Analysis: They Made the Correct Decision

(Photo by Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Holy Synod expressed eloquently and courageously the language of their historic responsibilities with the election to the Archbishopric Throne of America of then-Metropolitan Elpidophoros of Bursa, putting an end to the drama of our Church in America.

They ignored the last minute intrigues and delaying tactics by theologically and ecclesiologically illiterate individuals who are trapped in legalisms and regulations. Undoubtedly they are ignorant of the fact that the constitutions and the regulations are …

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  1. This is neo papalism and an attack on
    Orthodox ecclesiology. Orthodoxy has no
    Supreme leader. The leader of the church is
    Jesus Christ. The faith has been protected
    By the tradition of conciliatory.
    Patriarchs of Constantinople have included
    Nestorios, iconoclasts, and others who
    Supported the council of Florence.
    The present patriarch has declared war on

    We in America should work for an autocephalous church of America that
    Will take its place with the other churches
    And maintain brotherly relations with them.

    We are seeing the sad end of the ecumenical
    Patriarchate not by the oppression of the
    Turkish muslims but by absurd and heretical
    Teachings foisted upon it by the current
    Occupant of the throne and his shameless
    Anti orthodox apologists.

    The end of the patriarchate and the
    Archdiocese are becoming likely.

    1. Many good points, but the window for autocephaly has closed. Now, people are just walking away— pew by pew, event after event. The Ottoman Janissaries Elites that “lead” us aren’t reading the tea leaves. The US and Europe are exploding in revolt against the elites who have messed everything up. So, what do they do? They peddle more elitism and oligarchy.

  2. Spiro…have you awaken from being visited by the Spirits of Christmas past , present, and future!

    This does not bode well for the Aristocratic Elitist of the leadership of your Greek Secret Society of Ahepan Mason, the entire governments of America, Nato , and EU who “Peddle more Aristocratic Elitism and oligarchy!

    What next! Basil , Johnnie, Greek, … have also looked in the mirror ..and will be reborn to fight the evil ..that they have been part of !

    Will you and Patrick Theros and the entire staff of TNH…begin sporting Yellow Vests, like those protestors in France..who have been exploding against the Aristocracies of EU and Nato member France!

    Will you and Patrick Theros and the entire staff of TNH…begin to stand up for Julian Assange persecuted by these Oligarks and Aristocrats for revealing their deepest secrets of degenerate attrociites and crimes by the likes of Aristocratic Elitist employee Hillary Clinton and George Bush Jr.!

    Imagine that… the actions by the original church of Christ …the Greek Orthodox Church has provided you with what ails the world …and who is responsible!

    Consider it divine intervention to provide you with the wisdom and knowledge to return to the values and principles…you should in the future listen to again and never again be deceived by the evil that is destroying the lives of the people of the world..for their own benefits

    Imagine are now an enemy of the EU and Nato..identified as Populist!

    1. Spiro, Michael is, in my opinion purposely writing and posting nonsense! No one could possibly be this disturbed. Your observation “As usual, you make no sense and need to be heavily medicated” may also be true. But if that were his real issue wouldn’t his family love him enough to commit him and get the help he needs? Maybe his family has given up on him! I think I would have.

    2. Spiro, Basil, Johnnie and Greek…and the rest of the silver medalist brothers of Geriatric members of the TNH sponsored Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons, who once a year desecrate the alters of our Churches., like a Fantasy baseball camp in Florida, to play out.their dreams .that they are the chosen ones to save the Greek Orthodox church and culture from Extinction!

      Then quickly, remove their silver medallions and rush with coffee to the corner of the church gossip and berate as snakes fellow members of the their district…not to be trusted!

      Then they return to their assisted living or homes for the criminally insane by shuttle .comfortable in the thought, that while nobody in the Greek community of Greece or America..elected them or appointed them as their representative….it did not matter …because they knew God did!

      Reading their posts, and who they stand Ahepan Mason and brother ..the corrupt ” Pay for Play” Senator from New Jersey, who TNH, Zemenidis, Spiro, and Basil.consider the face of these Greek Secret Societies..says all you need to know about them!,

      They proclaim Menendez,,as the greatest Philhellene in Greek History, but actually the most compensated Israeli Agent in history to the tune of millions of dollars by Jewish lobby’s and his best friend in the world, a Jewish doctor ,who gave him hundred of thousands of dollars in illegal gifts stolen from Medicare and now serving 17 years in federal Prison!…


  3. Spiro, church attendance across the country is down in general everywhere, except for South American immigrant communities where their churches are full like ours used to be. The younger generations don’t feel the need to be religious or go to church and whatever religion they actually do have in their lives, they taylor their own rules to fit their lifestyles and leave out the parts they don’t like. The elders in our churches are too old or are dying off. The enthusiasm is gone. We had an Archbishop who was a great theologian and gave eloquent speeches but that isn’t enough to run the Archdiocese and create enthusiasm. The new Archbishop is saying good things, lets see if he can follow through. As much as many people on this site write about having an Archbishop that is holier than thou, it will not run the Archdiocese .

