EU Says Cyprus, Greece Have the Highest Numbers of Clean Swimming Waters

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Lydia Siori)

BRUSSELS (AP) — With weather temperatures starting to climb, the European Commission says that 85 percent of Europe’s bathing sites have excellent water quality.

The commission said Thursday that the islands of Cyprus and Malta, as well as Greece and Austria, have the highest numbers of clean swimming spots.

The commission says a report it compiled with the European Environmental Agency found that more than 95 percent of the 21,381 swimming places in the 28 EU countries plus Albania and Switzerland meet at least the minimum cleanliness standard.

A total of 301 bathing areas have poor water quality.

France, Italy and Spain had most poor quality sites, although standards are improving in France from last year.

Sites are graded on the levels of fecal bacteria in the water.

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  1. No kidding…but the associated press did not mention that in the very near future ..the treasure of the Mediterranean ..Cyprus ..could look like the Texas and Louisiana coast and waters after catastrophic oil spills from off shore Oil rigs spills and toxic pollution where the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster leaked millions of barrels of oil in 2010. The cost to the waters of Louisiana were 29 billion dollars!

    While TNH continues to highlight the invasion by Nato countries U.S, France, Turkey and British warships with their Oil Barons of Cypriot territorial waters , and internationally acclaimed “Jewel of the Mediterranean” and brokered by Nato dictator Anastasiades to replace these waters with massive deep sea oil producing rigs and platforms to be transported by an Armada of super tankers, I have not read one word from TNH…about the consequences of this rush for” Black Gold” to the Greek Cypriot communities of an Island country whose livings are dependent on Tourism, fishing, boating. recreation, marine life, cultural beach and coastline, restaurant and hotel industries, fresh and untainted sea food .which is a hallmark of all Greek Islands in the Mediterranean that will polute the waters and beaches of Cyprus!

    Off shore oil rigs and exploration are currently banned from both the East coast and Pacific coast communities of America due to the damage residual oil spills can do!

    Anastasiades ..Have you received approval of the people?

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