Greek School of Plato Graduation Celebration in Brooklyn

The Greek School of Plato Class of 2019, introduced by 9th grade teacher Vasilis Voultsos. Photo: Eleni Sakellis

BROOKLYN, NY – The Greek School of Plato held its annual graduation celebration on June 9 at the Dyker Beach Golf Course in Brooklyn. Family and friends gathered to congratulate the Class of 2019 and wish them all the best for the future.

Vasilis Voultsos, the 9th grade teacher, gave the welcoming remarks and introduced his students, this year’s graduates: Yiorgos Alexandrou, Faith Andrinopoulos, Katherine Aretakis, Mary Danias, Nikolaos Geroulanos, Theodoros Mendez, Sotiria Sartzetakis, Paraskevi Sideris, Gabriella Sofos, and Kyriaki Zisimopoulos.

Voultsos thanked the members of the Board and the PTO for their support and their efforts to make the school a better place for all. He gave special thanks to Mrs. Leoni Garbis, Mrs. Maria Abazi-Doukas, Mr. Kostas Zografos, and Mrs. Tsaroucha, and called for a warm round of applause for all his colleagues at the school who generously dedicate themselves to teaching the Greek language and culture to children.

He also thanked the parents of the 9th grade students for their trust and their help, noting that “all that those who are here today are connected by their love for Greece, the Greek community of the country in which we live, and the Greek language. To children and their parents, I have to say that graduation from Plato does not mean the end of their attempt to learn and speak Greek, but only the beginning. My last wish is that you love Greek as much as you can.

The Greek School of Plato Graduation Celebration featured Greek dancing led by the Class of 2019. Photo: Eleni Sakellis

“Congratulations on your graduation! I wish all of you a good summer and enjoy today’s celebration!”

The event continued with Greek music and dancing, the students led the dance, followed by their teachers and parents and then everyone was invited to join in. A slideshow was also screened during the event with photos from the students’ earliest days at the school, participating in various events, performances and the Greek Independence Parade each year up to the present.

Each of the students read a short speech in Greek, and a bit of English here and there, expressing their thoughts on graduation, congratulating their fellow graduates, and also thanking their parents and teachers for all their support and encouragement throughout their time at Greek school.

The Class of 2019 posed with the cake at the graduation party. Photo by Eleni Sakellis
Class photos and plaques for each of the graduates were displayed for all to see at the Greek School of Plato celebration. Photo: Eleni Sakellis
The cake at the Greek School of Plato graduation party. Photo: Eleni Sakellis