Turkey May Put Russian Missile Defenses On East Mediterranean Coast

FILE - In this file photo taken on Sunday, May 7, 2017, Russian the S-400 air defense missile systems drive during a rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, File)

Turkey is considering putting a Russian S-400 long-range missile defense system on its southern coast in the East Mediterranean, near where it has sent energy research vessels and a warship off Cyprus, and an area near Greek islands.

Citing confidential sources, the financial news agency Bloomberg reported the deployment could happen within the next few weeks, likely to further stoke up tension already so high that Turkey’s Defense Minister said he hopes it doesn’t led to war that could involve Cyprus and Greece.

The United States said it would sanction Turkey if it goes ahead with buying the missile defense system that could compromise NATO. Turkey and Greece are both members but the defense alliance said it wants no part of the feud between the countries over Turkey continually violating Greek airspace and waters with fighter jets and warships.

The US and NATO fear the Russian system could access sensitive military information and there was no explanation why the defense alliance hasn’t threatened sanctions if Turkey buys the system from Russia, an ideological enemy.

The US said it would not allow Turkey to buy American-made F-35 fighter jets if the Russian missile defense system is also purchased and supporters of Cyprus in the US Congress want the lifting of an embargo on Cyprus buying weapons, with Turkey having occupied the northern third of the island since an unlawful 1974 embargo.

Turkey issued a NAVTEX reserving waters north of Cyprus for drilling in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) where the legitimate government has licensed foreign companies, including US’ ExxonMobil to hunt for oil and gas.

The US told Turkeynot to drill in Cyprus’ EEZ, saying it “risks raising tensions in the region,” but has done nothing about it so far with the US have a military presence on a key Turkish base as well.

Turkey ignored the warnings, which have also come from the European Union and said it will go ahead and do whatever it wants.
“Turkey will continue its activities in line with the international law and not allow faits accomplis in the East Mediterranean,” Turkey’s National Security Council said about the criticism of its activities.


  1. The turks didn’t buy the missiles to put along their border with Iran, they are allies. They bought them to be used against the Greeks, this is obvious. And once again the Russians like the Americans are playing both sides of the fence. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the Americans that ottoman genocidal turkey can never be trusted and was never our ally.

  2. TNH…are you not embarrassed again with this article.: How about a serious article in the interests of Cyprua…like how the people of Cyprus and their coastal communities could be threatened with catastrophic destruction of their livelioods by the U.S , French , and Italian invasion of the territorial waters of Cyprus to occupy it with Oil rig platforms to make money for Exxon Mobil and Total oil barons!

    The east and west coast of America ..do not allow and ban these oil rigs from threatening their fishing, beaches, marine life, and just about all the 2 to 3 million tourist of Cyprus, who come to Cyprus for their mediteraan pristene waters and beauty! How about telling the readers if the people of Cyprus approved this or even had a say ..from the Acknowleded co dictaorrs of Cyprus and Greece!

    How about a story of how the Journalist Julian Assage is being tortured for his revelations about the war crimes committed by the U.S military against the civilians of the middle East ….and how Hilllary Clinton broke U.S laws ….and not to mention international laws in providing arms to terrorist jihadist in the middle East with Saudi Arabia!

    TNH and the fake news media. write another insulting article to the inferior populace ..which implies that Russia is collaborating with Turkey to threaten Greece because they are providing anti ballistic missile defense on the east Mediterranean coast ! Da…what would they do with the U.S supplied missiles?

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