How to Go To War By Accident

(Presidential Press Service, Pool Photo via AP)

Most wars happen: sometimes because a predator sees an easy target (Mexican-American War 1846, Korea 1951), sometimes because it is believed God or some ideology decreed it (The Crusades, Iraq 2003), sometimes because domestic politics demand it (War of 1812, Israel-Lebanon 2006), and sometimes because of stupid accidents (World War I). Amazingly, the last two years has opened the possibility for several wars to break out via the stupid mistake route. North Korea, Venezuela, Israel-Palestine, and India-Pakistan all fit the …

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  1. Apparently, Mr. setting us up for his next war!

    True peace activists know very well that imperialists’ wars do not happen by accident or by an ambitious leader of a country. On the contrary, igniting a major war is a calculated plan with considerable in advance military preparation. Prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, upon President Bush request in 2002, his Administration received the Congressional authorization to use of force against Iraq. At the same time, the Bush Administration worked hard propagating fake news and unsubstantiated lies/accusations, put pressure on the European allies and also the U.N. Security Council to get the UN approval for invasion of Iraq. Today, once again the U.S. government is preparing for another major war. However, time has changed. The Trump Administration does not think a Congressional authorization or U.N. approval is needed. This time the target is Iran and tactics have not changed. Mr. Trump advisors have been busy to propagate the similar unsubstantiated lies and accusations to justify a duplication of the same failed and dangerous military action in that region again. However, the next U.S. military “shock and awe” campaign would not be confined to a single country, rather it would ignite a global war. Certainly, Russia as one of the military powers involved in the Middle East affairs and close neighbor and ally of Iranian government which has “good military cooperation” with Iran -as Mr. Putin pointed out.

  2. continued…-as Mr. Putin pointed out in Tehran – cannot afford to be neutral, when the U.S. military operation begins. That war would not look anything like U.S./Saudi war against Yemen, it certainly drags many countries to theater of war many of which have the nuclear power capabilities.
    Regardless of the grim future of any armed conflict in the Persian Gulf, U.S. military preparation is underway. The U.S. has already sent an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the region and is determined and projects to be victorious in this war with the last drop of her young Americans. This fact was reflected best in the Vice President Pence speech to the 2019 Graduates Class of the West Point Military Academy, when he promised: “It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life.”

    A bipartisan letter signed by US Congress members is calling on President Trump to remain militarily engaged within Syria,!.

    President Trump announced a pullout from Syria in December, But these lawmakers want to keep emphasizing how enthusiastic about the Syrian War they are, and push Trump into escalating it against various other parties.

    Once a war about ISIS, the letter urges Trump to “increase pressure on Iran and Russia with respect to their activities in Syria.” The US already treated Syria as something of a proxy war, now suggests
    they do away they do away with all pretext and just make it into a war against Iran and Russia!

    1. Mr Theros ..sorry for the long discourse..however,,,,you and your fascist cronies and traitors to all lying and concealing an agenda of death and destruction by provoking wars and collaborating in a continues campaign of misinformation to give you and your C.I.A and State department degenerates associates all the cover they need …when every American comes looking for them evoking war on the world for a bunch of Arisotcratic billionaires who will be well preserved in their elaborate bunkers!

      In the end Patrick ..where does this get you and TNH…a photo op with some of the best war criminals in the world .like the Greatest Hellene in Greek History…Robert Menendez!

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