Cyprus: US Sees Regional Partnership Important to Security

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer, left, meets with Cyprus' president Nicos Anastasiades at the presidential palace in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Thursday, June 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Philippos Christou)

NICOSIA (AP) — Cyprus’ government spokesman says a partnership between Greece, Cyprus and Israel in which the U.S. is participating is seen by Washington as contributing to security and stability in the eastern Mediterranean.

The three countries have forged an energy-based partnership that has steadily grown following the discovery of gas deposits in the east Mediterrenean.

Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou says the U.S. expects Turkey to refrain from illegal actions in waters where Cyprus has exclusive economic rights.

Prodromou was speaking Thursday after talks between the Cypriot president and U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer.

Cyprus condemns the presence of a Turkish drillship in its exclusive economic zone as a violation of its sovereignty. Turkey, which doesn’t recognize Cyprus as a state, says the drillship is inside its own continental shelf.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer arrives at the presidential palace for a meeting with Cyprus’ president Nicos Anastasiades in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Thursday, June 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Philippos Christou)


  1. The US has not always behaved well concerning Cyprus. Will this change? We must hope so, since no other powerful nation is proclaiming a willingness to be any kind of shield for Cyprus.

  2. .. The U.S has never behaved well concerning not only Cyprus …but libya, Syria, Iraq, Afganistan, Iran , Venezuela, Russia, Honduras et.and anybody who does not surrender their economic and political sovereignty…and their oil and gas resources!

    This fraudulent security not for the people of Cyprus ..but for the security of the installed Nato dictator of the EU. Cyprus Anastasiades, who joins Tsipras in the Protection racket of the
    organized crime family of the U.S and Nato who will protect them when the people realize ..the depth of their treason to those Greek Cypriot who died in Northern Cyprus in 1974 and now to the common citizen of Cyprus!

    As in all the oil producing countries..Anastasiades a coward could not say no this” Black Hand” mafia family who replicates their legendary policies of taking over legitimate businesses in 1930’s Chicago and New follows…

    The Black hand mob in Chicago.would send a letter to legitimate business owners advising them that their were dangerous people in the neigborhood who threaten to harm them and their businesses, but “they” the mob could protect them..if they agreed to pay the mob tribute and pledge allegiance to the mob!

    If the owner of the business said no …he and his business would be order to demonstrate why he needed to be put under their protection! If the owner still refused..he would be bombed again!

    That is what happened to Iraq, libya ,Syria.etc etc.

    1. But I note that you could not dispute my observation that no other powerful nation is proclaiming a willingness to be any kind of shield for Cyprus. Specifically, Russia is offering them nothing and is offering the Turks plenty.

      That being the case, in a rough neighborhood, it is better for Cyprus to accept the friendship being offered, rather than to have complete isolation.

  3. John,.am I missing something…does not the Empire of England maintain allegedly military bases in Cyprus ..that they have launched war crimes bombing against oil producing foreign countries of the Middle East, and..are they not constitutionally Gaurantor of the sovereignty of Cyprus? Is not the country of Greece,the other Guarantor of the country of Cyprus?

    But wait,Nato France has also signed a cooperation agreement with Anastasiades to provide ports and station for their battle ships. to protect their oil interests!

    John, praise the lord, first the land of Cyprus were occupied by Nato members Turkey and British…and now the waters will be occupied by most of the Nato navy with their oil polluting rigs to protect their largest Gas station outside of Kuwait, which makes money for Exxon Mobil!

    Is your favorite mobster , also going to protect the interest of the people of Cyprus and the most pristine beaches, waters, hotels, restaurants, sea and marine life and ocean front properties ..when your favorite Oil baron Exxon Mobil starts leaking a thousand of gallons of oil each day into the waters of Cyprus , or when an accident destroy Cyprus entire livelihood!

    John, their are gulf states in America called Louisiana and Texas.whose coastlines were completely decimated by one oil rig 49 miles from their coast..which destroyed the fishing industry, tourist industry, hotel industry, restaurant industry, shrimp industry .to the tune of 29 billion dollars!

  4. Yes didn’t care about kypro yesterday, but today oil, gas reserves now lets be friends, with an arms embargo still in place, British Bases still occupying, etc. And of course Turkey still occupying yet they are a part of NATO, yet are occupying an E.U. country without much challenge.

  5. Continued.,Off shore oil rigs and exploration are currently banned from both the East coast and Pacific coast communities of America due to the damage residual oil spills can do to their statres!

    While Anastasiades..the new installed dictator of the undeclared Nato country of Cyprus is selling out the people of Cyprus by cooperating with the U.S government ..The PEOPLE OF AMERICA DO NOT COOPERATE WITH THE FRIENDS OF ANASTASIADES AND TSIPRAS.BY SAYING NO!…AND YOU WILL NOT OCCUPY OUR WATERS, OR PORTS OR BEACHES WITH OFF SHORE OIL PRODUCTION FACILITIES THAT THREATEN OUR COASTAL LIVES!