    1. If we’re all in the same boat as the other religions then stop making claims about being the True Religion and having a superior Greek culture. If that’s true, then pews shouldn’t be empty. You want to blame America when you need to blame how the religion is mis-administered, how it remains a ghettoized religion, and how it does not evangelize (which is the only reason it exists).

    2. Niko…what do you not understand ..these guys will settle for nothing less ..than a Glory to America Ahepan Mason like Senator Menendez..who is more than happy to take money from his best friends in the Jewish lobby…that has been derived by the theft of 8 million dollars from our Medicare fund!

      It just doesn’t get better than this..imagine ..what a great working relationship the right guy would be with Bartholomew and the Aristocrats of the Secret Societies ..who for the Glory of America..will reconfigure the entire church!

      These guys Spiro, Basil, Greek, and Johnnie….do not want to defend the faith…they want to eliminate there EU aristocrats want to erase the Greek Culture and religion and make it one big blob of subservient humans to a fast food religious ideology that is simple and can easily satisfy their determined values!

      I have a scoop for you wack jobs…as a “Made in America” Greek of Spartan Blood..representing a family who has been in America for 125 years… and might add ..happily by practicing the doctrines of the original church of Christ…and living and witnessing the Greek Culture and American culture…you have to be in La, La, Land to suggest that empty pews means empty religion!

      Obviously , Niko has it right, and all you represent Spiro and Basil are opportunistic deviates seizing on the imperfection of individuals to promote and provoke the demise of the only church in the world…that is trusted by Greeks.

  4. American autocephaly?! You’re out of your mind.
    Anyone who has been involved deeper than making koulourakia for a festival for the last 40 years could tell you that the endemic contemporary American values: materialism, intellectual laziness, conforming to the melted pot, etc. … have led us where we are. The Church is a living corpse. Because it has strayed from its dogma. If you demand better translations, a clergy that can do the Liturgy properly, I would agree.

    If you disagree, I challenge you to name anyone in the States that could stop the dying of the Church. Making it independent, doesn’t address its problems. It would continue to fail and shrink.

    The Church needs a strong leader who will fearlessly defend the faith. Defend it against the country club mentality that drives expensive cars to church when they come to rub their material success in the faces of others. Those others that Christ commanded them to love and respect. Any gifts of any size to the Church and churches, SHOULD BE ANONYMOUS, so that it counts toward Heaven–Caesar will still grant that tax-deduction.

    If our new Archbishop endeavors to CLEAN HOUSE of its obvious failed American leaders; to turn back from the cluelessness, the materialism, the arrogance and underachieving of laity and hierarchs, then after the acrimony, the push-back and the howling subsides, then we would be on the right track.

    1. Your last Archbishop was a Greek from Greece, as was Iakovos and Athenagoras. Your patriarchs are all Greek Ottomans. What American leadership are you referring to? Your Metros all answered to Greeks. What Americans influenced that?
      If anybody strayed from doctrine, who controlled all the doctrine other than all of the above? The Greeks and Greek Ottomans did and do. Who received $10 million from the archdiocese that was unstreamed from the St Nicholas Funds? Bartholomew the Greek Ottoman, that’s who. Just what American influence are you referring to? All the problems were caused by Greeks and Greek Ottomans and their lackeys, like you. Americans wanted good governance, but they’ve been told to get lost, that’s not the way it’s done, they are told. You must think everyone is stupid to believe your drivel.

  5. His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos, of blessed memory, was from the island of Imvros, just off Istanbul. Patriarch Bartholomew is from Imvros as well.

    1. Both are from Imvros, which along with Tenedos were 2 Greek islands given as a gift to the Turks by the great powers. No Greek born on these islands or anywhere in Asia Minor should ever be called a Turk. The criticism of the new archbishop has gotten isn’t warranted by these people who have never met him or even know him. Give him a year or 2 and then we can hear all your opinions but for now you should all be wishing him success for Our Church.

    1. Imbros, Tenedos and a third, nearby island, Lemnos were all part of the Ottoman empire, which collapsed after the 1st World War. Imbros and Tenedos were never part of modern Greece. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire Imbros and Tenedos became part of modern day Turkey and Lemnos became part of Greece.

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