How to Choose Your Ideal Family-friendly Hotel in Greece

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Klodian Lato)

Interested in booking a family vacation to Greece this summer? You’re in luck, Greeks love children and most people – from the hotel staff to fellow diners at the local tavernas – will make an effort to ensure that you and your kids feel welcome. That being said, there are some key items you’ll want to consider before selecting the best family-friendly hotel for your trip in Greece. Some are:

Hotels in Greece offer an assortment of room setups at various price points, but for a family it may be wise to choose rooms that are mini-apartments, multi-room bungalows, or rooms that interconnect. This way, both parents and kids will have their own space after a long journey and everyone can mingle in a small living room/kitchenette area. At popular hotels, these setups can be pre-booked up to a year in advance, so you’ll want to reserve yours as soon as possible.

If you want to swim at the beach with your kids, it’s best to book a hotel located on the sea so that you can easily access your room for bathroom breaks or when the afternoon sun becomes too hot. The beaches at these hotels are well-maintained, private and free for guests. Before booking, check that the beach is sandy and not rocky. Rock-based beaches can be hot and difficult for children (and adults) to walk on. You can combat this by bringing water shoes, but it’s best to know about it beforehand.

A pool is another area where kids can have fun while their parents relax on nearby lounge chairs and sip a drink from the bar. Most Greek seaside resorts boast large fresh or salt water swimming pools and many have a shallow children’s pool. Some hotels organize kids’ water activities led by instructors, another option to consider.

Playgrounds and game rooms provide much needed entertainment when the pool is closed, after breakfast, or during any downtime at the hotel. Most family-friendly hotels in Greece have one or both of these options. You’ll want to check that playgrounds have updated equipment and that any game room is open during convenient hours.

Many resorts provide baby-sitting or a crèche for young children and programmed activities for kids. Confirm that the staff speaks English, is certified to work with children, and that any facilities are kept up-to-date. Also, be sure to inquire about the hours these services are available, if you are planning a date-night out.

Family-friendly hotels in Greece usually have a restaurant and snack bar and include a buffet breakfast that will be mentioned at booking. If you’re traveling during off-peak times or a Greek holiday, however, check that the restaurants will still be open.
These are only some of the many items you’ll want to consider before booking your perfect family vacation to Greece. For personalized vacation planning that meets all of your needs, you may want to reserve through a travel company which can recommend the best hotel for you and contact it at any time on your behalf.