Irresponsible Actions Against the Turks

A damaged car belonging to a Turkish national is parked by a block of flats in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, Greece on Monday, June 10, 2019. (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos)

Some so-called “super-patriots” – unless they were agents provocateur (history is filled with those, as with the infamous bombing of Ataturk’s house in Thessaloniki in 1955 that was later proven to have been done by Turkish agents) – burned two cars of Turkish citizens living in Thessaloniki Monday morning. One of them belonged to a Turkish diplomat.

People would have to be completely idiotic or must have gotten paid to do something like that. There …

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  1. Maybe they did it to themselves again so they can start problems. We all know they have a history of this.

    1. Yes Niko.they do have a history of doing this, and U.S , Israeli , British, murderous C.i,A and Mossad to fabricate and fool us in supporting war crimes wars!

      Some of the bigger the Gulf of Tonkin act of treason.which alleged North Vietnam naval warships approached and attacked U.S warships.which never happened ..but was used to begin the massive bombing in North Vietnam and Cambodia! Millions dead!

      How about the bomb that went a Sarajevo market.which nobody had any idea who set it off ..but where the first use of …the pretext narrative line…”it was most likely the government of Yugoslavia” and the bombs starting raining on the people of Yugoslavia..and the Nato dis membership fo that country!

      How about Donald Trump .. tweeting a war crimes bombng of Syria ..based on Mossad activated bomb going off in Douma , Syria.alleging a chemical attack by Russia and Syria , which was again described by this Gesgapo regime …as “Most likely Assad” with absolutely no evidence and now exposed as a hoax!

      Today, after ordering US naval warships to threaten Iran..for complying with an International agreement to remove any development of Nuclear weapons which has been certified by the Atomic Energy commission to be complied with by Iran…another oil tanker has been allegedly struck with an explosion.and which again the degenerate sadist scream …”Most likely Iran”.

      Only Narcissist can support this.and as Tulsi Gabbard say…this is not Amrerica

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