Andreas Dracopoulos Opens the International News Conference in Athens (Video)

(Photo by TNH staff)

ATHENS – More than 700 journalists from 80 countries will be in Athens during the next few days.

No, not to cover a story, but to attend discussions, workshops and speeches on the challenges faced by journalism.

The GEN SUMMIT, “The VVV challenge: Voice, Visual Journalism and Verification,” which will take place between June 13-15 at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) with support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, kicked off with opening remarks by SNF Co-President Andreas Dracopoulos.

Regardless of the challenges that journalism and the media face today and will encounter in the years to come, there will likewise always be a real need for independent journalism, excellent reporting, and ethical media. Of course, even with this enduring need, good results will not come automatically. Meeting challenges in the field will require keeping sight of big abstract values while working hard to carefully attend to a million little details. But what is editing if not just that?

The list of speakers includes important figures from the fields of journalism and media, including among others editor-in-chief of The Guardian Katharine Viner, founder of Google News Krishna Bharat, and editor-in-chief of Bloomberg John Micklethwait.
SNF supports stellar independent and ethical journalism through collaborations with a wide range of partners, including the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Furthermore, iMEdD, the incubator for Media Education and Development, was established recently in Athens, with the exclusive support of SNF, with the aim of promoting transparency, independence and excellence in journalism. Athens Photo World, a major photojournalism event, honoring the rich professional and personal legacy of Pulitzer Prize-winning Greek photojournalist Yannis Behrakis, will also take place in early June at the SNFCC.

Read Dracopoulos’ full speech:

Source: SNF