Turkey Says it Will Protect Turkish Cypriots’ Rights to Gas

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Presidential Press Service via AP, Pool, FILE)

ANKARA (AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his country is determined to protect Turkish Cypriots’ rights to gas deposits in the eastern Mediterranean.

Erdogan spoke Friday days after Cyprus renegotiated a contract with a consortium made up of Shell, Texas-Based Noble Energy and Israel’s Delek that paves the way for the exploitation of an offshore field that is estimated to hold 4.1 trillion cubic feet of gas.

Turkey says such agreements breach the rights of breakaway Turkish Cypriots to potential hydrocarbon deposits and is conducting its own exploratory drilling around the island.

Erdogan said: “Our kinsmen in northern Cyprus have rights according to international law in the same way that (Greek Cypriots) have rights. We will not allow these rights to be usurped by those who have no business (there).”

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  1. Really, from one of the mobsters of the Organized Crime family called Nato!

    So you want to protect the rights of the Unrecognized republic of Northern Cyprus by the World body of the U.N, .but now recognized by the United States , Turkey, and Anastasiades…when they agreed to share revenues from the oil facilities in the waters of the legitimate Greek Cypriot country of Cyprus!

    So Edrogan ..if you wish to protect the rights of the citizens of Cyprus…could you intervene and ask the people of Cyprus if they are aware of the threats and consequences of putting oil factories in the middle of the most pristene waters of the world which can threaten the entire coastal communities of the Jewel of the Mediterranean ….the Island country of Cyprus!

    Importantly, if I recall did you not ..defend the rights of the people of Cyprus …in invading them!

    So..have you provided the people of Cyprus the right to ban your oil factories from polluting and destroying their way of life and economy?

    Just think…Edrogan..you can demonstrate to the world …that only you ..not the Nato dictator of Cyprus , Anastasiades and America …is fulfilling his obligation as guarantor of Cyprus to protect the sovereignty of the people of Cyprus..just by getting approval of the people?

    Just think ..if the people of Cyprus ..do what Americans on the East and West coasts of America do…which is ban these oil threats to their communities, then Cyprus and you will be left alone!

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