Archbishop Elpidophoros Addresses The Order of Saint Andrew (Video)

On Friday, May 17, 2019, His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America addressed the National Council of the Order of Saint Andrew, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate at its regularly scheduled meeting.

Speaking via videoconference from the Phanar, America’s new Archbishop spoke for 30 minutes with the Archon leaders regarding his imminent service as Archbishop, which will commence formally when he is enthroned on June 22 in New York.

The Archbishop noted among his primary goals will be to complete the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine, to revitalize the Holy Cross Seminary and to restore financial stability to the Archdiocese, particularly with respect to the clergy pension and benefits plan.

His Eminence acknowledged that the tasks would be difficult but he said that he is, as his name implies, hopeful because of the incredible spirit of the Orthodox faithful in America with which everything is possible.

With what has already become his trademark humility, His Eminence recognized that for his tenure to be successful he will need the help of all the Orthodox Christians in America, particularly the Archons whose efforts on behalf of the Mother Church are especially noteworthy.

Following his remarks, every National Council member present at the meeting had the opportunity to speak individually with the Archbishop, one by one around the table, to provide words of welcome and to express their views of the pressing issues facing the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

The Archbishop listened attentively and impressed each of Archons with his warmth, humor and intelligence.

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros will be enthroned on June 22 at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York City.


  1. Shocking. Not one word out of this clowns mouth address the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to spread the Good News. A clown patriarch is sending us his clown disciple. ANAXIOS ANAXIOS ANAXIOS!!

    1. All arranged by Karloutsos and Manatos and Limberakis. A PR stunt. Meaningless drivel from the ass-backward archdiocese public affairs department which isn’t fluent in English.

  2. Some might question the humility part of his character. Aslo, fine for Hily Cross seminary but what about Hellenic College, whatever its fate might be?

  3. All I can say is … “where did the alleged missing money go?” And, the priority is and should always be … Christ … “first and foremost!”

    This is suppose to be the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not a Hellenic Club, nor a public relations arm of either the Greek or the Turkish government.

    Lord have mercy and help us all!

  4. Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting?
    Lord save your people and bless your inheritance. . .

  5. Actually, I am very hopeful that the newly elected Archbishop His Eminence Elpidophoros will be able to reverse course and position this great ship we know as the mother church back toward salvation instead of where it is heading at the moment.

    As a graduate of the diaconate program, I am deeply moved by his comment that “we are all deacons”. Our churches are hospitals not glorified community centers. Our churches are houses of worship not social clubs. Our churches should deliver hope to our communities – not shame. We must make every effort to preserve of faith so that our children, and hopefully their children, can share the same passion and love. That same love I witnessed through the eyes and actions of my Grandparents when I was a child.

    It will require Diakonia!

    Christ is Risen!!

    1. Agreed, wholeheartedly. Now all you have to do is convince parish councils what the purpose of the local community of Christ is really all about.

  6. As long as Karloutsos ( et al) is at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese /NYC premises nothing will ever change!

    He needs to be sent to Alaska to serve a parish there in total humility, to amend for all of his misdeeds after so many years, through the last three Archbishops.
    He can take his Athenagoras Award with him!

    1. Agreed!! Any Orthodox award that was previously given to abortion-loving Creepy Joe Biden can’t be worth the tin it is made out of.

  7. So his aim and mission is pretty straightforward. 1) Act as a front man for the EP, Bart and his henchman to empower their control over American Parishes, 2) Focus on returning to Greek language services, dance and cultural only to drive out any converts from elsewhere 3) Siphon as much cash as possible and send it to the EP to prop up Bart and his staff. Nothing at all about the Great Commission of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ or bringing new converts to Orthodoxy. The Greek Orthodox Church is shrinking one funeral at a time and our kids go away to college only to return as atheists or agnostics for the Greek Fests only. This man is the wrong man for the job. We need a man who “rightly teaches the word of your truth”, not a front man for Bart. Panda Anaxios!!

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