U.N. resolutions which demanded all “foreign forces” be removed from Cyprus!

      Anastasiades insults the Greek Cypriot families who died to gains independence from the tyrannical rule of the British, and to the families of Northern Cyprus who lost their lives defending their new found independence! !

      It also speaks to the complicity of the ruling party of Cyprus in not demanding their removal, particularly, since, it now makes them appears, that they have been undeclared members of Nato.since, they have not made Nato accountable for

      1, Occupation of Northern Cyprus by fellow member Turkey! While Nato has imposed economic, political , and military war on Russia for annexing Crimea they did nothing in support of the 3 U.N resolutions to remove “ALL FOREIGN TROOPS” from Cyprus ,which would include Turkey and Britain.

      2.These degenerates from Britain have been the same champions of getting Turkey into the EU, despite EU opposition because of Turkey’s occupation in Northern Cyprus.

      3.These British war mongers. who failed to live up to the Agreement as guarantor of Cyprus’s Independence, by allowing innocent Greek Cypriot families murdered in the streets of Northern Cyprus!

      Today, the Russian Federation has warned England.that further attacks which threaten or harm their troops in Syria or anywhere else…

  2. continued…

    Today, in light of the fact, that the Russian Federation has warned England….that further attacks which threaten or harm their troops in Syria will be subject Cyprus to massive destruction.and the bases in Cyprus would be prime targets…

    Keep in mind, the Russian Federation has 15 Naval Frigates armed to the teeth with nuclear tipped missiles sitting in the oceans between Cyprus and Syria!

    No legitimate government would allow a foreign government to impose war on their people, and destroy their security and peace, unless they really are not the legitimate government of Cyprus!

    Close the Bases now!

  3. Basing rights should only be given to a power that will protect the Republic of Cyprus. It was clear that no such protection was given by Great Britain in 1974 when Turkey invaded and took the northern one-third of Cyprus, nor have the British since used the bases for any subsequent actions to roll back the Turkish holdings there.

    Now a disgraceful 70 years of the British and the US coddling the Turks seem to be finally leading to a change, as some (in US leadership at least) are starting to issue warnings to the Turks. It will be interesting to see what role, if any, those bases will play as these things unfold.

    1. John, you support the obvious,.however, the removal of British Bases MAY ACTUALLY HELP TO THE REUNIFICATION OF CYPRUS!!

      First, the Turks are now isolated as the only remaining military force occupying Cyprus in violation of UN resolutions which demand “ALL MILITARY FORCES” OUT OF CYPRUS”!

      Therefore, I am sure the Turks resented the fact that Britain were occupying Cyprus, and was a reason they would not leave Cyprus to U.S and Britain!

      On the other Hand , if the British cannot be removed, then stop lying to the people of Cyprus …and expect Turkey to be removed!

      Next step for the people of Cyprus .is to allow themselves to be governed by colonialist again called Nato or be governed by Greece! Referendum should be offered to the people of Cyprus .like the ethnic Russians in vote to become part of Greece.and a country who will respect the interest of Greeks and their culture…not suppress it! .

      John,, America is an organized crime family..who is simply having a feud with Turkey
      s God father … letting Russia get a cut of the arms sales, and in threatening to cut in on the monopoly of U.S oil industry which only leads to perpetual wars we are again seeing in Iran!

      Finally, NO FOREIGN BASES SHOULD BE IN ANY COUNTRY,, and with the alleged end of an arms embargo against Cyprus, the former British bases represent all the Cypriots need to store and operate their new found military sovereignty and jobs !

  4. Yes the British must leave, take their toys and go home, not that the land is lot of space, but the principal of being sovereign is no others on your territory, the Turkish army as well has to go….That Greece never manned a base of their own is incredible..yes the fear of Turkey Annexing The North, like they already haven’t? Greece should have in 1974 , Landed with troops and laid claim, then attacked the north… the Junta, that did nothing, their goose stepping Bullshit, They All should have been executed, they don’t deserve to even be buried on greek soil, their families and all decedent’s should be banished from ellas forever….

