A Different Kind of Statement by the U.S. Ambassador to Greece 

FILE - ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis meets in Athens with US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt, Friday, Jan. 25, 2018. (Photo by ND Press Office Dimitris Papamitsos via Eurokinissi)

The change of course indicated by the visit of the U.S. Ambassador to Greece to the leader of the main opposition New Democracy party last Thursday after Prime Minister Tsipras’ election crashes, was completed with a statement yesterday in Washington, D.C. This statement was equivalent to a vote of confidence in Mr. Mitsotakis’ policy towards the U.S., its allies and the investment community.

In particular, the Ambassador said:
“I have absolute confidence in the positive …

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  1. The last time Pyatt met with an opposition leader to their government …was when he was the US ambassador to the Ukraine who coordinated and funded the overthrow of the elected leader of the Ukraine two weeks before he was forced from office…and replaced by Mr. Pyatts choice for the President of the Ukraine…Victor Porshenko ..who would incite the separation of the Eastern Ukraine and Crimia by the ethnic Russian population of those areas… who did not like the idea that a bunch of deviates from America..removed their elected leader and replaced him with an acknowledged corrupt Neo Nazi Oligark!

    His resume in regime change and destruction of countries.include with state department war criminal Victoria Nuland , the overthrow of the libyan government, and the silent coup of the Country of Cyprus…who is an undeclared member of Nato …and simply another Greek state ruled by the U.S !

    I am sure,.Mr. Pyatt…will be assigned after July 7th .in Greece…to probably Poland , Northern Macedonia , Serbia, or where ever he need to polish up the take over of another sovereign state of the world !

    Tsipra, , Mistotakis and the ruling political parties of Greece are all vetted out by Pyatt.to maintain the rule of the U.S and Nato.,and control of economic, political, and military policies!

    Therefore, I recommend that all Greeks.boycott the elections on July 7th,.and tell TNH…we will not be part of electing Geoffrey Pyatt ..the leader of Greece.

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