    So John ..have you or TNH..asked the question the people of Cyprus and there coastal communities approve and support this threat from the U.S and Nato oil companies? Or did that ever cross your mind …or any other Aristocrat what the people of Cyprus want! Of course not,.like the U.S military always says..when they harm the citizens of foreign countries…sorry , but that;s “Collateral Damage”

    Really John..the cooperation security agreement includes spying on Russian activities and restraining any Russia influence in Cyprus. Are you serious…Russia offers to defend Cyprus from oil intruders, and U.S fascist get what they wish a war with Russia!

    But John, just think Russia does occupy Cyprus already to the tune of almost 1 million Russia Tourist out of 2.5 million tourist every year, compared to U.S , Israel, France , combined of about 120,000 with almost zero U.S!

    1. So after I explain that Free Cyprus has a shortage of powerful friends, you shift your complaints to the allegation that energy development off the coast of Cyprus would be polluting and (gasp!) some corporations might make some money in the process. Well, Free Cyprus is a democracy, so what evidence do you have of people in Free Cyprus opposing the energy plans? Are you against Free Cyprus governing itself?

      You also made a strange statement that “Russia offers to defend Cyprus from oil intruders.” I am unsure of just what you mean by that. If Russia is making any relevant commitment in the area (other than a commitment to make Turkey better armed), please provide documentation.

  6. Theres an update of a Map given to Turkey personally by the U.S. showing all the gas, oil reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean, showing what country has what, with a strange pipeline going from the Cyprus EEZ Aphrodite Fields through Cyprus and onto Turkey….the master plan, play the game and you (Turkey) will be rewarded…Never trust anyone when it comes to money, politics, dominance and power..It’s all a plan Turkey sends drilling ships and naval craft, there might be an accident between Greece + Turkey? Ok if you back off you get to steal resources with your own pipeline…all smoke and mirrors, false fear, false war, to scare and cause capitulation….Free Cyprus? Has backed away from everything 1974, S-300’s etc etc..will do it again.

  7. Pavlo stated…all smoke and mirrors …and the action of gangsters who now run the EU, U.S. and Nato to represent White supremacist supremacist Aristocratic Billionaire crazed to dominate every economic resource in the world, that they are dragging the people of the world to the Abyss!

    John, I will at this time accept responsibility for your embarrasing post, since, apparently, you demonstrate many of the symptoms of Tsipras, Anastasiades, Mistotakis, Pyatt, Menendez, Endy Zemenides, TNH and his Ahepa Masons of irrelevant showman..which is to act dumb, and dumber. to apologize for their criminal behavior!

    So John, let the readers, see how white supremacist aristocrats have fooled real Greeks in Greece and Cyprus to turn their countries into …

    MG says…’So John ..have you or TNH..asked the question the people of Cyprus and there coastal communities approve and support this threat from the U.S and Nato oil companies?’

    Instead of telling us, John and TNH.says this… ” so what evidence do you have of people in Free Cyprus opposing the energy plans? Are you against Free Cyprus governing itself?’

    It is you John, who is against a free not answering my question.and which I, Pavlo and the rest of my fellow Americans on the East and West Coast.have had the freedom to answer…and it is NO!

    I have sent letters to TNH…asking do the people of the “Jewel of the Mediterranean” approve these energy plans? What have you done?

  8. continued … What you , Tsipras, Mistotakis, Anastasiades, Pyatt, TNH, and Ahepa Mason Menendez have done turn Greece and Cyprus into an international Aircraft carriers and gas station maned by foreign countries to enforce the interest of foreign dictators in Washington and Brussels in waging perpetual wars to dominate the economies of the world!

    And lets list the treason and crimes in fulfilling their allegiance to these Gangsters as follows

    1. They have accepted an arms embargo of Cyprus from their Nato warload. while they have for the last 40 years made Turkey the largest army in Europe and the Middle East to wage war against any oil countries not compliant to Saudi Arabia and U.S control!

    2. They continue to allow Nato British bases and Turkish bases in Cyprus to launch acknowledged war crime bombing of Iraq, libya, Syria, Yemen, and threatening now Iran and Russia without the approval of the people of Cyprus! No government in the world would tolerate a foreign country using their shores for war which can evoke retaliatory war on the people of Cyprus! Then to top it off..Anastasiades didn’t know!

    3. They are told to share the oil revenues of Cyprus, the only recognized state of the U.N. with Northern Cyprus ..the unrecognized and illegally occupied territory of Cyprus, who ethnically and religiously cleansed Greek Cypriot from their homes, which America and Anastasiades have criminally recognized the rights and legitimacy of N. Cyprus!