  5. Not mentioned is that Spain is also demanding the British colonialist surrender the sovereignty of Gibraltor to Spain, like Cyprus! . And not only because of the recent ruling by the International courts for Britain to return illegally obtained territories to countries like Cyprus, but to protect EU citizens rights in the British bases under now their English laws!

    Spain REVEALS the fact that these British bases have been used in tax evasion and policies and has been USES as tax haven!.. Additionally, these British possession promote smuggling of goods by maintaining lower than EU Cyprus pricing!

    Greek Cypriot who work at these bases.are under British laws when they cross the borders into the bases of the British,and consequently,.the Spanish have closed these borders to Spanish workers from a form of pressure to remove the British! SOMETHING EVEN THE CYPRIOT GOVERNMENT CAN DO LEGALLY!.

    As for the Cypriot workers losing their jobs if they close the British bases, they will merely represent an experienced labor force prepared to operate and maintain FOR the new owners of those bases.THE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS AIR FORCE AND NAVY AND OUTFITTED WITH THE MOST ADVANCED FIGHTERS AND ANTI BALLISTIC MISSILE SYSTEMS IN THE WORLD .FROM EITHER THE U.S OR RUSSIA.! And for starters ,the S-400 anti ballistic missile system, like Turkey!

    This will piss off Nato U.S and Turkey.who know those U.S F-35’s fighters they can use against Cyprus, are toast!, .

  6. continued…“We have been clear that purchasing the S-400 would create an unacceptable risk because its radar system could provide the Russian military sensitive information on the F-35. Those concerns cannot be mitigated. The S-400 is a system built in Russia to try to shoot down aircraft like the F-35. U.S military Industrial complex.

    But these concerns are nothing when compared to the most serious threat that the S-400 poses to the US arms industry, namely, their ability to collect data on US stealth systems.
    Theoretically, the last advantage that the US maintains over her opponents is in stealth technology and the S-400 would breech that and make the sale of the F-35’s obsolete.

    It turns out that the S-400 is a weapon system with multiple purposes that is even more lethal than previously imagined. It would therefore not be surprising that, were S-400s to be found in Cuba and Venezuela, Washington’s bellicose rhetoric against these two countries would come to an abrupt halt.
    As would Turkey’s against Cyprus… since inevitably the Turks will get their F-35’s from the U.S military and therefore, will make Anastasiades a traitor to Cyprus in not putting the only defensive system in the world to make toast of Turkeys F-35’s.

    However, while Cyprus is not part of Nato, the U.S will threaten them like they have done Turkey and all the countries of the world with economic blackmail to buy U.S equipment!

    Of course , they reject these threats!

  7. Yep, use a big saw to cut them right off. Better yet, use one of Putin’s nuclear canal-drilling torpedoes.

  8. Dictator .Anastasiades should be impeached in allowing British bases for war crimes bombings…

    “We do not want our territory to be a staging post for any hostile action against any of our neighbors, including Iran,” Iraq’s President Barham Salih told CNN, noting that there is no agreement between Baghdad and Washington that could make Donald Trump think he can use it as such.

    The U.S continues to occupy Iraq, despite their government requesting they leave..however , unlike the Traitor Anastasiades and Captain of the Nato Aircraft Carrier called Cyprus …the country of Iraq, makes it very clear that they protect not only their sovereignty to wage war ..but to protect there people from hostile retaliation from its neighbors!

    Unlike,,,jAnastasiades who should be replaced like Tsipras as soon as possible…before he entirely destroys the people of Cyprus…and there way of life!

    Today , Anastasiades.turns over control of of the waters of Cyprus to accomodate the Oil Barons of Nato transform the pristene waters and coastline of Cyprus into an entire oil field of poluting oil sludge that can threaten the coastal economy of Cyprus ..and where Exxon Mobil has been banned from ever building these oil rig time bombs on the East and West Coast of America!

    Anastasiades has now allowed foreign countries like Britain and Turkey to occupy the lands of Cyprus he allows the British , Turkey, US , France , and Italy to occupy the waters of Cyprus!.

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