Turkish Fighter Jets Tear Through Greek Skies 99 Times

(Photo by Eurokinissi, file)

Backing up his bellicose rhetoric, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued thumbing his nose at NATO, having fighter jets invade Greek skies 99 times in a likely response to a Hellenic Naval exercise in the Aegean, with tensions ramping up.

The defense alliance to which both countries belong has said nothing about constant Turkish violations of Greek airspace and waters by fighters and warships with worries there could be a conflict, accidental or otherwise.

Forty-six of the violations on June 11 were conducted by fighter jets and the other 53 by CN-235 surveillance aircraft, with GEETHA officials adding that a pair of Turkish F-16s conducted overflights over Kinaros in the eastern Aegean, reported Kathimerini.

Later in the day another two F-16s flew over the eastern Aegean islets of Farmakonisi, Arkoi and Lipsoi. All the Turkish violations took place at high altitudes – between 22,000 and 27,000 feet – but they were over inhabited areas, which, authorities say, has become increasingly more common.

Turkish jets are intercepted by Greek fighter pilots who often engage them in mock dogfights but Erdogan purged his military and air force after a failed 2016 coup attempt against him, putting pilots with less experience in the skies.

Turkey wants to buy more advanced US F-35 fighter jets that would give its pilots an advantage against Greek counterparts but the purchase is on hold because Erdogan is also insisting on buying a Russian S-400 missile defense system that could compromise NATO, even though it’s a member.

Speaking to the US Congress on June 10,, Vice Admiral Mathias Winter, the head of the Pentagon’s F-35 office, said that the “future potential foreign military sales customers include Singapore, Greece, Romania, Spain and Poland.”

But the paper said that doesn’t necessarily mean that Greece will get F-35s as the country has been pursuing upgrades to its aging F-16 fleet and is only now slowly recovering from a nine-year economic crisis that has left little for new aircraft or weapons purchases.

Even if Greece were to proceed with a bid to purchase F-35s, it would concern 15 to 20 jets and this would take place over a period of 10 years, the report also added.


  1. It makes me wonder if Erdogan is hoping that one or two of the Turkish planes might be shot down; this would give him an excuse to launch a war against Greece (maybe Cyprus also), with Turkey proclaiming that Greece shot first.

    So…as tempting as it might be to see one of those Turkish interlopers shot down, it will be better for Greece to just document and protest those flights.

  2. Really, John! Maybe you can explain to the readers ..why Greece deploys valuable air force assets to patrol and protect the airspace and waters of another Nato takeover ..Montenegro, and will probably be doing the same when the New home of Alexander the Great..North Macedonia hands over her sovereignty to U.S and Nato!

    Explain to the readers, in light of the proclaimed imminent threat of war as proclaimed by the U.S media and TNH, why the bravest and greatest fighting force in world history ..as documented to this day by military historians, is deployed in Afghanistan with U.S and Nato forces and waging war for 20 years , and guess what John!… are now subject to War crimes and crimes against humanity charges for their actions in Afghanistan by the International Criminal Court at the Hague, and who Ahepa Mason Menendez and Pompeo threaten to punish the judges if they proceed with those charges!

    However, based on these facts..you are right, John, ignore these violations of Greek Airspace and water, and take notes!

    Silly me ..because it is clear, I do not appreciate the benevolence of Nato to have Turkey now patrol the airspace and waters of Greece, like Nato Greece does for Montenegro, and will do for Northern Macedonia!

    John, we should embrace the patrolling of U.S Nato airspace and waters by Turkey and once called Greece, just like the people of Montenegro do, .when Nato Greece patrols their airspace!

    Cyprus and Greece,..ungrateful to Nato.

    1. To our unqualified America-hater:

      Concerning the Afghanistan deployment, the Greek numbers there in 2011 were only 162 and, according to forces.net, only six Greeks were still there in 2018. Those serving there have gotten good training. None have been killed; two were wounded. I am not aware of any human rights charges against them.

      Over a thousand Turks have served in Afghanistan and over a dozen have been killed there.

      I suppose you want the Greeks in the Aegean to open fire on the Turkish planes there now. A wiser approach will be to let Turks take the blame for that escalation move.

      As for any patrolling over Montenegro or North Macedonia, well, that provides the twin advantages of training and keeps some jets removed from the Aegean as a kind of reserve in the event of a shooting war with the Turks.

  3. To our unqualified hater of America who supports Robert Mendendez and TNH..to betray our country and its principles and what the next President of the United States says “This is not America”!”

    Anybody, who supports what is happening around the world by America ..is nothing less than a Narcissist and white supremacist racist,and all the evidence readers need are provided by John Sakelaris in responding to the fact Nato Greece..is currently violating every day the airspace of a Nato country called Montenegro, while complaining about Nato Turkey violating Nato Greece airspace!

    John response , reflects the beliefs of Greek Secret Society aristocrats who consider everyone so inferior and ignorant that we can be fooled by self proclaimed American and Greek patriots who have turned the world into a cesspool of hate in his response as….

    “As for any patrolling over Montenegro or North Macedonia, well, that provides the twin advantages of training and keeps some jets removed from the Aegean as a kind of reserve in the event of a shooting war with the Turks”

    Really John terrific…Greek pilots need more training and are you suggesting the Montenegro Air force is responding to the Greek air force violating their airspace.to train Greek pilots? And almost 100 intrusions by the Turks ..is not enough opportunity to train Greeks!

    Silly me and the readers, you are not a Mason..but the commander and chief of the Greek air force impotence to defend Greece!

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