    1. It seems that nothing short of calling for for the nations of Greece and Cyprus to wage suicidal war on Turkey, Britain, and the US will satisfy some people on here.

  9. You finally have got it! What do you expect Americans with blood from Sparta, and Pelopo to do?

    Was it suicidal for Leonidas to clearly identify another empire of Persia the real enemies of Greece..and insanely, not surrender Sparta and wage wars against the most powerful forces in the known world to defend her lands and seas!

    Was it insane for the people of Sparta and the Peloponese to stand up and insanely start waging war against powerful forces of the Ottoman empire from Turkey to gain Greece”s independence

    Was it insane for the people of Cyprus in 1960 to insanely wage war against the British empire to gain their independence!

    Obviously, JOHH…you must not be from Sparta and the Peloponese! Most likely from Washington, D.C.!

  10. OMG! wake up, people. You talk like those old timers Greek communists: Out of EU, out of NATO, out of everything. Wake up and land to reality instead of flying up in la-la land!

    Cyprus is a tiny island. In a very unfortunate strategic location. Cyprus needs protection from anywhere it can get it. Realities change, interests change. Friends and enemies change as interests are aligned.

    Today the US needs Cyprus in order to protect US interests. Why else any country would spend money and resources for another country. Next decade, instead of the US, we might have Germany, or France, or Turkey!!!

    For now, take what you can take, as long as it aligns Cyprus interests with that party. When those interests stop being aligned, change alignments as required. Real politic. Because without it, I see the whole of Cyprus getting eaten alive by the expansionist and autocratic Erdogan. And then I would be reading all your anti-American cry-babies asking for protection exactly from the same countries you now despise. Unbelievable….

  11. King Michael, salutations young man, Michael nor anyone else wants war with everyone, just want to be free…and left alone, not have our elections interfered with, Mitso should not have met with American Ambassador no reason too, Mitso will be more accepting to American demands bases etc. We need friends we need trading partners, defense partners, but we don’t need to be dominated, a puppet state, nor anyone fight our battles…Greece has no old friends of use, our new old friends will be our future, we have forsaken thousands of years of culture friendship and love, that we a past and more in common with. Things you don’t see on ERT or TNH or elsewhere are things here in the Peloponnese that are not in Athens, D.C., E.U. control..,The Mani and surroundings have always been free and still are. We are conservative on national issues defense etc, and compassionate on social and life issues…So you might see us Pistoli in one hand, Joint burning in the other, free thinkers, free living free greeks. Michael gets passionate ands that good complacency is what got greece in this not 8, or 12 but 197 yr mess. But I do think Michael should move back before he explodes from the hypocrisy he sees. I came here to help family out, been nothing but trouble with politics, astynomia-most are not from here thats why, family crazy still Amerikies no matter what…But now the fight continues all are welcomed to come. Can’t get much worse..get your shield Greek L on front not a Greek S.

    1. Pavlo… as I have said .. continue to hold down the fort in Greece..until I get there to join you… but first, the battle to stop the new Persian empire begins in our country America who have made their enemies, the enemies of Greeks and Americans, in order to take over the Economic, Political , and military sovereignty of Greece, Cyprus and the rest of the world.which is marching humanity to the brink of extinction!

      Let me update you on my meeting with Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii in New York City! I have been in communications with Mrs. Gabbard, since, she became Congress women of Hawaii ..six years ago and was a member of the Arms Services Committee! She is a former Iraqi War veteran and now running for the Presidency of the United States!

      Importantly, I had communicated to her.that the foreign policy of perpetual wars to take over the governments of the Middle East , Europe and the world …were war crimes and crimes again humanity!
      Additionally, I provided her with a petition sent to all members of the congress and U.N. security council demanding that the US and Nato take full responsibility for Nato Ally member Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus.and the war crimes ethnic and religious cleansing of Greeks in Northern Cyprus!

      The petition demanded Nato compliance to U.N resolutions to remove Turkey .and all foreign countries from Cyprus, beginning with economic sanctions.

      Apparently, Congress women Tulsi Gabbard had not forgotten.!

    2. Okay, so Pavlo is in Greece ready to fight alone if needed, but he wants Michael to come back to Greece “before he explodes.”

      So Michael, are you ready to get yourself over to Greece or Cyprus to face the Turks? Please do not explode.

  12. Continued… I was one of only 25 guests invited to a gathering of international journalist and political leaders…..

    Of course, no Greek Despora, Greek Secret societies, or TNH.

    I had the opportunity to address and Tulsi Gabbard and tell them my name.. Of course…their response..are you Greek?

    I replied ..I am a Spartan Greek American who supports and will stand with Tulsi Gabbard and stop the New Persian empire who has taken over America!

    Tulsi Iraq war veteran, took note of the significance of what Spartans taught her in facing the empire in Washington, D.C !

    I promised her that I and my friend Pavlo represent the first two of 300 Spartans from America and Greece..who will stand with her.against Ahepa Mason Robert Menendez, Geoffrey Pyatt, Endy Zemenides, TNH and their Greek Secret Societies of Ahepa Masons and the degenerates parading in our government!

    Stand up against bought and paid-for politicians, kowtowing to special interests and selling their votes to the highest bidder.

    Stand against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in ivory towers thinking up new wars to wage and new places for people to die. Wasting trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of lives, undermining our economy and security, and destroying our middle class. These self-serving politicians are dragging us from one regime change war to the next, exacerbating the New Cold War, and pushing us to the brink of a nuclear war.

    … ….

  13. John Sakelaris, clearly your blood is not of my or Pavlo’s bloodline ..who know their enemies!

    The last I saw ..there are no Turks invading Greece, occupying her territories, and telling her where she can get oil and gas from, where she can purchase military equipment, where to dispatch Greek Soldiers to foreign wars like Afganistan, impose crushing Austerity policies on the people, surrender the cultural identity of Greek Macedonian to foreign countries, and continue to provide the only threat to Greece and Cyprus with Advanced lethal weapons which have made Turkey,.the second most powerful army in Europe and Middle East, and cannot understand that I , Pavlo, and now recruit Tulsi Gabbard in already leading the fight with the enemies of both America and Greece…in Washington, D.C!

    You are exactly why Spartans never wanted to have anything to do with Greece, and told Alexander to conquer the world by himself, unless my Spartan ancestors were leading the way!

    When King Phillip and Alexander of Macedonia threatened a Spartan King to surrender Sparta to Phillip stating ..If we have to invade Sparta to take her…we will kill every child, man and women in Sparta”

    The Spartans replied ..”.IF” you invade! Phillip never did invade..and neither will Turkey!

    Just think John…IF…the Persian empire had not threatened and attacked 300 Spartans, and did what Alexander and then Roman empire did , leave Sparta alone.. no Golden age of Greece!

    1. We do agree that we want to hear more about Tulsi Gabbard. I hope she does not get lost in the 2020 crowd.

  14. Fighting, as in voting, making new political parties, not some civil war…if war with others, use to think it is words but it seems to be ramping up Cyprus just filed international arrest warrants for Turkish ship crews? As a Greek in America we want Greece to be close to perfect? But if you only go there every few years on vacation, But Don’t Vote, I vote as I have dual citizenship, and that’s only the last few years as I have stayed here more, paying taxes like crazy I want a say. “Fighting” is the opposite of complacency does not always mean violence or strife, I dislike SYRIZA, Tsipras, and all the politicians here, as an American come to stay outside of vaca tourist time, and see it as the third world type place it is, one part of the family has farms north of Kalamata, fuel scarce and expensive, so bought a small electric(we have solar power charging for it) wheel loader used from Holland, was shipped by sea, Port wanted a bribe to release it, town hall wanted a bribe to even use it, Astynomia wanted the same, if on a dirt road between farms they pull you over want bribe or we give you €500. euro ticket. Doctors want bribes to even see you, try that next time your at your doctors office…see if you don’t Fight. So battles are everywhere first with all greeks then others.
    Can’t change greece from NYC or hoping etc, you have to be here, work for it, vote for it, start a charity, or business. Giving to HALC, TNH, AHEPA, wont help.

  15. Amen , Pavlo .and John Sakelaris…she has in fact been endorsed by Greek American Michael Dukakis..the longest term governor of the State of Massachusetts in History …and former Democratic nominee for U.S president!

    Tulsi will not be endorsed by the Greek Secret Societies of Masons and TNH…who only endorse corrupt and proven Pay for Play politicians and war criminals like Robert Menendez of New Jersey and represented

    Tulsi knows Menendez from being part of the congress that censored him for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts or bribes.with money embezzled by his best friend in the world ..a nice Jewish doctor from the tune of 8 million from Medicare, who is serving 17 years now in a federal penitentiary.

    Congresswomen Gabbard. has qualified to be one of 13 democrats on stage for the Nationally televised debates for the Presidency of the U.S !..

    Tulsi embodies everything that a Spartan king once possessed like leonidas, in facing overwhelming numbers of powerful armies of corrupt politicians,.who will defend their current plans for the world with whatever it takes!

    All Greek Americans and Americans.should support Tulsi Gabbard, who cares about humanity , not just America..which is missing in our society!

    Tulsi would stand for the people of Cyprus.against Exxon oil rigs in their waters!

    Stand up against those who pollute our land, the air we breathe, the precious fresh water resources we need to live, and our oceans.

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